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  • Re: Magic the Gathering Thread

    We know Magic is dead or dying when nothing is posted in over 2 weeks...
  • Re: Arrow: The Green Arrow TV show

    If Thea can get along with Malcolm she can find a way to work with Slade.

    The difference is that Malcolm is blood
  • Re: GOD DAMN IT, 2017!!!

    Victims of Las Vegas massacre, victims of Northern California fires, all the hurricanes this year, and everyone else I missed...
  • Re: The Ameяican Government Thread

    Everyone's wasting their time in this thread...
  • Re: Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not...

    affinity wrote: »
    Xvideos wrote: »
    If Goku could achieve a state that even Destruction Gods have problem reaching, does that mean Jiren is literally more powerful than Destruction Gods?

    yup. Whis heard rumor about a mortal that even a GoD cannot defeat. U11 GoD probably trained Jiren to surpass him. or by chance, discovered Jiren has an ability that can counter and overwhelm a GoD, and found that of value to improve upon for any unforseen circumstances. and besides the Tournament of Power happened before, so they were planning ahead for this tournament.

    of course it's unproven if Jiren could defeat all the GoDs, but at least the GoDs of the 8 universes that participate in the current tournament.

    if Goku's Ultra Sayian mode made Beerus sweat, and Jiren's aura overwhelmed Beerus, Jiren might be a step or two above the GoDs not from the strongest universes.

    so there could be tiers of

    Grand Priest
    the other Angels
    upper tier GoDs
    lower tier GoDs

    it's unknown what tier Zeno Guards are. surely they aren't just for show.

    Even the 2 Zenos were surprised by Jiren's power...