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  • Re: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Official Discussion

    Naoto/Eltnum: You thought your hands hurt reloading before...
  • Re: The Game of Thrones OFFICIAL thread

    dn3000 wrote: »
    If i remember didnt he refuse to come to her aid in a trial by combat?

    He tore up the letter Cersei wrote begging him to come back.

    I think he technically just threw it in the fire, but yeah he was like "fuck this shit". And he still had 2 kids left by then, lol.
  • Re: Blizzard Overwatch

    Since Ana is meh on console, I've been thinking of picking up Lucio. Do you need to do all this crazy parkour shit? Or can you stay grounded?

    Nah, you can stay grounded pretty easily. Just make sure you stick to a group of people, use the song boost as often as you can, and remember not to forget about his knockback ability. Not only can it save your ass from characters like Doomfist, Reaper, Roadhog, and an Ult-ing Genji, but it does a bit of damage and can knock people off of the stage pretty easily. Seriously, it can be such a lifesaver.

    That being said though, last night I was playing on my PS4, and there was a Lucio on my team who didn't know how to heal people. Seriously. He didn't know how to switch songs and stay near people. We're like "Lucio, we need healing", so he comes in with speed boost song, stays for 3 seconds, and heads off to the other side of the map leaving us to get mowed down because we had no health left.
  • Re: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Official Discussion

    Volt wrote: »
    We still gonna get bopped you know.

    Oh, definitely. Blazblue is popular enough in Japan to build a console scene in whatever good game they release. I'm pretty sure Persona is as well.

    But this time we have no excuses.

    I'm sure people will think of SOMETHING.
  • Re: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Official Discussion

    No arcade means a Japanese scene likely won't develop for it. At least it will be a small one.

    Finally, a non-Marvel anime game where North America can reign supreme, lol.