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  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    Volt wrote: »
    NG1313 wrote: »
    So I downloaded the Street Fighter: The Movie movie.

    What's a great and simple subtitle editor for Windows?


    If you got the .srt file or something just open it with notepad.
    Depends of what you're trying to do tbh. You need to make subs, sync them or just edit some words to make easy memes?

    I want to just push the entire script of subtitles a few milliseconds, either forward or backward.

    I downloaded Aegisub and am looking for Youtube tips now...
  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    Abigail and in fact all the previous S2 characters have been awesome additions to SF. I dig Kolin the most but she's very advanced. I dig the input system with Ed but he's not my kind of character... I hope the next is Menat for sure, and I'd totally nod in approval to some sick ninjutsu from Zeku too.

    S3 I look forward to the returning characters like presumably Viper Oro Q Sagat and heck even Sakura.. It's a party and everybody who can make it is invited in my book, even Ingrid, they've done an impressive job with the characters from the get-go.
  • Re: SFV Daily Challenges/Mission Unlock

    ParryThis wrote: »
    2/2 - 2/9: Sakura's Urgent Errand

    1. Select "Story."
    2. Choose "Character Story."
    3. Scroll down to "Karin."
    4. Play "4 - Epilogue"

    Reward: 5000 FM unlocked.

  • Re: Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV

    So a lil' trivial thing... "Reversal" is written in red and that's good because it means stop and wait because it's probably invulnerable.

    But counter hit and tech have gotten mixed up. Counter hit should be green as it means "go, you got some extra frame advantage" and tech should be yellow and mean "hold up, back up".
  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    I'm actually full of faith and kicks and shoryus when it comes to Capcom & Street Fighter :tup:

    Never in a billion years could I have thought of a game like Street Fighter 5, though I do wish they figure out a way to fix the input lag but still keeping the online play "viable" :)