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  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    bakfromon wrote: »

    Happy Bday to the master of fiery SRK

    No wonder his ending in SF2 is him getting married. He was born to love!

  • Re: RIP IN PIECES PO PIMPUS 2006-2017, THEN 2017-2018

    Preppy: Please make it a permanent ban in po's case. The man is simply unreachable and no amount of reasoning, sympathetic communication, or... well, fucking anything at all whatsoever gets through to this stupid ass. I tried for years, literally years, and he just kept getting worse and worse.
    Jack_Frost wrote: »
    He really has autism

    This really isn't a useful diagnosis. I know plenty of autistic people who are actually quite well behaved and have a lot to contribute to a discussion... they just have odd quirks.

    po isn't autistic as far as I can tell. His problem is that he has this incredibly deep desire to be Right about things. He's passionate about all sorts of topics, and often feels like he's the only 'sane man' in any given gathering. That he's somehow the defender of fun and justice and right and goodness in gaming, and everyone else is out to ban fun forever and play bad games forever. If I sound like I'm reducing this to very childlike terms, that's because po's level of thinking over the years has declined into... well, childish outbursts!

    I do suspect some kind of mental illness is involved, though I couldn't guess as to whether the cause is physical (that is, literally some physical problem in his head is affecting his brain function... which turned out to be my problem a few years ago and I normalized as soon as a surgeon cut the problem out of my head) or situational/social.

    It's a shame. When I first met him, he had strong opinions but good intentions and could usually back up his points. Back then, he had value as someone who could challenge popular opinions and make sure they were justified, or correct outright misinformed opinions. Unfortunately, he got worse over time. Much worse.

    Since none of us have been able to get through to him and he refuses to get help for his issues, I have no problem saying "good riddance" and hope po remains banned permanently. He really has little to contribute, and irritates so many people so often that... well, he's not a troll but he has the same damaging effects as one. The SRK Smash 4 crowd steadily died off mostly because we were fucking tired of dealing with his stupidity.

    From what I'm told, when he goes to events and other guys on SRK run into him, he is described as a quiet and reserved fellow.

    I'm pretty calm and articulate here but when I'm at a tournament I am goddamn Mojo Rawley. I won't attack people unless they throw the first punch but I am 100% hype as all get-out because I go to these things as a vacation and I am pumped that I can be around people who I can press buttons with. But the thing is, I have reason to be that energetic and loud because it's a competitive environment and as a competitor I'm going to be in a different state of mind than I would be sitting in front of my computer just typing on a forum or a why is Po the other way around?
  • Re: RIP IN PIECES PO PIMPUS 2006-2017, THEN 2017-2018

    I'm astonished that it took 11 years for the first one to happen, and then he didn't seem to get the hint.

    He's entitled to his opinions, but discretion is the better part of valor.
  • Re: MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special

    Like Markman said, even though Capcom wants to keep the lights on and players would still go to it, a third party is keeping them from trying to turn things around, at least at the moment.

    Unfortunate it won't be on the CPT, though. I think this just further drives home the fact that Disney doesn't understand the finer nuances of an FGC game. SFV didn't do well upon release either but when it became clear support was going to be regular, its sales turned around and now it's approaching the target it had for itself in the first place. A Fighting Game isn't like a platformer or an adventure game: a fighting game has the potential to sustain itself long after the game releases because every fighting game that comes out has the potential to breed a community that will keep playing it and supporting it.

    "Games as a service" only works in the FGC if you show you're willing to get behind a game you release full force, and inhibiting the developers from doing that is micromanaging that guarantees failure. In any franchise, the CEO needs the discipline to step away and let the administrators do their job.
  • Re: MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special

    Pertho wrote: »
    Zatalcon wrote: »
    so.. i want an honest opinion from SRK itself.

    Is this game dead?

    I'll make life easy for you: See how there's two smash games? Yeah, Evo is not an FGC tournament any more. Accept that and you'll be a happier person.

    I asked my Smash friend if there was anything in Melee at this point that had yet to be discovered or settled that couldn't be settled in a community run event, and he bluntly told me that it's a solved game and there are maybe 5 characters that can hang at a high level but the meta is so finished at this point that if someone other than Fox wins, it's considered a massive upset. I'm not going to debate whether Melee is a fighting game or not, but I find it odd that it gets main event time when it looks like Nintendo would rather have their fanbase give their competitive attention to Sm4sh instead...and clearly they do being that's on the main stage too.

    MVCI not being on the main stage wouldn't be so much of a sting if Wiz just came out up front with the real reason why instead of just stoking the flames of haters that weren't even going to events. You could say that no one is showing up for KOF14, but KOF is a far bigger international name than BBTag and it has another update coming out. MVCI was still outdrawing INJ2 by a good bit along with several other games, but INJ2 got the nod instead.

    I already had a large dislike for both the American anime and Smash communities, largely due to their own drama rather than the quality of the games themselves because the Xrd salarymen arcade players are typically pretty chill to talk to, but now I gotta wade through both of them just to find a game with a DP input, of which there are only two on the main stage at EVO this year.

    Like I said earlier, I feel like the FGC has passed me by if this is where we're headed for. When Street Fighter and Mahvel are viewed like what Mortal Kombat was viewed as among the FGC in the 2000s...yeah, that's a problem.