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  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @Nostromo21 yes down input is the up as you looking the bottom of the stick , bad in qcf and backdash motions cant explain it , you gotta try it and you will see , zero_requiem had the same issue he also replaced the down input with an A2 i guess its a mishima thing . and something last what ever you read here either its a good commend and a bad comment , you really have to try it yourself hands are diffrent from person to person . and you might miss something you would really like from a comment i learned that the hardway . and ever since i just test what ever is on the market kinda .
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @Nostromo21 i tried it and zero_requiem did a break down few pages back (october) of the lever for measurments . Out of the box the lever is really bad for mishimas i dont know for the rest of the cast . but if you switch the down input microswitch into an A2 becomes one of the best levers .
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    After of months of testing attending tournaments asking koreans making them use the golden fanta actuators , yes they are definatly good quality but the weight that is added to it effects the players hands and in most cases it hinders the gameplay , they are REALLY good on moding purposes and easy and in some cases the only access to a diffrent size actuator. maybe make them way lighter will make them perfect but i think Delrin is the best material for actual gameplay thats everyone told me after testing . @wazwuz
    I hope you saw my msg to sign me up for the green golden fanta parts.
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    Ok since my last post my mail has gone bananas , there is no way i can keep up with all the requests and i cant have 20 fight sticks in my bag lol ... plus the most requested arcade stick people wants is the Green Arcade one , its impossible to purchase the owner is a really old stuborn guy he sells it only to like Knee or some other known people and he charges a buttload like 90 euro for the stickitself or something crazy like that .
    About Knee beeing silent ... sadly there is a long story going on in Korea and Knee's attitude is / was really bad and he made alot of people players not like him.most koreans that is .
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    I just got my golden fanta mod kit a few days ago from @wazwuz.
    Am not an expert with the korean sticks but i have really really good execution in game and i go with what it feels good with my hands .
    So first of all sadly , i know i am the minority but the golden fanta mod kit came to me damaged or used i think they were inspecting it when importing it to germany or something and they stabbed the envelop with something sharp and almost everything was damaged , due to the stab of the envelop the screwdrives were loose inside the box and i guess during travels they were running around scratching everything :(
    That didnt let me down tho i guess shit happens , on to the test so i have a Omni Etokki with the Taeyoung lever , i loved it so far but always something felt abit wierd about consistency with that stick ,its really great just the actuator is the worse part of it , thanks to this forums i realised it and investigate it to understand why one day i can perform so well and in theo ther day i cant even do a single ewgf .
    To the next task ill talk about the shafts and the actuators of GOLDEN Fanta mod kit .

    I tried the small (8mm) shaft first with the smallest(15mm) actuator and went up on size with the actuators same shaft .
    Very fun to experiment i broke my personal record on practise mode did 25 pwgfs in a row back to back , very good with diagonals and single input moves , suffered with qcf motions i guess perfect for other characters that dont need qcf motion or other games .

    Actuator size 15.5mm
    That was my favorite combination with that shaft very delicant very smooth really fast inputs and clean my only issue was i was used to bigger and heavier shafts and on panic motions of example ewgf nothing was coming out because i was too harsh i guess with practise this combo might be the best for this shaft .

    Actuator 16mm
    Same as before altho this combination i found tiring after few hours of practising but that just my hands ,clean inputs a tiny bit harder with diagonals

    Actuator 16.5mm
    This sadly didnt fit my hands at all for fighting games but that is just preference and i decided i wont try this actuator again ( i tried it with all shafts it felt the same ).

    SHAFT 9mm
    One of the best shafts felt really natural to me all actuators exept the 16 mm had the same feeling to my hands .
    Best combination to this shaft was the smallest 15mm actuator and it was an advice from @zero_requiem really fast and clean inputs perfect diagonals qcf from both sides felt super fast .

    Actuator 15.5mm
    Great feeling i had a bit of problems with panic ewgfs they didnt come as clean as with the smallest actuator again its preferance with my small hands i bet someone can have greater resaults with this .

    Actuator 16mm
    Again this was tiring but everything felt consistant and smooth just not as fast .

    Shaft 10mm
    My personal favorite shaft it feels heavy and deadly :D really close feeling to the original Taeyoung shaft!!
    This shaft is my best so far combination with the smallest actuator 15mm everything comes super fast and clean , i did an 8 hour session with it not tiring at all i recommend for mishima players

    Actuator 15.5mm
    Same feeling for me again personal preference after the 15mm actuator everything feels abit slughish with the bigger shaft but i have a feeling for short sessions this combination can bring really good resaults .
    since i felt my hands gets tired after a while with big shaft and 15,5mm actuator i didnt bother trying the bigger actuators .

    CONS with actuators!!
    In general you can feel the quality with golden fanta mod actuators one thing i would love to see in the future will be a golden fanta actuator that fits the original shaft wich i love , after all the combination i practised/tried i had the feeling ok this is all awesome but i feel if i had the actuators fit into the original taeyoung shaft would be the best combo ever sadly it doesnt fit .
    Other concerns am having and more experienced people or @wazwuz himself can answer i feel sometimes from the sound and only that am i hurting my microswitches when beeing abit more harsh on panic moves ? or in general my taeyoung stick because the GAP sound sometimes feels too much hehe .

    CONS with Shafts
    One big issue i was having and that can be me maybe there is a good life hack someone can provide.
    No matter how hard i screwed the shafts into the sanwa holders after a few hours i had to screw them in again because they were getting lose into my hands worse feeling ever especially for me it happened during tournament.And its really a pain when you are using Omni Etokki because you have to unscrew every single thing to have access to the shaft .

    Ill be completly honest i didnt try all of them because they felt abit moushy and they felt diffrent than the Taeyoung robbers wich i completly love .
    Best ones was the Red and the Blue for mishima play again its personal preference .

    Dust holders .
    Sadly the holders looked really bad due to the scratches i mentioned at the start . altho i guess and ive seen other pictures of other users they look fantastic when they are new !
    Personally i would love them to be abit bigger a tiny move of the lever reveals the hole .

    Thats my take folks sorry for my poor english i hope i helped even a tiny bit as you did to me all those months reading the forums have a good one !