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  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    Say no to fake boobies too.
  • Re: Russian Nazi lynched in Cancun, Mexico

    Can we lynch Zatalcon next?

    He's pretty anti-town too.

    @AlphaCommando CFD?

    Lynch: Zatalcon
  • Re: One last Try

    Easy mode games for combos and such are Street Fighter V (depending on character) and Super Street Fighter II Turbo. I try to tell people to at least start out in ST since the game's mechanics and combos are so simple and it teaches you to avoid bad habits that can be your downfall in newer games.

    You do NOT need a stick to get good. Too many players are beasting in tournaments that have never picked up a joystick in their lives. If you STARTED on one and played in arcades, then it might behoove you to, but otherwise you don't have to sink that much of an investment into the game to get full mileage out of it.

    Even if you aren't going to go to tournaments, but you really want to learn how not to get bodied, you might find out if your area has a scene with weekly tournaments or meetups and show up. Even if you don't enter the tournaments, you CAN go just to play casuals and players can even show you what you're doing wrong. Did that at an event where I signed up for SFV and ST and wound up playing KOF14 casuals and learned a lot from the people I played with. Mentors online are few and far between and there's a ton of players online that are just going to be dicks instead of helping you. Offline helps a lot because you can talk to players as you play them, ask questions, and get advice on where you're screwing up. Unless you already have a strong foundation in the genre, playing online tends to hurt more than it helps.

    I was able to learn how not to be ass at these games online, but more out of necessity than anything else, and I did have friends I knew offline who mentored me online. But because I developed that foundation from games like SF4 and ST already, I was able to learn a decent amount playing online in SFV. But even still, there were many things I learned offline by playing and talking with players in real time, so I strongly advise finding people who you can play offline.
  • Re: Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

    That guitar stick is pretty fucking intense.

    That begs to have Guilty Gear played on it.
  • Re: Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

    I get it in one way, to most people, wireless won't change fuck all to their browsing habits.

    But when I specifically told him it was for bandwidth intensive and ping-sensitive things such as broadcasting and gaming, he argued that it won't make a difference. I did one test on and the ping fluctuated based on when I was wired or wireless, and I told him those ms of ping made a difference. He gave me the People's Eyebrow when I said that.