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  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    I don't think Chun would play second fiddle to Ryu if there was something between them. I think that would be one case where both partners are on equal footing, or if anything Ryu is playing second fiddle to Chun because Chun gives him a direction on his life other than just being strong, which puts him on a volatile path to one day become the next Akuma obsessed only with finding the next challenge at the expense of everything else. That and Chun has already been mentioned in other storylines as being as close to Ryu as Ken is in several occasions, and in SFxT Chun-Li was the one who asked for Ryu's help about the Pandora incident, with Ken tagging along with him after the fact.

    Ryu x Sakura, to me it still felt like it was unrequited, and while I see a lot of people taking that last scene in context it felt more like Sakura was just talking about where she wanted to take her life and it just came out awkwardly because a part of her hasn't let go while Ryu for the most part is already looking forward but is still considers Sak an important part of his journey.
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    mikros wrote: »
    I'm not sure that a nostalgia costume is justified considering how similar it is to the SFV one. It seems it would have been possible to make just one design good enough to please everyone.

    Tis been a while, my friend. You check out that MVCI Chun quote vid a couple pages up?

    I'm going to avoid too much conjecture on Blanka since his story mode will likely be available to us by tomorrow at the earliest, but I do like how he matches the ferociously he showed upon his debut. Him being a clearly comedic character didn't start until SFA3 but it's cool that he's finding his way back to his more menacing roots in terms of his appearance rather than his playful personality. Still, given how he looks even more inhuman than he once did, I'm curious if there's ever going to be a more in-depth reason on why he is transforming the way he is. I know it was long since debunked that Blanka was a Shadaloo experiment, and never has been, but honestly I would buy that quicker than the current (?) explanation that being raised in the jungle greatly altered his appearance and that was all it took. I'll even take some explanation that while in the jungle he was exposed to some sort of potion, or curse, or chemical that slowly caused him to transform.

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    TONIGHT, the lights come back on.

    PC players, join us tonight at 9 PM EST at

    The TO has recovered from the superflu, the Ranbats are back on.
  • Re: The Inevitable Street Fighter V Story Thread: ARCADE EDITION!

    I love Blanka's new look, and it seems like his association with Sakura from SFxT is going to be intact as well.

    I'm hype!