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  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    Bious wrote: »
    Gasaraki wrote: »
    Thai food is amazing

    I can't eat Thai food. The spices make me sick.

    And thanks to Panda Express I can't eat Chinese food now.

    People actually eat at Panda Express? Other than those who have taste cancer like my mom?
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    StockyJam wrote: »
    man.....i just got over a folic acid overdose that made me feel really unwell. i took too much of that supplement and felt...really weird. really lethargic, then felt like paralyzed. careful with folic acid fellas, fyi.

    Are you pregnant?

    Tryna be.
  • Re: Chester Bennington (Lead singer of Linkin Park) dead.

    Are people getting banned for making puns about this guy but it was fine when everyone went ham on Otto when he was killed by the North Korean government?

    No one was making puns on Otto, you fuckwit. We said if you don't want to play Russian roulette with your life when you have no actual death wish, don't go to a country where getting out unscathed is literally a game of Roulette.

    Way to compare apples to oranges dumbass. Now please police yourself out of this thread.
  • Re: good tower for 500 usd

    $500 is going to last you a year at most on decent specs, IF THAT.

    Anyone wanting to get a PC gaming build needs to come in with the money in mind to future proof it so that you don't have to continually spend a ton of money to keep everything going smoothly. On top of that, future proof it now so that even if you can spend the money later, you won't have to, nor will you have to spend the time putting new drivers on your machine later down the line. If you do it once on first run then don't have to every few months or so, you're fine.
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    Soldiers of TILA

    Stop shining the BTier-signal, HAX!