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    Venom Fang bois

    (We don't talk about his voice okay?)
  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Crouching Geezer, Hidden Husbando

    Thank you Laura for cleansing the game from unfair characters like Rog!!!!
  • Re: Blizzard Overwatch

    Oh btw, abusing the report system by spamming reports against one tricks is now officially bannable.
    I'm glad Blizzard is finally taking a stance on this subject. I was two steps short of uninstalling the game because of how unbearably toxic this community has become.
  • Re: Blizzard Overwatch

    Froztey wrote: »
    Have a small hero pool/a singular hero you can play? Comp isn't for you without a 6-stack to facilitate your linearity. Learn your roles, expand your skillset. That's how you'll rank up without people to support your poor character variety. This shits easily bannable without any form of role queue to structure the matchmaker. For every one trick that gets banned I feel slightly happier inside. You make this game painful to take seriously. Maining Mercy in comp should be a lifetime ban, you have no souls.

    Bro, nobody gives a shit about what you think competitive is or should be. You aren't making the rules of OW and if I'm ranking up by playing only one hero it means I know how to play the game better than you do with your pool of 5/10/50 heroes.
    They aren't gonna ban one tricking today or tomorrow because it's retarded. You can't ban people for being good at the game and climbing the ladder with the only hero they play. If they did half of the community would stop playing and watching streams of their favorite heroes.
    And today you might be happy because they ban a one trick, but tomorrow you'll whine again because you'll have to play Mercy/Rein/Soldier every game instead of heroes you actually enjoy playing. And honestly, if you paid 40 or 60 bucks for a video game you don't enjoy playing you're an idiot.
    BB_Hoody wrote: »
    Having mains is good. One tricking with absolutely no flex at all? Yeah something needs to be done about that. I think banning is a bit extreme, but do something to encourage players to flex a little.

    Literally the only thing you could do to encourage flexing would be to scrap performance based SR altogether. But you would be delusional if you think that would stop one tricking or off meta picks, as many heroes with low pickrates already suffer from low SR gains anyway.
    If you don't want people to play Torb or Symm on attack then just remove those heroes or lock them when you're not on 1st point defense. When you'll have only 6 heroes to select from at any given moment then the whole one trick issue will be solved.
  • Re: Blizzard Overwatch

    Jack_Frost wrote: »
    Froztey wrote: »
    If you go into competitive without a competitive mindset then yes, you should be banned.

    One tricking is you being a cunt in a competitive environment, to put it shortly.

    If you were so competitive you'd adjust instead of complaining.

    Yeah let US adjust since you want to keep playing attack torb against a team that probably has 3-4 counters against you. Let us be competitive and adjust but not you. Holy shit

    If you don't you're doing exactly the same thing you're blaming the Torb for.