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Mr. Warzard
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  • Re: CvS2 Team Composition Spreadsheet

    Thanks for the tech! Much safer than going for reversal/timing a jab right out of blockstun.

    LOL I'm always down to talk about cvs2. Hope you guys are still playing down in SoCal, we still have our monthly gatherings here.

    That's too bad we won't be seeing you at Evo this year. That would be amazing if Bas found an adapter like that for ps2. I know there are some decent options for dreamcast with the VGA box, but I can't imagine too many ppl have DC-compatible sticks these days.
  • Re: CvS2 Team Composition Spreadsheet

    That team isn't terrible in N or K groove. P to a lesser extent. Just be prepared to lose to a lot of sagats early on.
  • Re: ask me something

    Norieaga wrote: »
    Hm, interesting. Think I'll try a combo of Cammy, Terry, and Athena in K. First I think I'll hit up some tutorials related to system mechanics. I can play CVS2 the classical Street Fighter way but I definitely want to learn everything that's specific about the game. Thanks for the input, folks.

    EDIT: Are there any other characters I'm missing who are even easier to play than the three I've mentioned above? I wouldn't mind becoming decent quickly because I play a rotation of fighters and they all take enough time to learn.

    I'm just posting to second caliagent's team suggestion. That's probably the easiest team in the game to learn, you can get far with just basic footsie knowledge. What's also nice about that team is that it's very strong in both C groove and K groove.

    Also, I'd recommend staying away from Athena in K-groove. Crouching fierce can only get you so far, and she has no reliable way of landing her supers. Athena is decent in A groove, and pretty crappy in all other grooves as a result of her supers being so bad.
  • Re: ask me something

    Norieaga wrote: »
    CVS2 novice here. I want to build a team around N. Akuma, I read that N groove is his best. I'd like to use N versions of every other character in order to keep it simple. What kind of a team can I make? Characters I'm interested in are: Athena, Rolento, Joe, Vega, Balrog, Terry, and Cammy. Also...

    Since you are a novice, I strongly recommend not starting with N-Groove (or Akuma for that matter, but you sound pretty convinced on that front). N is a hard groove to start in, and you aren't doing yourself any favors with those characters, who range from bad to mediocre in N.

    Instead, I suggest starting in K Groove. It's probably Akuma's second best groove, and most of those characters are better in K than in N. K Cammy is a top-tier, easy character to learn and would be essential. After that, you can pick whoever you play best, though I think Rolento is the best of that lot. However, like Akuma, he's a difficult character to learn, so you might be better off going with someone easier like Terry or Balrog.
  • Re: Any hype for this game left?