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  • A Litany of Hate: What Makes Us Survive (Remembering Sam Sanders)

    Last week my M:TG community buried one of our own. Sam Sanders was in an accident on some road in Greer, Arizona. The details get iffy after this. Hows and whys got lost amongst the shock and tears of the sudden passing. It seems unfortunately appropriate that my best friend and I found out in the middle of a tournament. I met him playing competitively, I traveled with him to play competitively, and we even talked shit to each other competitively. This red headed bastard passed away inside a vehicle hundreds of miles away from all the people that cared for him. His death dragged away the last bit of innocence we had. Before this my community could measure life before and after our store closed. Now our history is decidedly marked as before Sam’s death and after. Well…fuck. With Evo a few days away some of you are going ask why talk about an M:TG player in the odd corner of El Paso/Las Cruces. This is an easy answer: because the last place you want to get reacquainted with people is at a funeral.

    In two days time, the biggest fighting game tournament on the damn planet will get started. A lot of people are going to get caught in the excitement of the sports storylines. Infiltration winning a second time would be something cool; Chris G winning the big one even though he doesn’t care is also something; Mad KoF vs Bala runback is up there with the last two. The real story behind Evo is the amount of friendships that it has kept alive. For years there have been people who attend Evo exclusively to hang out with online friends or get games in in the “Bring your own console (BYOC)” area with the other three guys that play the same game. This part of Evo has gotten downplayed over the last few years. While it is important for the hobby to crown a champion, it is just as important to keep those bonds alive. Some travel for glory, some travel for competition, some travel to learn and some travel just to meet up with Sam Sanders again.

    We get to hear a lot of stories about these games. Whether it is TO drama, player drama, it is always some type of drama. We rarely talk about how powerful we are as a small group. Emotions are intensified with small group. Our drama sometimes is larger because it goes through a lot of people so quickly. Nobody fucks up in this community without a majority of it knowing. Similarly when we laugh, we are laughing just as hard. Our experiences are increased a thousand fold, an unknown maestro directing our energies in different ways simultaneously. We react explosively, a symphony whose sections are playing different parts, rhythms, dynamics which sometimes in time and tune. We are intense.

    These amplified emotions make each member’s part that much heightened. When Sam died, we all knew which instrument was gone forever. There was no more mean shit talking, no more great player and no more light hearted laughter. That’s one L we hold way to close to our chest and too heavy on our arms. Because it wasn’t just that he did all that. It’s that part of the M:TG community which greeted me when I came to the U.S., was there when I graduated high school, took me on my first road trip, titty bar, got me drunk on my 21st, and when was there to make the end of one shitty week that much better is gone for good. Sam wasn’t there for some of those, but the community was.

    Losing elements of that community just makes the sound much smaller. The community doesn’t need an incentive to help its members, we just do. When one of our own lost his mother, we were there. When one of our own had a bad break up, we were there. When my wife had brain surgery, they were there. Tough time finding a job, house set on fire, moving to a new place, or just having a really shitty day, and we’ll be there.

    Sometimes we don’t make that connection. There are times where the fighting game portion gets overshadowed by the community part. Nothing has ever stopped time or life from happening. So when life happens, it happens when you’re with a group of people who share something with you; whether slinging cards or throwing hadoukens. When life happens, this community will have your back. These games rotate faster than you realize. Four years ago Daigo won Vanilla SF4, two years before that Dreamcasts were an Evo console and longer than that it was just a bunch of friends in some arcades. Throughout each of those changes, the friendships have endured, the community endured. From time to time the maestro keeps us in line and we all play in unison. The rest of the time we argue about who is offkey, offtime, playing the wrong piece, the wrong game or playing on the wrong console.

    While you’re at Evo, say hi to somebody. Go to the BYOC section and play some games. We are single handedly one of the easiest communities to get into: all you need to say is “Can I get next?” Whether or not you endure is dependent on you. I won’t make any promises about the likability of anybody in your local community. A lot of us aren’t perfect, some of us are scumbag and some are insufferable twats. While a few assholes exist, as a whole we are helpful and incredibly tight. If you want to learn we will help and when you are having a shitty day we will help some more. Hang out with your local crew and do something dumb, greet some friends and make some memories; find the people for your character’s subforum and kick it with them, talk some shit, make a bet or two. Strengthen the bonds that keep us together. Video game media will focus on the champions but hardly ever on the real winners. It will never talk about those friends that said hi to each other again, sitting down for games with the guy you haven’t seen since 05.

