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  • Re: How To Teach Someone Not To Mash

    this is serious, im not joking. Are you trying to fuck her? If you are not trying to fuck her then be brutal. Pull a Marlin Pie and stare at her with a stupid face and make fun of her for losing to someone who isn't even looking at the screen. If you are trying to fuck her, then be sweet and offer to buy lunch if she can go an entire match without mashing. Other trick to do is limit yourself to only throwing and limit her to only using 1 button. If she can only push one button and she knows you are not going to do anything other than throwing, she may be more likely to relax and not mash.
  • Re: DNA Evidence Proves That The First People In China Were Black

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  • Re: Making the Step Up...

    I may be way off on this but if Akuma is your main, throw some time in with Ryu, esp with the bad match-ups since Ryu has a bit more health you can afford to make more mistakes while learning how to fight that character, then once you understand the basics like what spacing to use against that character, then switch to akuma with that match-up.
  • Re: What seperates pro players from everyone else?

    The Mullah wrote: »
    Most important is reflexes. Followed by knowledge, matchup experience and finally the ability to read your opponent.
    The last 3 are intrinsically linked and excelling at 1 or more of them is enough to see you past most decent mid level players. But you cant increase reaction time, its genetic. and when you play a daigo, wong or hart in person you will see how much faster their hands react than yours and realise why thwy do so well.
    I refuse to believe you cannot improve reaction time and that it is based on genetics. There is nothing that cannot be improved, we are talking about muscles and neural connections. The skill to be learned to increase reaction time is how to let go consciously of what you are doing, a mental state athletes refer to as "In the Zone" Recent studies have shown that the subconscious mind has made up it's mind on what decision you with make up to six seconds before you make the so called decision with your conscious mind, so the better mastery you have of technique, and the more you have faced a certain situation, the quicker your subconscious can make that decision and the quicker it will do it for you. Pros make these amazing quick reflexes because they have trained more, trained smarter, and been it the situations thousands of times, Desk can play on two sticks at the same time because he has endless hours of practice, and trained himself to do completely separate things by playing two handed tap bass guitar for so many years.

  • Re: How do I focus on training?

    an hours may be too long to practice any one thing. Limit practice on one skill to 10 minutes tops. If you have an hour to practice, pick 6 things you want to learn and do each for 10 minutes. Sometimes as you are trying to learn new thing you need to limit the amount of time you do it and not over train. You need to give your mind time to process what you are doing and make the neural connections in your brain. For me the hardest thing was doing links. I would practice for hours and never could get my fingers to do what my mind wanted them to do. Honestly last week was the first time i did an honest link combo ending in a special in an actual match and I have been playing this game since late 2010. Relax :)