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  • Re: American Government Thread 2: No Doo Doo Holes Allowed

    Wasted wrote: »
    it's all hearsay, with one side saying yes, the other saying no.
    Unless you know something I don't, that's not true. They've said "I don't recall".
    The only people making this about race are the Democrats.
    aaaand anybody who's not a fucking moron.

    Black people doing silent nonviolent protest... sons of bitches.
    African nations... shithole countries.
    Nazis... some very nice people.

    I have no idea why anybody would think Trump is a racist. I literally got nothing here. :coffee:

    Seems unimportant in the scheme of things. We didn't learn anything anybody outside of the Fox/right wing echo chamber wasn't already pretty aware of. We have a depressing President, and standards only apply to Democrats. News at 11.
  • Re: [SR$2k Dev Thread] I'll set up an SRK successor board if you guys need one.

    Iduno wrote: »
    Nah I went on that IRC with the people running the site, the general vibe was "We don't give a fuck about the forums anymore"

    And so far we've had one hosting company offer to host the SRK forums for $120 a month and several experts saying it's fucking crazy for it to be costing 2k a month even with Vanilla.

    Between a group who no longer care about the forums and have either been shockingly inept ar running them at best or who are lying to us at worst and passionate people frenticly putting in work to migrate our community elsewhere and keep it alive I know who to throw my hat in with.

    I really think the current owners would rather see it die than give it to anyone, makes me wonder why they would suddenly announce that the forums were shutting without even attempting to keep it running. The obvious solution would be to give SRK to someone or a group of people who actually care about the forums. Hosting the site for $120 a month is without a doubt the best option.
    You should calculate how much they've probably bled over the years to keep this place up and running. I think it puts things in perspective.
  • Re: American Government Thread 2: No Doo Doo Holes Allowed

    Supposedly Sotomayer is fine after a low blood sugar incident. *crosses fingers*
    odin wrote: »
    I'm imagining if all this pornstar stuff came out with Obama instead of Trump.
    The religious right would be marching in the streets claiming that such an immoral disgusting BLACK man shouldn't be leading your great country.

    I think the hypocrisy of religious zealots is what pushed me away from religion in the first place. Fuck em forever.
    I feel like Clinton not being elected President was one of the best things that could happen for the country long term, even if we get to suffer for it now and later. So much stupid plutocratic nepotistic unethical bullshit going on it's going to be hard for any Republican to ever claim the high ground again.

    I for one look forward to 2021.
  • Re: American Government Thread 2: No Doo Doo Holes Allowed

    Wasted wrote: »
    The problem with recognising human rights is that you end up having to accept stupid shit like rights to religion.
    No, you really don't. I think the SCOTUS may weigh in on this in part soon. Don't take a job doing something you don't want to do if you don't want to do that thing. If you need to be a "conscientious objector", it is your obligation as a doctor to provide your patient a path towards their health success.

    As a true Scotsman, I might not like the Irish, but I'll still do my job towards them.


    crucades wrote: »
    So who actually saved SRK then?

    Preppy wrote: »
    Cisco wrote: »
    I saved SRK. :coffee:

    No you didn't.

    I did.

    No you didn't.

    I did.
    Credit where credit is due:
    There is no magic pill, but there is a solution which is the return of the Greatest Poster. Just watch. In about 3 months this site will be back on the mainstream, just like in the Lion King where pride rock became a dead dump and eventually resurrected with life when the true lion king took place. The return of Cisco will do the same with SRK. Only he can make SRK great again.
    Preppy wrote:
    save us. good luck.

    Cisco confirmed Ivan Ooze tier.

    Seems like we're buying Cisco's drinks in Vegas this year. Thank you, sir.