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  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @Futurespect yeah some parts are missing because it was me chating him in the chat , if you see the full vod ull understand he just got mad because of some points another member mentioned before in the previous page he has valid points but mainly because the lever gets bad reputation because everyone outside of korea buying 309 HelpMe and they think its HelpMe's lever. in reality if you ask any korean streamer or any tekken player they seperate them its 309HelpMe , and HelpMe lever. HelpMe is the "famous" one in korea . and yes bad grommets is a thing , i am not sure what he is actually doing i have few people training in Korea atm before evo japan so they will go and buy it and he will build it infront of them , and i have ordered few from the man hiself with differ varations . he is using gersung microswitches because panasonic are no longer viable . although if u send him your set he will add them since he believes the lever plays a lil bit better with the am51630 just abit .also he is using custom made bathtub rubbers the people in chat translated i guess its a bad translation , i guess its just selfmade ? PM me if you need anything
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    Ok ill start posting some real evidence for some levers that we Europeans and i guess rest of the world have kinda wrong in our heads, as i have posted before some levers are sold from even inside Korea very bad and just advirtisment #1 is HelpMe lever 309 .... i have been talking to HelpMe for sometime and he tells me the lever is not the same from IstMall and he never sold anything to IstMall they are just copying the shaft and battop put it inside a 309 and selling it to everyone as HelpMe lever .... recently bought few myself from istmall and iw as like how the hell do koreans like this thing its wack . anyway finally made HelpMe talk on stream abit about it with his poor english and i cliped it .
    I am gonna order from him directly so if someone wants REAL helpme lever msg me .am gonna try and buy few measure tools and a damn photograph to start posting some evidence i have found about few levers plus green lever aswell here on the forums .
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    Hello everyone , hope you all have great holidays . Another super wierd discovery once again .
    At start i was going super crazy , i have 3 Fujins v2's . yeah dont ask . one on my etokki one on my panthera .
    I was going abit crazy how those were the same levers but they were playing diffrent not by alot but they did to me and those differences to me at least they are making a lever feel good or bad , anyway i was keep playing back and forth for months ... latetly i purchased from an very old store somewhere in Europe an old version of crown 309 with loaded am5's on it , it arrived the lever felt really bad and was unplable for me but i was feeling the microswitches beeing super solid i was like aaah fresh microswitches . i emediatly pulled them out and installed them on my Fujin v2 to feel how it is fresh ya know... the thing was flying it became a next level thing played so fluidly ... i was again confused and angry ... i was like am getting crazy every single setup of the same fujin v2 felt diffrently and one of them was the worse ull understand why when you see the pictures and the discovery below.

    there are diffrent am5's out there .... for some reason . if someone knows where i can find and purchase the last picture one i would owe u .
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    Hello everyone , ive made a "big" discovery today , messing around with my kaze v2 and v1 , i had them open for modding purposes and i had forgotten wich had wich ( actuators , microswitches and body ) so beeing confused and didnt wanna mess the setup up since i wanted to put them back together , i msged Kaze about what to do etc , anyway after abit of discussion i found out that some versions of kaze v2 and v1 bodys are Green arcades bodys and they do have a difference from myoungshins on the microswitches placements (also could someone with kaze v2 or v1 take some pictures cause except my shit phone camera dont have other source of making pictures post an opened up one to investigate if its true) , Kaze english were poor and didnt give much into details he also said that they were 3 versions of Green Lever at the time but since the owner and creator of the lever got older he just used myoungshin body and didnt customize it for the newer cabinets . he said one version wich was the best and he thinks Knee and chanel is using is with combined latex and metal spools it gives the shaft pressure and fits tight wich the other wobbles.He mentioned that the spool is a big problem of korean levers and can make or destroy the performance of a lever.
    So the question is wich version have @wazwuz measured?
    I also went str8 away after the convo and tested the GF Green Shaft 7mm and indeed it was perfect fit i installed am51630s in it the feel is the best ive had in a lever after Fujin .But there is something wierd going on i believe with the measurements because i dont have tools to measure i put the shafts side by side with kaze and kaze is shorter in length.
    Also big problems with diagonals i had to dig and be almost 99% perfect to hit diagonals , i experimented abit with down microswtich i put an A2 as Kaze always used with the original setup , it was a bit better but not playable imho
    If if could fix teh diagonal problems i think thats the best lever id have for mishima play .
    Anyone have ideas ? that i could try ? @zero_requiem @ykd @The Phantomnaut
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    My wazwuz green setup AND Fujin 7mm arrived today , been testing few hours now , sadly for Fujin Lever obviously the Fujin 7mm suits better than wazwuz's one , but it doesnt play well in my hands i guess , the diagonals u have to really dig to hit em , i even tried 30A grommet still the same effect. Maybe i have to find a lighter version of rubber the silicone ones on the fujin aint that consistent for some reason .Any suggestions to try am up to .
    After that i took my Taeyoung and started messing around with setups , all were based on the 7mm green setup and 14.5mm actuator . i tried almost all grommets from golden fanta , and all a2 actuators then all am5 and last a3.
    Best setup was 45A grommmet , all am5 but again huge problems and slugish wavedashes.i guess its not for me or someting .
    The golden 14,5mm actuator was the best thing ever , wish i could make it fit the Fujin shaft , really top notch quality i love it so far .
    Anyone know how much would cost me to build few of those for Fujin shaft?