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  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    EmblemLord wrote: »
    Dime wrote: »
    Dime wrote: »
    Dime wrote: »
    I seriously don’t understand how people can play this game online. You have to guess every interaction, guess how much input delay there will be guess where your opponent is going to be... it’s seriously fucked.

    Played a cell that was mixing me up with that slow ass overhead he has... like.. seriously what a joke. Couldn’t block it on reaction for shit. Why do people even bother making fighting games with input delay netcode? It’s a fucking joke. Taking the entire piss.

    stop bein so australian and it helps.

    As long as I got a solid connection I ain't got no issues.

    Input delay still sucks but its not unworkable.

    Fuck that. Shits a joke. Just because some people can play in lag and hit combos consistently doesn’t mean much. At this point the game feels like “who’s the better player in lag” not who’s just the better player.

    I remember 10-0 people offline at sf4, then lose to them 10-0 online, then we meet back up at the meetup spot a week later and I’m still beating them 8-2 or some such. There is no excuse for input delay. The metric for “good player” right now is: can you hit your combos in 3-5 frames of variable input delay? Yeah? Cool. Your a “good player”

    Roll eyes.

    Going to some offline events will fix everything

    Told you about Vegeta's assist. All 8 players in top 8 using it should ring a bell. Especially since everything happens towards the lower part of the screen in this game, an assist that does all of that stuff will be a requirement. The fact that it used to be stronger is nuts considering just about all of the other assists don't come close to its power now

    You didn’t tell me it literally broke the rules of the game. And I didn’t say anything about the assist being bad. I was mostly saying that other assists can do what it does as far as lockdown goes, which they certainly can.

    But no other assist spawns a football field away from you while sniping your enemies down. That’s borked and seems like a straight up bug since no other assist does it.

    Blue goku, blue Vegeta and cell all have angled assists like that and none of them track.

    Are you trying to say that Vegeta-sama does not deserve such power?

    Because it sounds that way.

    Vegeta is a decent-but-not-great character with an amazing assist.
    Are you saying the Prince of Saiyans deserves nothing but the role of a supporting character?!
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    So apparently this thing was made by Japanese tournament players:


    I mean, it's probably correct-ish for week two, but I can't see the list staying this way.
  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    DudeLee wrote: »
    Naeras wrote: »
    His meterless midscreen BnB from 2M is 3.6k. To my knowledge it's pretty hard to tack on anything more to that even with assists since he has to use 2H as a smash to get his combos going.
    In the corner I can get 4.6k meterless by using an assist to relaunch, but even that isn't that great. It's a few hundred above what I get with my other characters, but I haven't even started experimenting with assist extensions for them and I know I haven't properly optimized even their basic combos yet.

    Nah, you wanna combo in 5H from midscreen. That way you can carry to the corner and end your air combo with S(x3) into 2H. That'll put you over 4100 off of an M starter.

    edit: lol I realized that double saucer combo someone posted earlier was done with the same team I'm using, I gotta learn that.

    If I actually get the corner carry into jSSS, yeah, then 5H is better, but I really don't like it if I'm not reaching the corner. In that case 2H at least allows for a jH-knockdown into some kind of mixup afterwards. And even then I'm still only doing the same damage my other characters are doing without needing to have to do anything with the corner.
    Reticently wrote: »
    What's the secret sauce with Adult Gohan anyway? I know reverse beat is supposed to be crazy, but the cost seems impractical.

    Ridiculous pressure, good neutral and useful (though not amazing) assist, along with high damage and really scary high-low mixups thanks to his j2S-airdash.
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  • Re: Dragon Ball FighterZ General: DBZ Subforum Edition

    I was going to write a long post about that tier list, but realized I could summarize my thoughts about that list the following way:

    Hahahaha no.
  • Re: Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures

    What, Sin has to manage the resource that's central to his character, and make decisions that impact his offensive options and his damage output?