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  • Re: Anime & Manga Thread v.5 FAQ/IRC: See OP. Welcome to 2017.

    Speaking of Made in Abyss. Apparently the last episode is going to be an hour long which still leaves me confused how much they're planning on wrapping up.
  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    amrraed wrote: »
    ribu wrote: »
    One thing I sort of got from that set was how hard it is for Mika to close out games outside of the corner mix-up.
    Almost every round after the reset Fuudo would have 2-3 good sequences and then it would sort of fall apart.

    Been saying it the entire year. The clap nerf made her lose damage and people are able to dash up to her way more easily since the risk is eating a cr.LK instead of a charged st.HK into whatever or a reset.

    Hell, I was talking about this with a friend who plays Akuma. Akuma is the one with low health yet he needs to open up Mika less times to get the KO. Defending against Mika without V Trigger can be turned into a situation where Mika HAS to command grab to get damage, and the risk/reward for that just isn't there. Mika doesn't get to force people to eat meaties that can actually lead into more shit unless she ends a combo with a regular peach (vs EX Peach you can backroll and block low, only EX Typhoon will land and that still makes the mixup end), where she can land a forward MK into st.MP or target combo, but that can be seen coming from a mile away when you compare to the things similar characters like Laura can do.

    If you understand Mika's options (which Tokido does) the biggest thing Mika has to create damage is her V Trigger, if you have to V Reversal or if her V Trigger doesn't give her any payoff it's more than likely that Mika will lose the round. The clap nerf was too much, either taking out the midscreen bounce or making it unsafe were fine on their own but both just killed the move which in turn made her super one dimensional.

    Do note that I'm not saying that Mika cannot win, Fuudo is clear proof that the character still has the bare minimum to take tournaments at the very least, but she does have it rough.

    Not only that but if you do dash up F.MK as a meaty on a quick rise after a HP or MP peach. You are at -3 and are punishable. I have watched footage of people like Smug vs Fluxwavez where Smug would punish that with LK-MK-HK TC. What other character in this game get punished for trying to meaty someone with a 4 frames active move ?

    Mika's post knockdown pressure is ass compared to Karin, Akuma, Cammy, Laura and others. There is good stuff in the corner but doing F.HP is giving them a free V-reversal and your other option is pressing with lights. All of while others can shimmy, throw loop you to death with very little to no risk.

    People have zero clue about how Mika works to this day. It is hilarious how people still bitch about her stuff when they have done 0 MU work. Ok, I know how to deal with the dropkick..... Woo hoo Mika MU complete.
    When someone here said that they were worried about getting crush countered by R. Mika's s.HP it confirmed for me that people, despite bitching incessantly about the character, have, as you said, done zero lab work to understand her options and how she works.
  • Re: Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V

    anzhar wrote: »
    what do you guys settle for when you sell on your non wanted sticks??

    personally i aim for recouping all my money to 30% loss

    ive been told by several people that i should settle for up to 50% less than what i paid, but id rather keep than do that beause most of my stuff is in top condition
    I think that most of the sticks/cases that I've sold here have ranged from ~40% loss to slight profit.
    Sticks I've sold on the trading outlet:
    • Saulabi 4K (for powerful game...if you feel like investing another ~$60 in parts -_-)
    • PS2 Sega Virtua Stick
    • Saulabi SPS-3000
    • Hori Namco x2
    • PS2 MAS Stick
    • HRAP1
    • PS3 Madcatz TE
    • Hitbox
    • Qanba Q4RAF
    • MAS Case
    • Panzer Korean Edition

    This doesn't even count the numerous other controllers (~14) that have found their way to the SRK trading outlet.
    Conclusion: I've probably gone through too many sticks. -_-
  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    I have a feeling that Capcom is just gonna drop the nerf hammer on the current top tiers and buff all the S2 newcomers in some form.

    That's the vibe I get, at least. But with those rumored additions to the V-system, who knows what'll happen in S3...
    My best guess for S3:
    • Zero UI improvements
    • Zero Battle Lounge improvements
    • A series of highly questionable in both quantity and moves targeted nerfs to current top tiers
    • Some even more questionable buffs to S2 characters + current non-Fang low tiers
    • More Chun-Li costumes
  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    Hero_Panda wrote: »
    OK, what is wrong with SFV's UI?
    I'm not saying it's great or anything but I don't really see any issues stemming from it too.
    The layout has poor priorities in terms of how space is allocated relative to need for a given option and/or how often an option is likely to be used.
    The inability for P2 to have input into whether or not to rematch OR have the ability to go back to character select is a glaring UI omission/terribad design choice.
    Not necessarily a UI choice but there aren't sufficient filtering options where they're badly needed (match-making) and what filtering options exist are often ignored.

    SFVs UI is a combination of lazy design decisions. From what I've seen of it so far MvC:Is UI is actually what you'd show to students studying UI design as an example of 'How not to do any aspect of UI design' as with that games UI it seems like they set out to make indefensible design decisions at every possible level.