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  • Super Turbo Offline Setup Guide & Lag Rating

    DGV (Dark Gaiden & Vintage) along with Papasi have been working on a Offline Setup Guide to assist players who are looking to find an offline setup that best suits them. A lot of research, testing and other work went into making this chart so a special thanks to DGV and Papasi along with Zaspacer for creating the chart.


  • Re: GGPO ST Grand Masters Challenge. May 13th 7:00PM Pacific Standard Time

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  • Re: Gian Recital 5vs5 Tournament tomorrow (Stream)

    eltrouble wrote: »
    ultracombo wrote: »
    I don't understand what did he do to counter wall dive?

    A combination of mind games, j.strong, well-timed j.fierces, and about 3-4 psychic lariats to beat Claw's pokes. The first round was literally Claw doing wall dives over and over and over again in a very predictable fashion, and Pony didn't seem to know (or bothered to show) how to counter it. I wish the vids would be up soon.

    As far as the 5 winners go, they play as a team, they win/lose as a team. I think 5 is a bit excessive, but I suppose with the number of entrants they can get for ST in Japan, it's quite feasible. Personally, I love team tournaments.

    Ah yes, I totally forgot about the psychic lariats. That was incredible stuff. IT was like he was channeling HDR Gief's lariats with those. :)