    There’s more to Sam’s death than just telling people to make connections. To some extent I feel a bit of survivor’s guilt: the man was such a positive person that my faults are amplified. I could be a better person but I fail. But while you walk through Evo, don’t miss a chance to just hang out. My community had to lose Sam in a fucked up way. The OG SRK community had to lose Dasrik and MummyB. I can put some damn good money on the fact that nobody regrets those friendships…even if they lead to an eventual loss. My M:TG got a reality check: we are not letting ourselves get out of touch anymore. Don't go out of touch: Go play, connect, have fun, get mad, make friendships, make friendships survive...because when the community grows and endures, the symphony plays louder.

    Samuel Patrick Sanders, this one's for you.
  • GD Secret Santa 2017: Now with Arcade Edition #ThanksComboFiend

    GD member PMed me to see if we could star sign ups early so we're doing it now because it sounded good. Signs up from today til the first week of November 4th so I can spend my sunday morning being cozy and sending assignments.

    How it works:

    You sign up and buy a random SRKer a Christmas gift and a random SRKer will buy you one too. As I mentioned last time, this is a sacred GD tradition so do not screw over anybody on gifts because it is an automatic permaban. We understand it gets tricky with the postal office so don't think its a hammer drop just because silly things happened in the mail. Trump can't figure out how to send water to Puerto Rico so I know accidents happen. Gonna bump the limit on accounts for ones that are, at least 1 year old. So if you were hear for the first season of SF5, be ready to be gifted things significantly better than that game. Don't have to deal with trying to coordinate things from a hospital this year either, so things should be a bit of a whole lot smoother.

    Some quick copy/pasting from last year thread for recaps:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! Post when you receive your gift! Pictures are preferred but a thank you post with a little detail would be very much appreciated.

    When Shipping, you MUST get a tracking number. I've been lenient on people whose packages got lost but not this year. Get a tracking number once you ship and send it to me in a pm with "Secret Santa: Tracking" in the title. If I don't get a tracking number, you don't get the benefit of the doubt.

    Important things to remember:
    -I'll give assignments out in the second week of November. Please don't ship out right away. I appreciate the enthusiasm but this is supposed to be for Christmas, don't make your recipient get his present a month and a half early.
    -I know I keep saying this every year but I will be strict on shipping. If the gift has not come in January, you best be able to produce a shipping number that proves you sent it out earlier or I will ban. Again, BUY THE TRACKING NUMBER OPTION.

    Bolded twice because its so nice. Get the danged tracking so everybody can have fun doing this. Secondary reminders from Val:
    -I'll give assignments out in the second week of November. Please don't ship out right away. I appreciate the enthusiasm but this is supposed to be for Christmas, don't make your recipient get his present a month and a half early.
    -I know I keep saying this every year but I will be strict on shipping. If the gift has not come in January, you best be able to produce a shipping number that proves you sent it out earlier or I will ban. Again, BUY THE TRACKING NUMBER OPTION.

    Buy the tracking option please.

    After you sign up, send an e-mail to with the title "SS Sign Up Username" with the following information

    1. SRK Handle
    2. Full Name
    3. Full Address
    4. Are you willing to ship internationally?
    5. Stuff you like (Feel free to link your amazon/newegg/thinkgeek/etc wishlists)

    and one last message from Days of Valaris Past:
    Shipping info:
    There are too many people internationally now so when you mark if you ship internationally or not keep in mind that Canada will NOT be considered international. I'm sorry if you find that BS but last year I had to assign people to others they had the previous year because 60% of people refused to ship out of the US.

    Not letting one of the best things in this site go the way of the Rep Bars.


    List of people signed up:

    Jae Hoon
    Kinniku Buster
    Geese Pants
    The Rock-Bos
    Plaid Unicorn
  • Re: GD Rules: Don't read, Get Bodied Free

    Ronin Chaos Clause: if you excel at being an awful human being, you're getting clapped.

