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  • Re: One last Try

    Easy mode games for combos and such are Street Fighter V (depending on character) and Super Street Fighter II Turbo. I try to tell people to at least start out in ST since the game's mechanics and combos are so simple and it teaches you to avoid bad habits that can be your downfall in newer games.

    You do NOT need a stick to get good. Too many players are beasting in tournaments that have never picked up a joystick in their lives. If you STARTED on one and played in arcades, then it might behoove you to, but otherwise you don't have to sink that much of an investment into the game to get full mileage out of it.

    Even if you aren't going to go to tournaments, but you really want to learn how not to get bodied, you might find out if your area has a scene with weekly tournaments or meetups and show up. Even if you don't enter the tournaments, you CAN go just to play casuals and players can even show you what you're doing wrong. Did that at an event where I signed up for SFV and ST and wound up playing KOF14 casuals and learned a lot from the people I played with. Mentors online are few and far between and there's a ton of players online that are just going to be dicks instead of helping you. Offline helps a lot because you can talk to players as you play them, ask questions, and get advice on where you're screwing up. Unless you already have a strong foundation in the genre, playing online tends to hurt more than it helps.

    I was able to learn how not to be ass at these games online, but more out of necessity than anything else, and I did have friends I knew offline who mentored me online. But because I developed that foundation from games like SF4 and ST already, I was able to learn a decent amount playing online in SFV. But even still, there were many things I learned offline by playing and talking with players in real time, so I strongly advise finding people who you can play offline.
  • Re: RE:KOF98 Xiaohai vs Jojo

    That's a wall of text for something that just sounds like a scrub bitching about gamesmanship in a game they weren't even involved in.

    Xiaohai is notorious for spending a game or two analyzing player tendencies and conditioning his opponent to do what he wants him to.

    He did that at SCR against both Reynald in KOF14 and Haitani in SFV.

    He did that to NuckleDu at ELEAGUE, and did that to most of the round robin in group play.

    I don't see how this is any different from his standard MO. If doing this is "straight up coonery" in your eyes, maybe you should try out competitive knitting as a hobby. I hear there's less conditioning tactics there.
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    SFV Players in a nutshell:

  • Re: US student is sentenced to 15 years hard labor in North Korea for trying to steal a political banner

    odin wrote: »
    Zatalcon being retarded again? Color me surprised.

    "Again" implies a cessation of the act of being retarded.
  • Re: US student is sentenced to 15 years hard labor in North Korea for trying to steal a political banner

    DoctaMario wrote: »
    I used to have friends that bragged about doing missionary trips to China when owning a christian bible would land you in prison or worse.

    Erroneous. China could give two fucks about religion, and allow foreigners there (as well as Chinese) the right to practice said religion. Bibles are never considered an issue, there are bookstores that sell them without getting slammed by the government, even Taobao sellers have them on offer.

    The issue that China has is foreigners evangelizing their citizens, out of fear that foreign Christian influence will be strongly anti-government and nudge people toward overthrowing the government. They put restrictions on churches where Chinese churches can't have foreigners present, and foreign churches can only have Chinese present if they have foreign identification or are married to a foreigner. And yes, they do check.

    Are missionaries risking their lives over it? Yeah. But are they risking their lives by simply owning a Bible in China? Absolutely not.

    North Korea on the other hand...