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  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

  • Re: Blizzard Overwatch

    Froztey wrote: »
    And how can Torb/Symm/Hanzo/Widow mains manage to stay at GM level? Everyone knows who they are and what they will play (if they don't they can just hover over their profile before the match begins and see what they play), yet they stay there with pretty decent winrates.
    I can't believe how hard it is to accept that people can be skillful enough to be able to play against their counters in an environment where opponents will rarely have the level of coordination and communication required to deal with unusual picks played well. This is not the pro scene, the six members of your team didn't split beforehand the roles so that they'll be able to counter all situations. They might not have a Pharah player for your Reaper, or your McCree might be better than their Pharah player.
    Just chill and let everyone play what they know best. You might be surprised by the amount of games you end up winning with "suboptimal" comps.

    Stop playing comp if you think this way and play QP

    I won't. u mad?
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  • Re: The Street Fighter 5 General: The Wisest Thoth

    Me and the other PC cucks waiting for the Steam release of MvCI

  • Re: Blizzard Overwatch

    Team comps, when you're not playing in a tournament, are about playing the heroes you know how to play the best. You can't and you shouldn't play the game for the other people online.
    Symmetra doesn't need more resources invested than McCree, Reaper or Pharah. She only needs heals and shields. She can use her own ult - which builds insanely fast - to become more tanky, so she needs less maintenance than heroes without any form of self sustain.
    If you're bad at playing Symmetra then you're free to play Reaper or whatever hero you find easier to play. But if you have a Symm main with >60% winrate, perhaps you should just stop speculating about team comp theory and let them play what they know how to play.

    Jesus, I'm so tired of people who say what you should or shouldn't play. Nobody tells you to play Cammy even if you like FANG, but here just because it's a team game everyone feels like they have the right to tell you which heroes you should invest your time on. No wonder people end up complaining about the stale meta.
  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: Monter Hunter is U N G G A W A I F U 4 U N G G A L A I F U

    Does anyone know the difference between Gamora's Shadow Combination and Zero's Sougenmu?

    Deathology wrote: »