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  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    The ending of this set tho
  • Re: Star Trek: Discovery 2017 Thread

    Cpt Malfoy still owns every damn scene he's in. They nailed the casting there.

    Also shoutouts to Ripper the intergalactic teleporting tardigrade.
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    If he's going in at predictable timings you can often just snipe him on the way in with a mid-hitting keepout-move (mid-hitting to ensure he doesn't crush your high with a hellsweep or something). This does mean pre-empting them entirely, so you might get whiff punished if they wavedash forward and then backdash/sidestep to bait out your move, but it means you avoid the mixup entirely if it works, and get rewarded with some (often decent) damage.

    You can also sidewalk to your left in anticipation to avoid most of the wavedash-options, which also gives you a whiff punish.
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  • Re: Star Trek: Discovery 2017 Thread

    If nothing else, captain Lucius Malfoy seems like a total boss from that first episode.

    And as someone who hasn't really watched any of the older Star Trek-series, this one has started off pretty nicely to me. I'm not sure why people are as angry as they are (aside from ruining angsty teen memories etc etc), I'm definitely going to keep watching this.
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    Anyone have input on who the more rewarding Mishima is? I've taken up Jin as my main and he's just one of my favourite characters but Kazuya and Heihachi seem a little more balanced in terms of their moveset, and their damage output seems higher, as well (especially Kazuya jesus christ). Am I missing something with Jin? Just asking before I sink more hours into him.

    First off: if you like Jin better than the other Mishimas, play Jin. All the Mishimas are good and rewarding, it's mostly a matter of finding the one you enjoy playing the most.
    With that being said: if I were to rank the Mishima's by strength, it'd be Devil Jin > Jin > Kazuya > Heihachi.

    Devil Jin played perfectly might be the most well-rounded character in the game along with Leo. Can be played in almost any way you can think of with success. Does huge damage and is super safe, while at the same time having incredibly strong mixups (his hellsweep is fucking nuts and his mids are great) and some gimmicks that can occasionally catch people off-guard, or even kill people outright if they don't know how to deal with them. Biggest issue with learning him, imo, is that his proper WS2-combos are stupidly difficult, so you better have your execution in order if you want more than ~45 damage from blocking power-lows.

    Jin is also an incredibly well-rounded character, and is easier to play than the other three because of how well he functions without having to resort to his Mishima-tools. His parry utilized well can completely screw the risk-reward of certain moves too, letting him launch stuff other characters can't, though that requires extensive matchup knowledge. His block punishment is sometimes awkward because he's got T-rex arms on his best punishers, and he doesn't hit quite as hard as the other Mishimas on a launch, but that's really his only weaknesses.

    Kazuya has a special place in my heart as a character, but be warned: this guy might be the hardest character to get wins with in Tekken 7. He's got one of the worst poking games out of any character, so he has to compensate for that in other ways, notably through using movement and more EWGFs than any other character. His block punishment is also the best in the game on paper, but it's hard to utilize perfectly since, again, you need to use EWGFs to launch standing moves. His wall combos are completely nuts and his wall carry is really good, though his midscreen damage is only a bit above average. His mixup game is terrifying if you manage to sniff out an opening too, but his offense is overall quite risky. Getting the most out Kaz requires a lot of patience, but he also forces you to play very compact and solid, which are good things to learn.

    Hei has huge damage on his BnBs, really powerful CH-mids and beastly space control. He has a lot of "just do it"-moves that are reasonably safe to throw out for huge reward. His lows are however worse than the other three Mishimas, as is his WS-punishment since he lacks a conventional WS-launcher. If you like big, beefy damage, and like to be more liberal with your button presses than Kaz and DJin, he's probably your guy though.