    Example: if you make fun of somebody in mourning or of the person they are mourning, you're gonna get got.
  • Re: The Street Fighter V General: Orbs, Orbs Everywhere

    po pimpus wrote: »

    Capcpom makes fighting games?

    Where they at? Because all I see are half-assed DLC schemes, fake hype, shills, and functions alongside forced e-sports bullshit.

    Can't wait for Cammy with Pants next EVO.

    I'm gonna humor your stupidity on this post because you're making it a point to get on my fucking nerves with this shit.

    Capcom not only makes fighting games, they actively tried to make a game accessible which lead to a bunch of other consequences. On the other hand, your shitty other half hobby decide to take a multiplayer game and try to imitate the shit out of a fighting game to strangle of all the things that made it special because they couldn't do fucking motions. They can hit 3 different inputs just to do a forward dash, but a fucking hadouken was too much to ask. So yes, one of these games is actively participating in the scene and investing it while your shitty ass game gets ignored all the way to the bank.

    So lets really look at all these claims:

    Half-Assed DLC Scheme:

    Capcom got made fun of for putting out new versions of game constantly. This happened with SF4. They listened to fans and decided to rework how they approached this. This means that you buy the game once and then they have to find a way to fund new characters. That instead of selling you a finished product every year for 40, you get to spend 30 and get it as its cooked. What neither side anticipated was that this would be somewhat shitty in the long term. The reason for that is that we don't get all the characters at once and the people buying into the game at later stages have to spend more on the game. What we said we wanted kind of works out agaisnt the best interest of both sides. It forces a funky schedule on Capcom to deliver on a timely basis as opposed to setting more normal game development deadlines like they normally would on yearly releases. The seasons were kind of a good idea but the current execution is bad.

    Fake Hype:

    Even people who are critical of the game, you know like ME in this fucking thread, found the SF5 top 8 really fun and exciting to watch. Do I wish it developed in a different way? yes. At the end of the day I'm a player and I saw players playing damn well. That's what we're ultimately here for and there was no fake nonsense about that.


    Here is the actual issue with shills, its subtle but use whichever part of your brain hasn't been drowned in the stupidity of calling smash a fighting game: top players are a tight knit group that hang out and talk to each other. Wong and Champ are almost guaranteed to be homies with combofiend. This is where it gets a bit multifaceted in what's going on: 1) their friend is working on a game and they want it to succeed, 2) they've probably been getting info so a lot of the stuff isn't new to them so they have to put in more effort on their reactions (something which they probably talked about but they weren't necessarily sure how to execute properly) and 3) the game is ugly as fuck but the gameplay has a lot of potential.

    Odds are really good that because of #1, they know a lot of the bullshit that Combofiend has had to deal with (and you fuckers can't imagine how much Seth had to deal with) so people criticizing the game bothers them because they don't know how bad it could've been if combo hadn't put in work, they've likely played the alpha and betas a lot before they went public so they already know whats up but still want to support their friend, and lastly it is very likely that they've seen where the game is going and genuinely like it despite it being uglier than shit.

    Saying they are shilling for monetary reasons is very unlikely because SF has dwarfed marvel for the past 4 years and that is unlikely to stop. If they are shilling they are "shilling" for a friend at this point. More so than that, a chunk of us have already played parts of the game, really looked at the potential it has and while maybe not on the same super hype band wagon, are very optimistic about it. I thought it was gonna be shit, played around with some silly interactions, came away very impressed by how crazy the game is gonna be. They probably want their friend's game to succeed more than w/e paycheck you think they are getting.


    ZOMG This game doesn't have the characters from the 90s cartoon. I've written at lenghts about this and I'll TL;DR you: YOUR FUCKING CHILDHOOD IS NOT THE CHILDHOOD OF KIDS GROWING UP RIGHT NOW. WE GOT TO PLAY WITH OUR CHILDHOOD, CURRENT KIDS SHOULD GET TO PLAY WITH THEIRS. People keep shitting on combofiend all the while he is trying to figure out how to create compromises with the constraints he has that he can't say and we can only try to deduct by what's he has said. You replace the word functions with gameplay elements and suddenly all of it makes sense:
    Characters have certain gameplay elements that people are attracted to, keeping that in mind when working with a new cast is important because we can try and bring back the tools people liked playing with.

