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  • Re: American Government Thread 2: No Doo Doo Holes Allowed

    Infernoman wrote: »
    Wasted wrote: »
    Trump is wearing flatter soles.
    Obama has heels on his boots.

    As far as Stormy Daniels, why should anyone be surprised by Presidential affairs. Y'all had the Kennedys and the Clintons after all.
    And lest we forgot many women who did fool around with Bill Clinton are dead. Quite a few...accidents and/or suicides happened.
    Oh shit! Please look into that and save us all. It's amazing to me that such obvious murder could happen and yet no one but you could find the time to investigate and find out the truth. It's clear that because people died, a crime happened. The Clintons are a master crime family that have never been caught, except that the murder was so obvious if you know the secret signs. Also they are bumbling and incompetent and about to die. Also despite the fact that Republicans are in charge at every level, somehow the Clintons aren't in jail for what are clearly crimes. Why are the Republicans complicit? Deep state bullshit that's why. #birther #girther #morelmajority #swampthedrain
  • Re: The SFV Lounge: SRK is ALIVE. AE Hype is BACK! DISCORD going the way of DISCO

    Daemos wrote: »
    Can we move Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition back on top of the forum listing? The king has returned. @Preppy :heart:
    I guess technically that's true. They aren't in any particular order currently, and changing the order can cause the entire damned layout to reset. (Literally the best.) Will think about tho.

    Cisco wrote: »
    I saved SRK. :coffee:

    No you didn't.

    I did.

    No you didn't.

    I did.
    Credit where credit is due:
    There is no magic pill, but there is a solution which is the return of the Greatest Poster. Just watch. In about 3 months this site will be back on the mainstream, just like in the Lion King where pride rock became a dead dump and eventually resurrected with life when the true lion king took place. The return of Cisco will do the same with SRK. Only he can make SRK great again.
    Preppy wrote:
    save us. good luck.

    Cisco confirmed Ivan Ooze tier.

    Seems like we're buying Cisco's drinks in Vegas this year. Thank you, sir.
  • Re: SRK Forums *NOT* closing down at the end of January 2018

    vbulletin =vbulletin crash=> vbulletin ==> xenforo ==> vanilla =?=> discourse , iirc

    Somewhere in there a lot of old accounts got purged and killed a ton of old legendary threads. :sad:

    * added in server crash
  • Re: Forums aren't going at the end of January.

    As far as I can tell.

    1. Cisco posts.
    2. ???
    3. SRK is saved.

    You can't explain that.