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  • Re: Improvements or changes you would like to see in SFV

    Rage quitting should do something scummy on the dropper's next match, like starting each round with only 25% health.

    "Welcome back you big jerk. Don't do it again and at least you'll start with 100% health and get another fair chance again"
  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    Sometimes it sounds like the announcer lady in ranked in saying "You blocked, the opponent from ranking up"... :|
  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    I think Viper has good chances for S3 :)
  • Re: I'm suffering from Ryu

    Look up the leaderboard for West Asia region and add some friends from there too.

    You can chat in the game and get tips too, for example if you message "I'm a beginner" they might offer some pointers and advice like "It's cloudy" or "Bow down before my psycho power".
  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere

    Is Kolin the most wise in the SFV cast? She has such cool victory dialogues towards all the other characters.

    But somebody at Capcom America or England is a bit of a huge dork... Ryu's victory dialogue to Vega is "Do you really think true beauty could come from hurting others?" --- what would Ryu care about "true beauty"?

    Alex's dialogue to Urien is cumbersome too... "Are you still emperor or king or whatever when you take a beating?" -- just trim it the f** down.

    A lot of the dialogue is real good -- Ibuki to Juri: "Why you wanna hurt others? Instead find a nice boy and treat him nice!" :lol:

    I think maybe some of the dialogue, particularly Ryu's, are hints from the developers on how to fight the opponent, like Ryu telling Balrog "Boxers definitely punch hard but with that wind-up I can see you comin' from a mile away" - I think my preferred range against Balrog is outside of poke range and to poke with hadokens while he can't do anything, and then he'll be forced to either charge a dash punch or a v-skill, both of which can be crush countered with Ryu's, but still he can easily be a handful even if you play the match in a way that's to your advantage.