    See how simple that is? I can't fucking give you magneto and storm, but I can try and give you a mobile character for runaway and one for rushdown so you still have something that feels familiar. It really isn't all that hard to not be a fucking cunt about this. I mean, it would be if you think that Fighting Game Tournament equates a 4 player game.

    eSports bullshit:

    We are singluarly lucky that Capcom has encouraged our created a peaceful coexistence with our grass roots tournament. Fucking Melee leaned HEAVILY on MLG for their shit and when that went belly up they had to eat the most massive of dicks because of it. So right now capcom could pull all support from our scene and it would still be intact. It would be hurt a bit and scaled back, but we'd go along functioning. The eSports part of it has really been running streams and adding an additional thing for people to play for. all in all its been the most unintrusive eSports shenanigans the world could've hoped for and its a model that other games can only hope they get. The FGC still runs the FGC. Do we have to deal with some constraints that we didn't before? yeah. But we get to have events that are a bit cleaner and others that are hood as all fuck. That's a good balance at the moment. Other scenes only run full on one end and their communities are shit for it.

    Cammy's pants:

    You're so fucking immature, and truth be told a good fucking chunk of this site can't see past their fucking boners for fanservice, that I'll explain the situation by quoting myself:
    A lot of what goes on is that Japanese companies don't really understand who they are selling to; by the same token a lot of consumers get locked into thinking that the product is only for them and to be used only in the way they like. I'll elaborate real quick: the other day I was browsing the old gamergate thread on SRK for some research purposes. On it I found some old posts I made on this situation. I was trying to explain to sennin, and a bunch of others, that when Capcom decided to put bare asses in the game, they automatically made it so that it was a no go in a lot of situations. I'm a substitute and eventually I'm gonna get certified. I would love a fighting game club because I think these games are great, teach a lot, and are a good hobby. Problem is that If I wanna do a Street Fighter club, I have to deal with Mika's bare ass. It isn't an issue of whether it bothers ME or not, it is going to bother some people and those people are enough to get me into a lot of trouble. Regardless of the value in the activity that one decision to throw otaku's a bone has some weird ass consequences when things mess around. The funny thing about that is that this is exactly what happened with ESPN. Everybody was telling me how I was wrong and this and that but when push comes to shove, ESPN gave the Anthropologist empirical evidence of this situation playing out.

    A lot of the dissenting opinion focuses on how maybe this aren't for me, they aren't for kids etc. How the fuck is a new SF not for me when I've been on this site for 8 years? If I say that SF would be way easier to bring in to people without fanservice its because people get squemish when it comes to sexual stuff regardless of the merit. Truth be told, outside of smacking her ass Mika wasn't doing a lot of sexual stuff during gameplay. So both sides end up being really miopic of the other when it comes to the sexy stuff and a company's decision to approve certain designs: one thinks that whenever something gets changed that they liked is censorship and the other refuses to acknowledge that there are plenty of people more than okay with and can enjoy skimpy outfits in a healthy way.

    The more I look at the Juri outfit the more I think it may end up looking dumb. The original outfit was kind of dumb in the first place so it isn't like they improved a lot on it. If you're going to try and cover up bare skin, just do a new outfit that'll do the character justice. When you do stuff like that all you leave behind is bad feelings for little gain.

    Fun Fact: I introduced my nieces to SF with SF5 the other day. They loved all of the female characters and thought they were all pretty. One of them really liked Laura. Sometimes its nice to forget all of this wacky shit and enjoy stuff. P.S. They really liked Mika too and I think it was because of her pig tails.

    You wanna know how old our fucking gamergate thread is? Because I fucking predicted this fucking situation with all this shitty ass japanese fan service that doesn't do anything other than boner up some dudes for no good reason.

    Grow some fucking sense, shut the fuck up, and go complain about how the Megaman match up is too hard for your dainty fucking hands playing some bullshit ass shit meant for kids because you can't fucking grab a god damned stick and play some regular street fighter because dealing with actual corners is hard. I don't fucking care, nobody fucking cares anymore what you have to say because you've made a ridiculous mockery of yourself by having a vendetta against some shitty toy company for not releasing new action figures that are up to whatever standards you have.

    Either play the fucking games or Fuck the hell off.