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  • Re: SJW fail thread

    Debaser wrote: »
    This thread has a lot of potential imo. Either for some germane discussion, or shitposting, prolly a combination of both. Either way it shouldn't be closed since it'll just leak into the lounge. We should really be blaming Preppy for only allowing the politics thread for the bourgeois premmies anyways. Down with the premium threads! We have nothing to lose but our memes brothers!

    I ran/nursemaided GD for a very long while with the politics thread in GD. Pertho had some ideas, so we're running with that currently.

    That ain't me, bro. I liked containing the damage as opposed to having it spill over into unrelated threads. I thought about granting Premium to everybody, but that just destroys the point of GD. I'll leave it up to Pertho to figure out how best to handle "politics" in GD for now, since he's got visions here. Our visions definitely differ. I've got other things to worry about, and he's a good guy so we'll see where his fevered visions take us. :tup:
    you've gotten pretty wild since pedoviejo/Cyntalan got banned.
    ? perhaps you have not been on srk in the past several years. he's been about the same level of excited for a long while.
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    My cute coworker always brings in food she bakes on Mondays. I was helping her get everything set up as she cut up the cakes with a big knife. She then says, "I don't think this knife is allowed at work. But then again I've always been a bad judge of six inches."

  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    What's unique about Capcom there? Seems like going into any thread on a subject you are disinterested in and bitching about it is a dick move that should be avoided. Post about shit you are interested in. People would react the same to anybody derailing the thread.

    Don't be a dick. :tup:
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    Preppy wrote: »
    Yeah, I like this thread even more than the Current World thread. *ponders*
    Reopened those threads in the Premium section for now.

    The Discussions we have outright banned on SRK have been pretty narrow and involve things that historically people have been killed over (religion, abortion). (Outright banned vs ... don't create shitty threads.) Politics hasn't really been psycho-crazy until this year. I felt and feel that people could deal with it. But hey -- they're in the Premium lounge for now at least.

    The Lounge is best as a not-political place. :tup:
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    Infernoman wrote: »
    Reason I don't want to see things here is its been proven that no one on this fighting game forum has the maturity to converse about matters without shit locking up or bans. In reality whatever is posted or discussed no one here will change opinions, just more arguing over nothing. BOTH sides are to blame for that. Not just right not just left but both.
    That's why the Current World political thread had been going on for six years. It's definitely both sides that are soft ass snowflakes that resorted to threats, death threats, nonstop homophobic bullshit, scurrilous accusations that a fucking pizza joint was somehow a pedo nest, and that anybody's death was masterminded by the relentless murderbot that is/was HRC who always is/was dumb as bricks and about to die. Both sides. :rolleyes:

    Some of us have just liked talking and reading about politics. This year one candidate seemed to run on now-amply-demonstrated hypocrisy, hollow promises, and lies. It's probably entirely a coincidence that the people who vigorously couldn't get along with the other children liked that candidate. And it's not that we should take care of people who threaten other people, we should close a long-standing thread because snowflakes "on both sides" might accidentally get triggered and threaten people. Both sides.

    All problems were clearly differences of political beliefs: people don't need to take responsibility for their actions. It's a difference of political belief when you threaten to kill someone.

    Here's a counterproposal: if you're mentally stunted enough that you can't talk about a subject without gong crazy, maybe stay out of those threads. Don't ruin shit for the rest of the us who actually are grown ass adults.