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  • Sailor Moon S - Arcana Heart? We know thee not. The All-Girls Fighter of kings. (Discord in OP)

    Anyone else play this game? Just picked it up about a month or two ago for SNES9x, played some casuals with friends. Fun game, save for Uranus, pretty balanced.

    Anyone ever seen a tier list? I've yet to find one.


    Obligatory vids:

    Shoryuken - [Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S match] Japanese casuals 12

    Shoryuken - [ Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S ] All Character Combo Exhibition (NEW VERSION)

    Found a SFC cart of this game on ebay for like $10 including shipping, thinking about grabbing it. Still need an SNES though.
    Hella boring day, so I thought I'd do this.

    Keep in mind, I don't consider myself THE authority on this game, there may be things I'm overlooking. This is largely what I've seen/experienced. I may be judging some chars too harshly, others too favorably. I think this is fairly accurate though.

    Lastly, everyone aside from Pluto/Chibi is viable, and even those two have *something* going for them (even if it results from bad situations).

    That said...

    + lariat, guard cancel 360 make it nigh impossible to jump in on her. guard cancel 360 will also destroy badly spaced normals
    + strong keepaway w/ thunder dragon and coconut cyclone
    + high damage off lariat combos w/ resets into 360
    + strong oki

    - slow normals/walkspeed (this is negligible, you wont be playing footsies too much)
    - super isnt very good (damaging, but slow startup/recovery, no invul... honestly you can just forget this exists)

    + 2 of the best, if not THE best projectiles in the game. fire snake (ground fb) is fast, recovers quick, knocks down. burning mandala (aa fb) travels at an angle that can be difficult to jump over. this pretty much makes her the #1 zoner imo.
    + good walkspeed, fast normals
    + damaging bnb
    + can easily corner trap people w/ fire snake
    + super does good damage even on block, can confuse people (looks like fire snake, but starts travelling upward)

    - gc is kinda meh

    + jab dp is hilariously hard to stop/punish. just do it.
    + good, safe oki
    + decent fb, not as good as mars though
    + good range on normals, decently fast

    - has problems w/ the above two chars (gets fb trapped very easily vs mars, has a little trouble getting around jupiter's fbs)

    + fastest character, has one of the better footsie games
    + pretty good dp, though neptune's is better
    + has two fbs that function similarly to mars (again, not quite as good)
    + has a wall jump

    - super is kind of awkward to use

    + far jump combined w/ dash canceled air fb gives her a pretty decent left/right game... probably her best aspect.

    - short range on normals
    - only really gets decent damage in the corner

    + good reach on chain attacks
    + good dp
    + multiple fbs etc. see above.

    - chains are fairly laggy
    - air to air is meh
    - painfully slow movement

    + has an infinite (!!!)
    + has a forward dash

    - fb game is kinda poor
    - infinite is hard to set up, a lot of gc baiting etc is needed to land a clean hit
    - forward dash can be reacted to. blindly charging at your opponent will get you killed.

    + her super ranks among the best in the game. safe on block, can be canceled into, can be used as a ghetto forward dash... it has many useful applications.

    - lp fb does not go fullscreen, hp fb only covers the space in front of her. don't expect to win fb wars too often.
    - laggy normals
    - only really becomes a threat at low hp

    + useful super (good chip dmg, covers the battlefield, once she gets started its almost impossible to move forward against her)
    + dives/instant overhead give her a decent mixup game
    + uhhh... she's moe? :3

    - laughable range/speed on normals
    - terrible fb, you wont win fb wars. ever.

    I made a spreadsheet with my translation of the matcbup chart from japan.

    Jupiter is godtier
    Neptune mars mercury and moon are high

    Jupiter just has all the tools in the game and back turn light lariat combos do 100% off of any crossup you land.

    Neptune has the best DP, and her super dp will do 70% life on counterhit, making it the best and most reliable big punish in the game.

    Mars has sickingly good fireball lockdown and can confirm into her HK flipkick off anything for good knockdown and oki.

    Mercury has the best LK and decent fireball and reversal options

    Moon is the most mobile character and gets some pretty sick keepaway and mixups off doing air hearts during her dashes.

    Venus has chain into up fireball lockdown, the up fireballs are insanely good and give you sickening plus frames on hit and block. You can link multiple of them in a combo and do her desperation move after one if you input it fast enough, giving venus access to the most reliable 100% DM combos. Also venus love me chain is a decent reversal tool. J7.HP is a pretty sick instant overhead. And up fireball into walkup throw/love me chain is sick.

    Pluto is worthless without her DM, it recovers superfast on whiff giving her forward dash capabilities, and DM whiff cancel combos which can actually do some sick damage if you have the execution. DM whiff leads into sick pressure and mixups too, but you need to lose 50% of your life for pluto to start being a real character, making her have a lot of uphill battles.

    The reason Uranus is lowtier despite her godlike training mode status is that her DC lockdown gets blownup by GCs, her fireball sucks ass, her forward dash has a super long duration and isn't invincible, and her normals aren't all that. You can shutdown her forward dash BS with a wellplaced fireball or LK and keep her out all day. But if she gets in she can infinite you so her matchups are all sorts of wonky. Bitch can't do shit versus fireballs that travel over uranus world shaking.

    Don't play Chibi moon. Well ok, her DM leads to decent fullscreen chip setups, but that is a lot of chip you're going to have to deal in order to win.

    I wrote this all out on my phone so it probably looks like shit, but there you go, my knowledge on the tiers from memory.

  • Re: Sailor Moon S - Arcana Heart? We know thee not. The All-Girls Fighter of kings. (Discord in OP)

    OP Updated with Discord link
  • Re: Project Magenta 2017

    Tensho wrote: »
    What's the wear and tear going to be on these? It can fit standard JLF/LS-32 etc springs, what type of actuators does it use? I read that it doesn't use standard optical sensors but something else, it's good for many years of use I'm guessing?
    Also it comes standard with a square gate?

    It's a modified JLF with a modified shaft. If you use it with the switches attached so you can hear the clicks, it'll likely take a standard JLF actuator. It's not IR sensors, but hall effect, which is basically magnets registering its location. The wear and tear will be minimum, and likely will last longer than your standard switch, so long as you remember to use some grease over the years for the shaft pivot and keep an eye on your spring.
  • Re: Project Magenta 2017

    Dubon wrote: »
    Hmm want to pre order but theres an issue with paypal, apperantly i need to specify a state, but theres no such field in the pas adress form. Furthermore im in Belgium, we dont have states!
    Is that adress line 2? I could put my province there...

    There's issues with Paypal outside of the US for some reason lately. Had the same thing ordering from Canada at a shop in the US earlier, kept saying I had an invalid address and the form DID have a place for my province.

    If you CAN, you may just need to pay via credit card.
  • Re: Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

    That specific brand isn't even available on, and comparable is double the price.

    Le sigh.

    I'll just see how much A&C is selling their knock-off SNES pads for.