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  • Re: New ST?

    rcaido wrote: »
    ST on classic mode isn't going to go well with the ST community...For example in Northwest Majors it was suppose to be on an arcade cab. The TO expected the person who brought the cab last year to do the same again without even asking him. So instead, they decided to go with HDR Classic mode for the Xbox 360 cuz he didn't want to do it or couldn't do it. Lots of people wanted their money back, as they felt it wasn't authentic & the TO was going to cancel. I requested if we could do HDR instead but it was a no go because this was suppose to be for the ST games qualifier. ST community would rather have it canceled then to play ST on the 360.

    People tend to think im just pro HDR but im just pro SF2. I ended up bringing my head2head cab. We had decent turnout, around 30 entrees...The TO didn't bother to help setup/run the brackets. They didn't even want to stream, so i ask my buddy Josh to stream the final 4. I think we ended up finishing around 1am. I dont really care for a thank you but he could have at least open the doors instead of holding his damn keys waiting to lock up.

    They got free labor & free equipment use while charging us ($35)Admission fee + ($10) entree per game. If you want ST as a main game you have to do it all yourself...It would have been better to just have it a side tournament, that way we didn't have to pay for the ridiculous admission fee. Probably would have gotten more entrees.

    So im not really sure Classic mode in HDR is going to work. Dreamcast will be even more of pain because of converters. Seems like only the ST community would want Undamn CPS2 but who is going to pay for that? The TO's cant even open the door what more for them to fork out $700 per setup.

    The entire FGC revovles around EVO. And rather than just running random side tournaments that have no purpose (I don't want to bash anyone who wants to do that but there's a greater purpose here), we also tie in ST to EVO and have qualifiers that involve various majors around the country and sometimes international. That gets everyone involved across the country - players, TOs, etc.

    In order to make the ST EVO tourneys a grand event (and they should be grand considering EVO is the Super Bowl of the FGC) we want to attract Japanese players to attend and to do that, we have to run it on ST. They won't come if we do it on HDR so this is why we do it the way it currently is. I know it's a ton of work lugging cabs, CRTs, etc. I help organize most of the So Cal tourneys so I feel your pain. This year's EVO is going to be the last tourney I'm organizing so depending on who takes over on the EVO organizing, maybe things will just go back to random side tourneys on HDR/HDR Classic if that's most convenient for everyone. It's really up to the community to decide. They're the ones playing the game.
  • Re: New ST?

    rcaido wrote: »
    I dont think the problem is the setups. I mean i bring my arcade cabs to the tournaments & yeah people play on them but when tournament time happens they dont enter because the competition is just too strong. They are intimidated & dont have ways of practicing(new players).

    A new SF2 is the only way to expand & bring new blood. They would have the game/setup to practice at their home. HDR brought that new blood but too much bickering killed it. Hopefully there is a new one coming out, im tired of this one time a year tournament bullshit to play SF2.

    Just stop. You keep complaining about bickering but all you try to do is stir stuff up. This isn't 2011 anymore.

    The biggest obstacle for the scene is always accessibility. UD-CPS2s are awesome but superguns are geared towards TOs and the real hardcore players. They do nothing for the casual player. And even then, it's just for playing offline and a lot of those players don't like playing on GGPO or Supercade. It's just an obstacle that this scene will always have.

  • Re: New ST?

    mikeidge wrote: »
    With the release of the udcps2, I think arcade board is the way to go. There's plenty of them out there... And I like the aura /mystique that comes with playing ST on a true arcade setup. Cabs are always best but supergun is next best thing.

    I agree. Personally, while UD-CPS2 can't replace playing on a cab for me, it really is an amazing device and it is the closest you can come to a perfect setup for the US scene. No one can complain about it being not arcade perfect and you can use your weapon of choice on there for your stick or controller.

  • Re: New ST?

    ST players played HDR. People need to stop falling back on this because it's simply not true. Unfortunately, most of the influx of new school HDR players didn't support the game offline at tournaments. Once SF4 started to really take off and players stopped supporting HDR by going to tourneys and was dropped from official tournament status, there was really no incentive for many to keep playing it.

    However, while HDR was a nice change of pace, without an official release in Japan, it never stood a real chance to replace ST. Even then, it might not have happened since it wouldn't have a presence in Japanese arcades, which is still the preferred choice to play Street Fighter over there.
  • Re: [November 9-23, 2013] KING OF GGPO 2013

    Jion_Wansu wrote: »
    Damn, missed it again, thought it was at 4:00 pacific or something...

    Do you have a smartphone?

    Set an alarm for it. Use Google Calendar with reminders. I also send email reminders to everyone who signs up.

    You have no excuse. :)