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  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    Yeah Fujin v2 is one of the best levers ive used so far aswell , after using one to master what ever i can in the game , i can say its really a great lever the issues with it is it fatiques you pretty fast , recently i bought 2 more fujin levers for some mod purposes with all the available Fujin actuators the creator had available . After alot alot of testing i ended up realising i cant find the sweet spot so i installed both levers on my both arcadesticks , one is a stock fujin stiff AF and its gonna be my tournament stick for short sets one of my favorite levers so stable .
    And the other one am gonna keep it for home and long sets , i moded it with a 35A white silicone grommet from golden fanta mod kit and 14,7mm actuator , an issue with that mod is that it wubbles a tiny bit , and the biggest issue wich why am writing all these so maybe few gnostics give some insight @zero_requiem is that the shaft is turning around (twirls? spins inside the bushing) ... so on tight spots when you wanna do a fast backdash ewgf or sidestep ewgf sometimes it spins and your hand gets off the lever or feels uncomfy makes the follow up or backdash a stress experience dunno if you feel me , if i fix that somehow it would be almost the perfect lever for long sets for me , i do not want it like the kaze v3 that its super hard to spin the shaft around i would like it as the stock brand new fujin that its possible. i dont know why that happend since both levers are brand new i just swaped the grommet not the bushing , bushing is original fujin.
    I would love to test the 7mm shaft but sadly the green setup from wazwuz doesnt fit the actuator of fujins afaik.i have ordered from the fujin creator some 7mm shafts but he hasnt respond yet .
    Another perfect mod for me would be instead of the silicone grommet that i use from the golden fanta , if i could actually find the same tension of an actual Rubber like the Fanta one.Any info any advise would be much appriciated sorry for the long text .Also diffrent mods that you guys suggest would be nice . One i am trying to test now and i think @zero_requiem would like is , i installed on top of the original plate of the fujin a kowal plate and then installed it on my arcade panel so the lever is shorter gave me abit of speed on wd and kbc . Peace
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @zero_requiem i tried that a2 on downinput on my fujin v2 it works like a charm cheers !
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @ykd damn dude nice collections , i am looking on buying the newer version of Kaze lever ... how does it feel ? ive been told by Kazane himself that its way better for everything i dont know what he have done to the lever would be really interesting if you spot the differences . i absolutly love that Lever just sometimes diagonals on V2 suffers. I see you have a 309 HelpMe aswell , for some reason everyone complains about that lever is it that bad ? They made a colab with Kazane on istmall and they are selling a moded one because how bad v3 was whats your take on it .
  • Re: Korean arcade parts discussion

    @MeiliIsCharm what you mean original kaze ? kaze lever you mean ? i own one of the old generation with the panasonic microswitches. its really good i just want to try crown to see if it feels better in my hand .