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  • Re: The Ameяican Government Thread

    Starhammer wrote: »
    Preppy wrote: »
    Starhammer wrote: »
    For those of you who seek a little more understanding about what happened durring Trump's call concerning the recently found soldier who was slain in Niger, Here you go.

    aaaand Wilson calls Kelly a lying son of a bitch

    the fuck is happening? Kelly was supposed to be one of the good people here. looks like his foot is firmly in his mouth

    He better keep his guard up around her. Looking like she slapped a few hoes on her way to the mic and will slap some more if the money ain't right.

    Looks like nobody has a recording of the phone call, so it'll be he said she said and the turds will be flung for a few days until all parties are pooped out and go home.

    But Kelly confirmed what Wilson and multiple people from "that side" said, contradicting Trump. idk how you get from "confirmed Trump was lying, also now confirmed that Kelly was lying" to any level of he said / she said

  • Re: Harness Your Quan! Zeku General Discussion Thread

    Moved to the shiny new Zeku forum. :tup:
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    Nope. New/SF5 mods have been solid as far as I'm aware. I would prefer not to throw anybody under the bus here. It doesn't matter to you.
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    "Passive aggressive".

    My nigga, this is active aggressive. The ban without even warning was dumb. I'm saying it. Lol.

    I never implied you were involved, Damned. RockB was dumb for doing it too. But I'm always hearing mods talking about "banning is the last case scenario" and yet we can't even let OG members off with a warning while StickyJim over here gets pass after pass.

    So yeah. I have no problem letting my opinion on it air out to dry here.
    Wish I could frame this as the perfect example of why everybody will always bitch about whatever happens. Not picking on you: just heard bitching this morning about exactly the opposite point of view. :lol:

    To be clear, Rock was posting as much pornography as possible in order to pornicide. As screenshots later pointed out, his plan was to get his account banned. I had no knowledge of that at any point until it was already over.

    I didn't know any of this when I got notified this morning waking up to Rock's porn posts. Rock has a history of being provocative/random, so I cleaned stuff up and gave him an initial warning while I figured out what was going on. Around this point I started getting forum errors using the mod tools, significantly slowing me down. (Plus or minus laptops are not a good way for me to be efficient: desktop is where I can actually get stuff done.) Noting that his posts were continuing, I reset his password, thinking that somebody might be on his PC and trying to fuck with his account status. They continued shortly after that, so I removed his posting access, still not sure what was going on. I was leaning towards believing somebody (else) was trying to get him banned, since it just all seemed dumb.

    While I was trying to sort stuff out, a rogue mod went through and deleted his account from orbit. It appears that that was what was fucking up SRK's tools this morning for me: we got Vanilla support to fix it, and that mod is no longer a moderator. There are better ways to handle problems than they were handled this morning. Don't delete non-spam accounts without a craaaaaazy good reason: it fucks up SRK.

    So. No, I did not ban Rock. I took no significant action towards Rock, as things were taken out of my hands. I'm still unclear what Rock's goal was, and so am unable to say how I would have been able to help him out with whatever was going on.

    As regards stockyjam... I've been keeping a loose eye. If you have questions/concerns PM me or the area mod. Use the Report button if you think there are serious problems with a post. It's a fucked-up weird community, and it is what we make it. Hopefully that's something valuable to y'all.
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    po pimpus wrote: »
    angelpalm wrote: »
    Now we got dudes in here begging for child lucky I ain't a mod right now.

    Gotta shill harder for Capcpom mayne.
    It's the fast track to mod status, right @d3v @DevilJin 01 ?
    "8) If you have an issue with a mod, berating them publicly or privately will not get anything resolved. Make this excessive and you'll eat a ban"

    Your inability to accept other people having different opinions than you is kinda psycho. <mod>Give it a rest</mod>