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Red Rick Dias · The republica-- I mean, Titans, must be stopped! ·


Red Rick Dias
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  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    I wouldn't call it a non-issue. A minor issue, yes. There are far worse things trump does than going off on twitter-blocking sprees. I don't intend to spend much time focusing on it beyond what we've already discussed, really.
  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    Wasted wrote: »
    Withholding your own speech (tweets) from a certain audience (the blocked user/s), is well within your own 1st Amendment right.

    Not when it's government speech by a government official discussing government policy or trying to influence the population in regard to government policy. This would be like if he published something government-related in a newspaper and then tried to forbid certain citizens from reading that newspaper.
    Your right to free speech includes the right to choose whom to speak to - so long as no laws are being violated (you can't for example, refuse to testify if subpoenaed).

    Not when it's regularly used as a venue by the government official for government-related postings.
    Additionally, Trump's Twitter account is not protected. If you are being blocked by him, you can literally sign out of Twitter and view them.

    The protections in question being shoddy does not change the principle of the matter. What he is doing is wrong. Ineffective, just as you've described, but still wrong.

  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    ParryAll wrote: »
    Imagine the outrage if it was Muslims.

    I'll take the obvious bait and reply anyway.

    Frankly, muslims haven't done all that much to hurt me. Various people calling themselves righteous, god-fearing good christians on the other hand have done all sorts of damage to my life. It makes me give very little regard to who they say I should hate, because I see it as nothing but a distraction tactic.

    I'm willing to chalk this one up to "deserving, acceptable target that had this coming for quite some time and is finally getting their due critique."
  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    Wasted wrote: »
    Private website. 1st Amendment doesn't apply.

    Objection! *Bangs hand on desk*

    Wasted! The president has used his Twitter account on numerous occasions to publish information about government activities as well as policies he is considering pursuing. Therefore, while Twitter itself may be a private website... he is using it as a venue for public information!

    And because of that... it is entirely reasonable to expect any American citizen to be able to access his Twitter posts!
  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    So Bernie Sanders supporters are ok with the government handing out student loans for over priced degrees, forgiving the unpaid loan debt after the university is already paid and then sticking the bill to the taxpayer? Sounds fair.

    I cannot speak for all Sanders supporters. That said, I would like to respond to this.

    Overpriced degrees? You're not wrong. Tuition costs have vastly outpaced prices of a lot of other things in society. That's a huge problem, and one I wish didn't exist. However, they can get away with demanding these fees because without a degree, most people (rare spectacular successes notwithstanding; not everyone can be Bill Gates and basing policy around outliers like that is unreasonable) cannot get a decent job. What is someone supposed to do in this case on their own, without the power to change the system? Better go get that degree, no matter what! You only live once, after all.

    Regardless, it is creating a huge financial mess and is going to become a problem pretty soon. We do need reform in how the money side of all this works.

    However, I think it's worth doing. University education is essentially investing in the nation's labor force. A smarter workforce does better work, can create more things, and truly innovate; it effectively 'pays for itself' after a while! There is absolutely no scenario where a less educated citizenry is a good thing, except for the handful of people on top of the pile.

    I want education to be publicly funded and publicly overseen, but I do want reforms. There are problems in the current system and they need to be fixed. Still, treating it as a private problem doesn't seem to be working. There are lots of things we need to handle on a public level, and education is one of them; you reap indirect benefits even if you don't personally go to class, provided the classes are well designed.