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Red Rick Dias · The republica-- I mean, Titans, must be stopped! ·


Red Rick Dias
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  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    Preppy wrote: »
    "Get Rept" will change back when I figure out a better phrasing. Trying to figure out a good SF/FGC related phrase.

    What about "You Win", as a nod to the post-round announcement in some SF games?

  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    Just saying...
    These things are par for the course when parties switch seats.

    That's true, but I suppose text isn't really capturing the nuance here. Please understand that when I say people around here deeply hated Obama, I mean it was a hatred they spent significant chunks of money to express. A hatred that prompted several people in this area to begin 'prepping' for a supposed 'socialism-induced collapse of society, lead by our muslim terrorist president.' They were absolutely, truly convinced that Obama and anyone who voted for him wanted to destroy freedom forever, round up the citizenry to be sent to nazi-style death camps, and were actively working on it.

    It goes beyond partisan behavior. This was... honestly, it was more like the reaction we see the citizens of Oceania give to Goldstein in Orwell's "1984". Expressive, near-violent, terrified hatred of someone their opinion leaders told them was an absolute monster. People would buy special firing-range targets depicting Obama (at least for what little time they were available; that got shoved out of the market real fast for obvious reasons). They would gather and fret amongst themselves about how Obama was going to ban all guns and wonder what sort of uprising they might be able to do if he seriously made such a move.

    They were deeply angry and afraid for eight years. They were terrified of 'government death panels' under Obamacare, of gun bans and being executed like the Jews. Now they don't have to be afraid. It's time for revenge for that near-decade of fear. trump is a symbol of, and instrument of, their revenge. They're not interested in his faults. All that matters to them is he's going to make the 'socialist liberal pinko commie demoRAT (not 'democrat', but 'rat') traitors' pay, and for that... they enthusiastically embrace him.
  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    pedoviejo wrote: »
    Of course not, because enviormentalists are larpers

    Hey, I'd like to call you out on something here because you have no room to talk.

    You, and I, and pretty much everyone else posting on SRK plays video games where major characters are things like...

    - A karate man who throws energy fireballs because of his intense spiritual training.
    - A knight who throws lances, daggers, and flammable vials of holy water at demons.
    - A whimsical fun loving green haired sex demon girl.
    - A genetically mutated person who has claws come out of his wrists.
    - Robot girl in a form-fitting battle suit.
    - A girl who uses randomly spawning weapons and is a tribute to Sailor Moon.
    - Various giant robots (for those of us playing Gundam Versus)
    - An exaggeratedly muscular man who does pro wrestling moves to bears as a serious combat style.
    - A semi-intelligent bear who knows martial arts.
    - A woman who plans to avenge her father's death by kicking crime to death.
    - An angel with some magical bow-sword thing, fighting alongside a prince and princess with magical swords.

    I could go on, but the point is this: We don't get to shame the 'LARPers' because our own hobby is pretty damn nerdy too. And that's actually totally okay. It doesn't hurt anything.
  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    When it comes to negotiating with trump, I kind of envision the only successful negotiation being to pull off the "Dormammu, I've come to bargain!" scene in real life in one way or another.
  • Re: The American Government Thread: Closed for 5 days and the World went crazy.

    Wasted wrote: »
    Private website. 1st Amendment doesn't apply.

    Objection! *Bangs hand on desk*

    Wasted! The president has used his Twitter account on numerous occasions to publish information about government activities as well as policies he is considering pursuing. Therefore, while Twitter itself may be a private website... he is using it as a venue for public information!

    And because of that... it is entirely reasonable to expect any American citizen to be able to access his Twitter posts!