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Missing Person
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  • Re: SRK Arena IV - Ratchet Deadlocked/Gladiator HD - Finale: Like A Champion

    I told y'all niggas to kill Raij1n after Hecatom. :coffee:

    People never listen to me.
  • Re: Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

    yup yup

    I know you lol, you were the Ken that knocked me out of NC6 :tup:
  • Re: Alternative Energy Technology and Is China Communist or not? Feat Trolls & Idiots.

    Zatalcon wrote: »
    You called them yellow bastards in the first post.

    Get out of Trump land, because in the real fucking world, that's racist.

    When you care more about animals being mistreated than giving another ethnicity any form of decency, then you can take that PETA fur is murder Bullshit, roll it up in a ball, and shove it up your fucking ass.

    The moment you used racial slurs, you invalidated your original point. Which is invalidated again by the fact that it's NOT the most popular issue regarding China.

    Pollution. Territorial disputes with Japan and the Philippines. Handling of North Korea. Repatriation of North Korean Refugees to prison camps.

    Only in your fucking PETA newsletter is animal cruelty a bigger issue than the above four, you #maga fuckwit.

    Mic drop.

    EDIT: And here's the last time I called out "White Power Sandlot Guy" on this bullshit:

    Any country that does not do shit against a group of kids who beat a dog to death for fun deserves a reaction of decency? GTFO.
    I never pointed my finger at all chinese people, but i'm stating the fact that shit like that over there is opinionated to be a crime and it is a common report. I am not wrong about that, and you know this so you end up pulling the race card to make a new context to suit your arguments. I never attacked or threw hate on the race in general, in fact, a lot of my pasts posts highly praises asians such as the Chinese here in NYC.

    Next, You throwing around "peta" as if this is some minor issue shows the validity of my first sentence in my first post. I can't complain about the rest that you have listed because the USA has bigger and more fucked up shit on the world - political wise, i've stressed that in different topics, so i will just nitpick on the bigger difference based on the subject at hand.

    This has nothing to do with Peta or racism. If you are person who films yourself tying up dogs and kittens and stomping them to death for entertainment, you are fucked up and deserve to die. I will throw every single racial insult at that person because that is all i can do, unless some one creates a button on the keyboard that will allow me teleport to the location of the fucker to beat living shit out of him/her.

    For anybody reading this idiot - Missing Persons post and are swayed that he has a point, i challenge you to go to google and search for "chinese bike kids beat a dog on the high way" it's the video on liveleak. These group of kids (on their bikes) corner a dog who isn't doing shit, and just beat it to death. You can hear the dog scream as one kid picks up by the tail and slams him on the road twice and they end up crushing it's mouth with their tires and just drag it on the highway at the end. This is not a small issue and deserves all forms of disgust.

    *mic drop

    You can't fucking read your own posts where you say, China is a horrible country with the worst people. You made a blanket statement about an entire fucking country. But no, #alternativefacts you di'int *snaps fingers*

    You'll really throw every racial slur at someone, but that doesn't make you a racist? Hmm, I guess that validates literally anyone that uses the N word with "er," at the end that says they're not racist right.

    I called you Donald Sterling before. I stand by that fucking statement.

    And that was not even the subject at hand, you fucking moron. All you saw was China, and went, "AW NAW DEM DAM CHINKIES WIT DERR ANIMUHL ABYOOSES!" Because that's all you view Chinese as, a bunch of animal abusers. All you want to do is push your prerogative, because that's what you heard in your PETA meetings, you taint stain.

    Meanwhile, in the REAL WORLD where we don't devalue humans over animals, I actually know the vast majority of Chinese people, don't mistreat animals in such a way. Most people won't even visit local zoos in the country, outside of the Panda sanctuary in Chengdu, due to the bad trainers that do mistreat them. Source? I fucking lived there.

    This shit happens in the fucking backwater part of the country. No it doesn't justify it. But the backwater people are just as crass as, shock, the backwater areas of the United States and basically any other fucking country where, double shock, this shit happens too.

    So yeah, fuck you cracker, go back to your audience of one #PETAforTrump hashtag.
  • Re: Alternative Energy Technology and Is China Communist or not? Feat Trolls & Idiots.

    Every time China is mentioned on SRK, Zatalcon shows up writing about animal rights in the country, then calls the Chinese "yellow" something or other.

    Wasn't aware the KKK was in a partnership with PETA.
  • Re: Alternative Energy Technology and Is China Communist or not? Feat Trolls & Idiots.

    I'll talk about the issue when you PETA heads stop talking about "Those yellow bastards" like they're a fucking plague.