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  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    narshkajke wrote: »
    you'd think blanka getting more civilized after he found his mother. But nope, he get more hairy and wild, not to mention he still wear that slave anklets

    The best part about those anklets is that they were a gift from his mother. Because that's a gift a young boy can truly appreciate!
  • Re: MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special

    Damn fighting games on PC be gasping for air lol! I wonder how these numbers would look on PS4. The culling of DBFZ's casual population is insane. 10K players to 3K? Wow.

    DBFZ lost almost 14x the playerbase on PC in 3 weeks that MVCI got in its entire lifetime.
  • Re: The Official Season 2017-18 NBA Thread: All Star Weekend let's hope it doesn't suck

    IT is quickly becoming the DSP of NBA players.
  • Re: MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special

    TONIGHT, the lights come back on.

    PC players, join us tonight at 9 PM EST at

    The TO has recovered from the superflu, the Ranbats are back on.
  • Re: MVCI Bar and Lounge: Maximum Carnage Xmas Special

    So i guess there wont be a season 2 DLC.

    I wouldn't say that. It's not a guarantee, but I believe there is a chance of Season 2 happening if the community shows its dedication and is vocal enough. I'm just really into this game and want to see more from it.

    You want it. ok. Still not going to happen. I posted right after the last DLC batch that it was weird they didnt announce anything after BoF. And the "leak list" were looking a lot more like "wishlist". I'd love nothing more to be wrong on this. But Capcom wont pay to make DLC when their projection with it is "it wont even recup the cost of the 50k server fee sony and microsoft are asking.".

    MVCi is a game with fun gameplay. Horrendous mobile grade quality graphics for half the cast. And was plagued with shitty balancing from the get go.
    It's the "why you should either do it right or never do it at all" of fighting game.
    Apart from like 4 characters this game is actually pretty balanced right now once you understand the object of the game, and those 4 characters just need slight numbers moves around to help them out.

    EDIT: I missed this completely, but Deviljin, if you have any shill connections see what needs to be done to get a PS4/XB1/Steamworks port of SFxT v2013 up and running!
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