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  • Re: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Official Discussion

    d3v wrote: »
    So apparently dual audio has been confirmed for Ruby

    The only dual audio I care about is for the Blazblue and Persona characters, since I'd much prefer being able to play this dubbed than anything since those VAs were good.
  • Re: Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Official Discussion

    The only P4A/Ultimax English voice stuff that ever bothered me was Aigis constantly screaming "My Armour!" whenever she got hit, but that was just because it happened so often since there was a limited amount of "taking damage quotes" more than anything.
  • Re: The Wrestling Thread: TLC 10/22 - Takeover Houston 11/18 - Survivor Series 11/19

    Ah, who cares. It's not like the President of the US didn't make the same comments or anything, lol.
  • Re: Blizzard Overwatch

    This Attack Symmetra argument is STILL going on? Holy shit, people...
  • Re: Blizzard Overwatch

    I know it probably wasn't meant to, but I will admit that all my time with D.Va and having Zarya as a secondary HAS really made it a lot easier for me to learn Orisa.

    But really though, Reaper IS pretty braindead regardless. You just teleport behind people, hold down fire, run towards them since you'll gain more health back in a firefight than they'll be able to take off before you kill them, and do his floaty thing on the offchance you actually get low. I NEVER played Reaper before and have no intention of ever playing him, and I was getting kills left and right just by running around shooting and not giving a shit about anything.