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  • Re: Ryu V-Trigger 2

    Cestus wrote: »
    NG1313 wrote: »
    Cestus wrote: »
    M8in8 wrote: »
    it will not help ryu , he need more than this :

    A: This is if you think ryu must be a zoning caracter.

    1.FB Recovery
    2.invisible DP
    3.Longer hurt box from his st lk as it was in S1
    4. More longer Hurtbox for his st lp.

    B: If you think ryu must be a close body caracter as capcom seems to think it must be now ,then

    1.More faster Start Up for his normal .
    2.No blok after throw (So lol lol lol to saw that when u heard what capcom said about ryu)
    3.More + on block for his hits.
    4. Crouch Counter Must be more efficient.

    Actually he is nothing , no zoning , no body , he is just a waiter of mistake , that s it.... And this VT 2 will not help him.

    I love Ryu but there is now no sence to play him.

    -make stHP force standing the opponent
    -make stHP special cancellable ever
    -switch his stHP and stHK Crush Counter effects
    -crHP in Crush Counter to cause vertical launch like Ken's

    1- If st.hp could always cancel we'd just poke with only that :punch:

    2- I'm not too excited about this new v-trigger, I can just already see it being baited and shit... Or losing to something that still had invulnerability frames while Ryu tries hitting them :lol:

    1- Tbh i will accept it with longer recovery in case of whiff as trade-off if needed, makin it more risk reward =)

    2- i don't think they can reply with anything (invulnerability or not) if he "stun" them with the parry, again watch it

    it seem like Urien is locked in that passive animation by the parry, the punch may be just designed to be guaranteed hit if the counter is successful

    Maybe... I still have some horrible memories with special move counters from SF4..
  • Re: SFV Daily Challenges/Mission Unlock

    I just recently returned from my summer holidays, and now I gotta win 40 ranked matches today to get that 30,000 fight money :tup:
  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    Never mind

    I agree, Azam should get to fly with the wind - he was already compared to Gouken in Ryu's or Rashid's story, so let's go..!! :lol:
  • Re: Ryu's Parry - Advantage and Punishes

    There are minimal exceptions to Ryu being +3 instead of only +2 after parry, and that's really unfortunate that we can't always rely on a lp.shoryu afterwards.

    Hate these little exceptions to the rule all over the place..
  • Re: SFV Character Request/Anticipation Thread

    I'm actually full of faith and kicks and shoryus when it comes to Capcom & Street Fighter :tup:

    Never in a billion years could I have thought of a game like Street Fighter 5, though I do wish they figure out a way to fix the input lag but still keeping the online play "viable" :)