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Kuroppi · くろっぴ ·


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  • Re: Who's on your 3 man team for this years XMANIA at EVO?

    Team "Back to the Future" has confirmed for X-MANIA USA!

    Mr. Wizard
    Seth Killian
    Chris "Shrek" Li
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  • Re: New ST?

    fatboy wrote: »
    Kuroppi wrote: »
    This year's EVO is going to be the last tourney I'm organizing ...

    Yea, I've heard you say that before! :P

    I love ST, but honestly I just don't have time to play (Shoot, I barely browse the forums!). But running my business, being married and raising my daughter, are my top priority and it's just about all I have time for.

    The little bit of free time I do get is spent at the gym, trying to keep my weight down from sitting on my fat ass all day... LOL...

    On a real and random note, not that any of you in the ST forums really need to be told, but Kuroppi deserves a ton of recognition on all that he's contributed to the community.

    To be honest, I could have never sacrificed what he has for the love of this game and the FGC. He's spent time away from his wife and son, not to mention spending his hard earned cash to support the ST EVO events over the last few years.

    He's is a f'n awesome guy for doing all he has done over the years and deserves more than we (ST FGC) could ever give him in return. I wish there was an award we could get the FGC to give the guy for all the he's done. But, that's not for us to decide...

    Anyway, here's big fatboy "Thumbs Up" to Kuroppi. Thanks for all the ST efforts.

    All this sweet talk isn't going to get you out of going to EVO this year. :)
  • Re: Super Turbo Ranking Chart 2013

    eltrouble wrote: »
    I'd say it's a pretty accurate ratio list. RIP Chun Tier, you done graduated to the big boy leagues now.

    It's all Keishin's fault...
  • Re: Honda thread

    I've done it before as well but couldn't figure out why it happened. It happens when two players go for a throw at the same time I think, but not sure beyond that.

    Edit: Found a couple of videos of it happening to me from a while ago:


    fatboy wrote: »
    Yeah, it was on bench press.


    Don't be fooled by Fatboy's story. He just came up with a creative way to get out of hauling Kurocab to EVO this year. ;)