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  • Re: Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR- one of life's gilty pleasures

    LockM wrote: »
    Why does BB get their own subforum, what is this joke.
    Doesn't everybody have their own subforum now? I was rejiggering things. Some forums we've reused if the game probably won't have infinite threads and thus require a specific subforum for a specific game. Hit me up if my design is bad though: my PM door is open.
    Raz0r wrote: »
    If Preppy stopped giving serious responses to trolls in the politics thread he'd have a lot more free time to get shit done.
    This is potentially the most interesting politics have been and/or will be in our lifetimes. Thankfully we have a capable qualified leader to help guide us into the daunting future. *facepalm*
  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    Dime_x wrote: »
    "Mr. Comey’s associates said that the new president requested the dinner he described, and said that he was wary about attending because he did not want to appear too chummy with Mr. Trump, especially amid the Russia investigation. But Mr. Comey went because he did not believe he could turn down a meeting with the new president"

    If trump wasn't under investigation for Russia as comey has stated... then why would he not want to appear to chummy with trump "especially amid the russia investigation"

    That makes literally no sense, and makes even less sense when in that same dinner conversation trump asked if he was under Russia investigation and comey told him NO.

    Yeah, something ain't right here.
    He addressed this today and it's been discussed previously.

    Here's the transcript from today:

    He could not be chummy with Trump given his role. He's supposed to be independent. Imagine Trump having a private meeting with him briefly on an airport runway: that would look bad. So he maintains distance.

    It sounds like perhaps you're not familiar with this pretty well discussed artifact of the interactions between Trump and Comey: if you're curious I'd suggest reading up as it has been covered at length.
  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.
    May 12, 2017: Mr. Trump hints at the existence of "tapes" of his conversations with Comey.

    May 16, 2017: The New York Times reports Mr. Trump asked Comey to end the investigation into Flynn, revealing the existence of Comey's contemporaneous memos.

    What the fucking fuck. Somebody tell me I'm crackers here. I mean ... they couldn't have the stupidity to fuck that up, right? Please tell me the POTUS isn't that dumb.

  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    Aqua Snake wrote: »
    These were some of many that Trump blocked for good reason. So it wasn't Twitter manually moving negative posts to the top, just the trolls abusing the algorithm.
    Twitter is fucking terrible. The notion that it's an important communication platform for Donald is pretty saddening. But then again I'm not hip like you whippersnapper 09ers ... get off my lawn.
    I hope suicide nets are provided for when absolutely nothing happens so people don't have to live with the fact that someone they don't like could be president for a whole year, let alone four.
    Anybody expecting anything to happen tomorrow is probably hoping for way way too much. Comey will throw out some stuff and it'll be digested. It's part of the ongoing process. Politics is usually a long grind. There's some thought that nothing meaningful could happen until 2018, as it's only a crime when Democrats do it. Whatever Demoncrats do, it's probably wrong. Yay hyperpartisanship. :sad:

    I would like Trump to get serious mental and political help and serve out his term. His team seems to think he's a crazed and irresponsible loose-cannon... I'd like to think that there's something in there that could maybe listen to reason and sanity, but ... it hasn't seemed to happen yet.

    We're getting into uncharted waters here. This is not normal. I can't think of anything that's happened so far in Trump 2017 that's normal/rational. Comey is yet another cherry on this shit sandwich of a Presidency.*

    *: I'm not referring to his political viewpoints, I'm referring to his execution of his goals. The inexperience in politics shows pretty clearly so far, especially given that the Republicans have control of Congress. Thank god he's incompetent, I guess.
  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    The point is to get everybody on the same page working towards the same theoretical goals. That's a monumental step in and of itself. We've only got one planet: maybe act like what we do matters. Work towards being better stewards.