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Red Rick Dias · The republica-- I mean, Titans, must be stopped! ·


Red Rick Dias
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  • Re: Super Smash Bros. General 2.0 - Git Gud or Whine Trying

    Kaboxx: No, I was busy with work and didn't get to watch much of Evo.

    CG: That comic is pretty much spot on. That said, the complainers for the VR Smash scenario your caption outlines would be right... for the wrong reasons. Replace Peach with Jigglypuff and then I'll sign up for th-- *Rick is shot dead for being creepy*

    ...Ow. Moving on.

    So, now that Bayonetta has won Evo will po shut the fuck up about Cloud and start protesting about the newest top tier? Probably not. He's something of a...


  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: Monter Hunter is U N G G A W A I F U 4 U N G G A L A I F U

    willseless wrote: »
    Demos are supposed to give you a taste of what's to come. There's demos that work like when you sneak a finger on a cake and lick the chantilly.
    MVCI demo is like a fart preceding the shit.

    It's funny you mention this. I spent the weekend playing the Gundam Versus demo, comparing it to what we've seen of MVCI so far, and...

    ...Honestly? I'm about to go refund my MVCI Steam preorder and just stick with Gundam Versus. GVS had a good demo. This... no.

    EDIT: Yeah, I'm out. I'm willing to admit MVCI looks like it'll be a decent game in terms of gameplay, but with my limited free time I do not have an interest in a 'decent game.' I would rather play a game that truly fills my desires. Filed a refund ticket for MVCI. Had fun talking to you all, but this is where I hop off the train!
  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: Monter Hunter is U N G G A W A I F U 4 U N G G A L A I F U

    Best bet to get ahead of the PR mess would be probably to release the VS Demo from E3 so people can really crack into the gameplay. Get the buzz going for casuals prior to release

    While a lot of us here would love that, demos that extensive that people get to keep often damage sales. It lets people who were only mildly interested in the game scratch the creative itch they had for it, and move on without having to buy the product.

    I wouldn't mind another demo, but if it's something we get to keep... by all rights capcpom would be best served by giving us just 8 or so characters along with online play so we can help test out the netcode.
  • Re: MVC Infinite Lounge: Monter Hunter is U N G G A W A I F U 4 U N G G A L A I F U

    Sevans wrote: »
    Zero footage, please. Been a Zero main since X4

    You mean to tell us there was a tournament scene for X4? Like... when Daigo lost in the grand finals at it in Evo 1994, did he fall to his knees beside his broken arcade stick and shout "No, this can't be happening! ..What am I two-and-outing foooorrrr!?"

  • Re: MvC Infinite CHARACTER Speculation/Request Thread

    Magegg wrote: »
    I wonder, were there actual Nathan Spencer fans out there, asking for the character to return? :/

    I wanted the real Spencer. Focusing around the claw arm and projectiles, like in the original game.