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  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    Somebody had suggested "Get Rept" a while ago as a nice contrast to "Get Rekt" and I had it on my list to try out. It seems way too confusing: I can't blame the guy for misreading it even if griping about it is mostly pointless. (Use negative reactions sparingly/selectively: they're meant to be a reaction to something specifically said then, as opposed to the person.) "Get Rept" will change back when I figure out a better phrasing. Trying to figure out a good SF/FGC related phrase.

    Breezy article on the Russian election interference:
    The bit about DHS not having done vote audits yesterday was weird.

    The AHCA bullshit seems horrible.
    I'm curious as to how aligned the Republicans will be on this. They're pretty good at having party solidarity: Republicans fall in line, Democrats fall in love.
  • New "Categories" sorting

    I've been thinking about how to better organize the SRK Categories list for a while. Newbie Saikyo Dojo is very important, Tech Talk is one of the most useful forums, and the FGD/GD bonding/quarrelling is important. I think the new organization I just put in place makes sense. Chiefly it consolidates all the official Evo games (+ MvCI) in one group, and pushes all matchmaking together. That seemed to be the most logical grouping. Feel free to PM me feedback.
  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    Darksakul wrote: »
    So how concern we should be with the man-child president? As this is looking more like 1984 to me
    Very? Four years of at best neutral things happening is going to be a problem, and that's kind of the best case scenario. Turns out actors make better presidents than reality TV stars do.
    ParryAll wrote: »
    Curious about the source write-up: is there any backing for those assertions within their document? I see them writing:
    Theory – “Killed for Leaking DNC Documents to Wiki-Leaks”
    – Not Likely, unless a toxin was introduced into Set

    Theory – “Killed by Clinton Directions (“Clinton Death List”) for Leaking DNC Documents to Wiki-Leaks”
    – Not Likely, unless a toxin was introduced into Seth

    Theory – “A Hit Team” Introduced by:
    – Not Likely, unless a toxin was introduced into Seth
    , but I don't see anything within those 45 pages that supports the conclusions. Not trying to start an argument, just would appreciate being pointed to where in their report they support their conclusion. They seem to directly state that in fact it would make little sense for this to be a hired killer considering that Rich wasn't DOA. :wtf:

    I'm better at law, I promise. "Profiling" and reading profiling reports is not my strong suit.
  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    I generally try not to step in unless something has been going on for way too long without stopping. If I do take actions, the thought is that hopefully a quick reminder can help get things back on track. People that pretty much instantly pop out of the pokey are the people that seemed like they got the message. I believe in y'all, regardless of our differences: that's why I'm here. Pertho by default puts up with way more pointless antagonism than I'd go for: that's part of why he's a mod. I've generally asked mods for less moderation figuring the community can build itself. *shrug*
    edit because I have a moment: Vanilla is probably the best board system we've had, but getting fixes/tweaks is evidently a big PITA which is why there's some things that are almost what would make the most sense. I've been trying to slowly tweak things logically, but there's no Test mode that I'm aware of, which is why sometimes I've done cute things like render the Newbie Dojo invisible. :wtf: Trying to make it the most useful possible: feel free to PM me with feedback/suggestions.

    Looks like Republicans will win both special elections tonight. The swing from the 2016 election is pretty interesting, though: -15 in SC, and probably about -5(?) in Georgia. Should continue to be a very interesting political season, especially with the crazed AHCA shenanigans going on right now. I did like this comment from 538:
    "Just goes to show, you shouldn’t try to predict polling misses."
    Polls are crazy: I appreciate the artistry required to make them seem remotely scientific. :lol:
  • Re: BlazBlue Centralfiction (PC)

    Moved to the BB forum.