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Jasen Hicks
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  • Re: [SR$2k Dev Thread] I'll set up an SRK successor board if you guys need one.

    Will do. As I know more, I’ll post up.
  • Re: [SR$2k Dev Thread] I'll set up an SRK successor board if you guys need one.

    There may be more to it than this according to MrWiz and I would say that the voices from the community to keep the forum alive are being heard, from my perspective. The ideal situation is this forum remains as is, perhaps with a different model of community support, but until all the proposals are assume the forum are considered and the SRK leadership decides the course they want to support as an organization it would be a lot of effort for a number of off shoots to start and split the membership.

    My proposal to them was to migrate the entire forum and base to another solution that I and my team would pay completely, setup, and test. This would mitigate data loss and based on our plan would be run on a proper forum and server that can handle everything in a professional manner; something suitable for the shear volume and size of the community, not a setup run on shared hosting that can/will be overwhelmed by too much traffic. Without getting into the details of our technical plan here, I believe we have the right mix of technical competence and experience to assist and make the transition happen so we don't lose the years of membership, information, and community that has been developed here.
  • Re: [SR$2k Dev Thread] I'll set up an SRK successor board if you guys need one.

    Volt wrote: »
    I'll help in whatever way I can.

    We definitely need to save some tech here, even if we can't save whole threads. Do we have a successor yet, or is the Zetaboards' forum the only one?

    I wouldn't start jumping ship to anything until an official statement by SRK leadership is put out.
  • Re: [SR$2k Dev Thread] I'll set up an SRK successor board if you guys need one.

    Retard wrote: »
    I would like to show some support too (Senior Software Developer for a couple of years). No ads and already paid hosting is a humble offer, but I don't believe that you can sustain that while maintaining the performance / uptime of the current board :/ There is a reason for vanilla to charge the prices they do, even if you cut out their profits. @Jasen Hicks if you need more manpower, count me in!

    Thanks! I don't want to hijack this thread but I am willing to listen to everyone's proposals and recommendations if SRK folks are willing to let me assume the forums and migrate over. I have a few discussion points with MrWiz and he said he'd take them back to the SRK team for discussion on their end.

    I have experience running a few large boards for other hobbies I have and a few folks that have jumped in to help me out with extensive IT experience that compliments my own very well; additionally, they are fellow SRK members who also enjoy the forums and want to see them continue. If it all works out we can maintain the information, migrate it over, and have it all up in a well controlled, managed environment with little to no down time and hopefully some improvements that everyone will enjoy.

    In the end, no help will go unused and I want to have the community help as much as possible. I have the funding and resources setup and in place to make it all happen but will have some various aspects I can use help with such as moderation, updates, themeing, etc.
  • Re: [SR$2k Dev Thread] I'll set up an SRK successor board if you guys need one.

    I've started a dialogue with Mr. Wizard. Nothing is concrete but I am hoping we can come to an agreement and preserve everything and keep the forum going. I can't make any promises but given the size and volume of the forums alone, this is not a cheap endeavor that can be run without constant oversight and tinkering. I have a few people lined up to help share the burden of the tremendous cost and technical aspects of any migrations that Mr. Wiz and the collective SRK team agrees to; I can't discuss details but its not something that can be run on shared hosting or general open source forum software. Just take a look at Vanilla Forums monthly costs and you will quickly realize that this needs to be done correctly and with a few $$$ investment on whomever takes the reigns moving forward.