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  • Re: Having trouble linking combos

    Not sure low jab will link into medium kick. Try low jab-low medium punc-low medium kick. I know that works.
  • An Open Apology To Wolfkrone (No seriously, stop laughing)

    So last year I accused Wolfkrone(Joshua Philpot) of trying to use his fame and pull in the community to get me to raise the entry fees for the weekly (Walraven Weekly Detroit) and the Monthly (Midwest Monthly). This happened right after his loss to F Champ in that money match. Josh was posting in our facebook group that the pots were too small then messaged me that some other people were wanting me to do a poll about it.
    At this point I lost my shit because I thought that Krone was trying to manipulate me and bully me. I was already on edge from the Genesee County Landbank messing up and selling the house that I was buying from them to someone else leaving me and my wife and newborn homeless right after Christmas. So i came out swinging and the story got quite a bit of traction.
    Come to find out I was WRONG. CORN King Coble(Christian Coble) was the one who suggested to Krone to ask me to do a poll and it was in no way Josh trying to be a Bully.
    So Wolfkrone I apologize for accusing you of trying to bully me. I apologize for doing damage to your reputation. I was wrong. I hope you accept my apology and I hope you are at Michigan Masters this weekend so I can also apologize to you in person and buy you dinner from Khom Fai.

    Jasin Walraven
  • Re: Hori Fighting Commander - Switching to pad

    I have the pad and liked it at first, but it is trash. The D pad starts to lose inputs over time.
  • Re: Why Bother?

    Easilyn wrote: »
    That is a crappy mindset for anything, whether it be piano scales/sheet music/drumpads etc or jus a game lol.
    You'll automatically be 10% better at whatever ya do with TIME AND EFFORT AND DEDICATION AND INTEREST LEVEL.

    But moving on isn't even a bad option either in this case since of course it affects the interest level of the person in question.
    So when it comes to videogames, if it is not fun anymore, play a game you just do not get sick of.

    And believe me, there are some games that just do not get old.

    The problem with it is the motivation.

    It is honestly illogical to want to be better at a task that is purely for entertainment. Any defense is just beyond reason. It's also illogical to bash your head against a wall in hopes you'll break it, even though breaking it changes nothing.

    There is no proof that any qualities that you claim are developed can be translated elsewhere (anecdotes don't count). Beating a game just means you can beat a game, not function in life.

    Your answers only tell why people play (because it's fun) not why to get better.

    Lastly I have aspergers. So that means the whole reading people, patterns, and rigid thinking means that I'm pretty much unable to get better no matter how much I practice. You can't beat biology.

    I was expecting something logical to help, but the practice of getting better at a game isn't logical (at least not from what I see).

    Also your comparisons of "why do anything in life" don't equate. There are no consequences for failing a game.

    This is stupid thinking any way you look at it. If you can't grasp that the skills like, problem solving, memorization, math, thinking fast under pressure, calculated risk taking, and social skills cany be used in the real world then there isnt any reason to keep posting here.
  • FIx the 8 frames to rescue this game from its poor sales

    The worst part of the who added input lag, and what I think is in part to blame for crappy sales, is the affect the lag has on someone new to fighting games. Anyone one who is serious like we are and has been surfing this site for 6 months or more understand input lag, display lag, and all the other things that affect performance. Most of us own either a low lag computer monitor from Asus or BenQ, or play with an old ass CRT to cut down on display lag. Imagine then what it is like for the player who knows nothing about that, comes home with a rented or borrowed copy of this game and loads it up on an extremely laggy big screen TV and tries to play this game. SFV must feel like the most sluggish piece of crap game ever! This game is already going on sale in may places. I was just at a Sam's Club store today and it was the only game they were selling with a $20 discount.