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  • Re: R.I.P. Chris Cornell

    Why could it not be Madonna instead???
  • An Open Apology To Wolfkrone (No seriously, stop laughing)

    So last year I accused Wolfkrone(Joshua Philpot) of trying to use his fame and pull in the community to get me to raise the entry fees for the weekly (Walraven Weekly Detroit) and the Monthly (Midwest Monthly). This happened right after his loss to F Champ in that money match. Josh was posting in our facebook group that the pots were too small then messaged me that some other people were wanting me to do a poll about it.
    At this point I lost my shit because I thought that Krone was trying to manipulate me and bully me. I was already on edge from the Genesee County Landbank messing up and selling the house that I was buying from them to someone else leaving me and my wife and newborn homeless right after Christmas. So i came out swinging and the story got quite a bit of traction.
    Come to find out I was WRONG. CORN King Coble(Christian Coble) was the one who suggested to Krone to ask me to do a poll and it was in no way Josh trying to be a Bully.
    So Wolfkrone I apologize for accusing you of trying to bully me. I apologize for doing damage to your reputation. I was wrong. I hope you accept my apology and I hope you are at Michigan Masters this weekend so I can also apologize to you in person and buy you dinner from Khom Fai.

    Jasin Walraven
  • Re: wow.. is it supposed to be this hard to buy an arcade stick?

    Hop in your car and cross the border to Detroit and come to Mitten Masher Monday's and someone from there will buy you a stick then drive it back across the border.
  • Re: Rage quit system worse than the actual rage quitters.

    Fat wrote: »
    Greenwood wrote: »
    Sometimes just for a couple of hours, sometimes for several days
    Days?!? Wow sorry, I didn't know it was that bad, I thought we (America) had the electricity on lockdown everywhere.

    It's because rage quitters lie; that's what they do.

    Brush the crumbs from your sandwich out of your chest hair, troll.
  • FIx the 8 frames to rescue this game from its poor sales

    The worst part of the who added input lag, and what I think is in part to blame for crappy sales, is the affect the lag has on someone new to fighting games. Anyone one who is serious like we are and has been surfing this site for 6 months or more understand input lag, display lag, and all the other things that affect performance. Most of us own either a low lag computer monitor from Asus or BenQ, or play with an old ass CRT to cut down on display lag. Imagine then what it is like for the player who knows nothing about that, comes home with a rented or borrowed copy of this game and loads it up on an extremely laggy big screen TV and tries to play this game. SFV must feel like the most sluggish piece of crap game ever! This game is already going on sale in may places. I was just at a Sam's Club store today and it was the only game they were selling with a $20 discount.