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Red Rick Dias · The republica-- I mean, Titans, must be stopped! ·


Red Rick Dias
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  • Re: The American Government Thread: We have many subs, hidden subs, the Best subs

    dab00g wrote: »
    So when does trump step down. He already has outside council, and he is going hard at being wreckless with classified info.

    (I sure hope that was you, this remark was nested in some multi-quoting and I had to make a best guess what went where. Please let me know if someone else did this and I'll fix the post.)

    A friend of mine has described the situation thus: "I'm donald trump, and this is my any-% speed-run of the nixon administration."

  • Re: The American Government Thread: We have many subs, hidden subs, the Best subs

    I was being figurative. I didn't mean all reporters should be sent to cover wars. I was invoking Frank West of Dead Rising, albeit in a somewhat silly way, to suggest that anyone in that line of work should be ready for a fight; we've seen enough incidents of people attacking reporters that I'd think they'd start being ready for that shit.
  • Re: The American Government Thread: We have many subs, hidden subs, the Best subs

    Raz0r wrote: »
    ParryAll wrote: »
    Delete thanks sorry

    You heard the thing. Delete its account now.

    Raz0r, that's not what he was asking for and you damn well know it. He asked for us to "delete thanks sorry".

    Delete, thanks, sorry. Just those three words. He was asking us to erase the concepts of gratitude and apology from existence.

  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: WHEN'S MAHVEL? SEPTEMBER 19!

    That actually has a bizarre resemblance to Starhammer's avatar.

    As for Haggar and Asgard, I will note this has been established by bards of yore some time ago (check the video in spoiler):
  • Re: MvC Infinite CHARACTER Speculation/Request Thread

    PVL_93_RU wrote: »
    I bet your ass the DLC characters will be the most requested ones,

    (Emphasis added)

    You're betting my ass? That's not yours to wager. Put your ass on the line and leave my posterior alone!
    Going by the leaks that Ryce, Rikurikumore, and SaikyoBro have provided so far, this may be the base roster that we're officially getting at launch if I'm not mistaken. :)

    Can you tell us more about these leaks? Do they have anything going for them to suggest credibility? Forgive me if this is a dumb question; I've been so busy between work and college that there were some weeks (or months, really) where I had virtually zero free time, so I'm behind on all the hot news.