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  • Suggested Improvements to Mexican Akuma Online

    1) This, and every future, version of Street Fighter must include complimentary versions of both Super Turbo & 3d Strike w/online vs. capabilities.

    2) More & better wake up options, plz; kfanks. The winner in Mexican Akuma Online is usually determined by who gets the first knockdown.

    3) Fewer invincibility frames on Balrog turn punches, plz; kfanx. Srsly...

    4) No more LGTB characters: Ed, Fang; just stop that noise.

    5) The following characters need hard, tru Jamaican rastafari outfits w/dreadlocks or corn rows: Necali, Laura, Urien, Dhalsim; get cracking on dat.

    6) Remove Abigail immediately; just no.

    7) Make Guile's crouching forward linkable, and while you're at it, take ducking-walk out of the game entirely.

    8) No rly, eliminate crouching-advance right now.

    9) Add a "classic controls" feature where you can use input commands from previous (i.e. better) versions of Street Fighter to control your character.

    10) Stop allowing James Chen to commentate on anything, ever.

    11) Stop calling Reekhe Whoretease "her" or "she"; children are watching and they might get confused.

    12) Give Ryu a fake fireball already, jeez...

    13) Make Guile's crouching roundhouse a target combo: second attack requires a button press.

    14) All charge characters need storeable forward inputs.

    15) Bring Kyosuke into Mexican Akuma Online.