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  • Mash Parry on reaction to Akuma's CA

    You can start mashing parry AFTER Akuma' starts his CA and beat it 100% of the time
  • Re: Back again after a long time

    Mickles86 wrote: »
    Hi guys. I thought I'd introduce myself again, I was a member a while back but I couldn't remember my details so I created a new account. I haven't touched a fighting game in a long time, but I seen a post on Twitter saying SFIV was backwards compatible. My nostalgia got the best of me and I downloaded it straight away. I fad fun looking through my old stats and came across my last championship replay dated October 2010!! Man I grinded crazy hours into this and SSFIV and it felt good to be back, so much so I'm debating whether to buy a PS4 so I can play SFV!
    I used to be a member of The Street Fighter forums but once it ended i slowly came away from fighting games and gaming in general. Anyway, my Gamertag is Marty Bogroll if anyone is interested in time games.

    Do it, get a PS4 and a tournament legal monitor and either find your local scene or if there isn't one, start one.
  • An Open Apology To Wolfkrone (No seriously, stop laughing)

    So last year I accused Wolfkrone(Joshua Philpot) of trying to use his fame and pull in the community to get me to raise the entry fees for the weekly (Walraven Weekly Detroit) and the Monthly (Midwest Monthly). This happened right after his loss to F Champ in that money match. Josh was posting in our facebook group that the pots were too small then messaged me that some other people were wanting me to do a poll about it.
    At this point I lost my shit because I thought that Krone was trying to manipulate me and bully me. I was already on edge from the Genesee County Landbank messing up and selling the house that I was buying from them to someone else leaving me and my wife and newborn homeless right after Christmas. So i came out swinging and the story got quite a bit of traction.
    Come to find out I was WRONG. CORN King Coble(Christian Coble) was the one who suggested to Krone to ask me to do a poll and it was in no way Josh trying to be a Bully.
    So Wolfkrone I apologize for accusing you of trying to bully me. I apologize for doing damage to your reputation. I was wrong. I hope you accept my apology and I hope you are at Michigan Masters this weekend so I can also apologize to you in person and buy you dinner from Khom Fai.

    Jasin Walraven