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  • Re: Star Trek: Discovery 2017 Thread

    Sounds like college papers/essays that students write nowadays. Most are not about quality but how many pages one must have to get a passing score
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    Someone found the VS screen portraits of Kahn and Motaro

  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    Well here we go.

    I believe crooked cops, along with Deathrow, Bad Boy, and the Illuminati killed 2Pac and Biggie. Hell just look at Kanye's rant on stage. He's gonna be next. Hell Suge even got shot in a club a few years ago. That Orlando guy and his crew most likely came back and did the drive by that fateful night...

  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    Don't eat chicken and pork and don't eat chicken products and pork products
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    dab00g wrote: »
    It's not chivalry it is just people being raised shitty thinking violence is the answer and people thinking words won't lead to shit

    Dragon Fighter Z is doing everything right to create the hype. Waiting for arcsys sequel to be with jump characters. Goku, ichigo, naruto doing too much

    Capcom with MVCI is the Hillary Clinton campaign while Namco with Dragon Ball Fighter Z is the Donald Trump campaign
    Preppy wrote: »
    I'm always happy to infract people for metamoderating, if that's your concern. Use the Flag :: Report or PM a mod if you're troubled about something.

    We got a new barcade in Seattle with MvC2 (Coindexters in Greenwood). Had a nice rotation going on last night. I'd forgot how much concave buttons suck, though. My mashing callouses are already on their way back. Time to figure out where my convex button stock is and drop some off for them to install.

    Dorky's been having MVC2. Looks like an authentic American cab too with those baseball bat sticks. They also have CE, MK1, MK2, UMK3, and Tekken 5 (don't know which version though)...