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  • Re: The Street Fighter V Lounge: Lounge Discord Link!

    It's very unfortunate that we won't have Du defend his crown, and to be quite frank I think that's the end of any hope the US had of claiming Capcom Cup again in SF. Tokido's beatdown of Punk made it obvious what Americans lack that the Asians have, and that's mental toughness when someone leans on them. Punk went on a trail of destruction leading into EVO but as soon as Tokido got momentum on his side Punk could do nothing but roll over.

    I used this analogy earlier, but compare Robert Horry to Nick Anderson. Robert Horry is infamous for having ice in his veins during high-stress moments in the NBA Finals and as a result has a large number of championship rings that he played a huge part in obtaining for his team. Then look at Nick Anderson who rolled through the regular season as an elite starter for the Magic during their 1995 Finals run, only to brick 4 free throws that shifted the momentum and dashed his team's title hopes: he was never the same after that.

    Japanese players in this tournament are full of Horrys. How many Horrys does USA have here? Du would have been my best guess but now that he's gone...