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  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    Best pie is pizza. Close this thread.
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee


    Guy wasn't doing jack shit against Madara 1v1, whether it was with the ten tails or not. Again, Madara only lost to Hashirama who himself was a monster. Madara could create a Susano'o strong enough that he had to not only push down its chakra but could reshape the damn landscape. It took the series' ONLY natural wood user to tame his shit and that's only because he could self-heal without seals and wood had the ability of naturally absorbing chakra.

    Guy was some shit, no doubt. His Eight Gates was not to be fucked with even by the A-tier people in Naruto. But Madara, tho? Nah. No way. Guy needed THREE separate people to help him even get an opening, Even with regular Madara, how is Might Guy's fists going to penetrate Susano'o? Shit, not even 5 kage at ONCE could've done it. Mean to tell me this no-jutsu using motherfucker going to do it?

    No wonder Thurst likes the Cowboys. Dude is all about the Cinderella stories, except this ain't gonna end with the prince giving you the glass slipper into your asshole. He gonna throw that shit into the trash where it belongs.
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    We really going to say Might Guy nearly beat Madara with no bullshit? He needed two kages and a Lee to take him down. Otherwise he wouldn't have done jack shit.
  • Re: The Ameяican Government Thread

    You know what he was getting at, Wasted.

    Just have a laugh. I won't tell anyone. I promise.
  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    Yeah. You earned that boot.