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Red Rick Dias · The republica-- I mean, Titans, must be stopped! ·


Red Rick Dias
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  • Re: The American Government Thread: We have many subs, hidden subs, the Best subs

    Cyntalan wrote: »

    I understand your situation, and I do sympathize. I also believe you to be the exception to the rule. You don't have much of an option, short of moving to another region.

    Wasn't much of an option before I entered university, and now it would be fiscal suicide; my loans would enter repayment immediately and I'd have no degree with which to pursue the chance of a job that doesn't make me hate life more and more as my health declines.

    For better or worse, I only saw one last option to play and I'm pretty well making my last stand at this university. I win here, or life is effectively over for me. As it is, since all of my scholarships rely on GPA plus aren't auto-renewable (and there's little else in my 'profile' that scholarship committees around here like; we favor sports, bull-riding, and other such things over STEM degrees) I have to treat every single course as "4.0 this or your college money vanishes"; it makes studying rather... stressful. I'm absolutely disgusted this has happened in the so-called 'greatest nation in the world.'

  • Re: The American Government Thread: We have many subs, hidden subs, the Best subs

    Raz0r wrote: »
    Can we please talk about the erosion of worker freedoms in this country? More and more, businesses are given more leeway in the law, pitting the normal man against a behemoth of a company with more money to burn. We can't sue these companies anymore. It's all done through litigation which disproportionately sides with companies.

    Certainly, let's talk about this. There are a lot of different aspects to this problem!

    One of them is that just enough misguided voters in just the wrong places have accepted the narrative that you're supposed to work absurdly hard for pittance wages and that if you don't like it then you're a lazy anti-freedom leech. That may not be a common idea on the coasts, but here in the rural south it's part of our 'cultural identity.' It's part of being 'tough and independent and free.' We've tied religious aspects to it too, making it even harder to uproot because now this shit is supposedly endorsed by jesus and saint reagan alike.

    As you mentioned, the inability to really pursue a legal remedy hurts too. My workplace is flagrantly mistreating me (they're reading every loophole they can in my doctor's orders and making me lift 50-60 pound items with a fractured hand because that "doesn't involve firmly gripping the object") and I'm terrified to pursue any sort of litigation because I'm worried about precisely this effect and don't have enough money to pursue the suit in any case; if I lose, I'm totally fucked instead of just mostly fucked.

    Crap like this is why I eventually realized libertarians and republicans were totally wrong. Removing restrictions from companies whose priority is "profit at any cost, treat employees as expendable" will just make them even more cruel. Unfortunately, a lot of the current democrats are only marginally better (I'll nonetheless vote for 'slightly better' if it's the only option available). With people caught between all this nonsense, is it any surprise Bernie Sanders has become so popular?

    Ultimately, I think we'll be better off once we destroy the 'work super hard' narrative in the central parts of America so sanity in our elections can... at least gain some foothold, if not win. Once that happens, tearing down the excessive legal protections (or lack of regulation) corporations enjoy will follow.
  • Re: The American Government Thread: We have many subs, hidden subs, the Best subs

    infowars got press credentials? Holy crap. Why not just give The Onion press credentials at that rate? They admit they produce comedy, but half the time their reporting is more accurate than anything alex jones puts out anyway!
  • Re: The American Government Thread: We have many subs, hidden subs, the Best subs

    ParryAll wrote: »
    If you wanna fight min wage my advice is A stop working for this shit wage, unionize, convince people that they're worth more.

    (Please forgive any typos, just got back from the doctor checking out my hand-fracture and doing this with one and a half hands is... challenging)

    We have some common ground here, even if we're pursuing different tactics to solve the problem. I'd like to offer some local anecdotes on this; I know they do not describe all of America, but it's a pervasive issue where I live and will hold back the solution you're proposing.

    Where I am, there's a two-fold issue. First, we have been raised on decades of anti-union thinking. We view unions as enabling 'lazy communist leeches who just want free money.' Likewise, anyone pushing for more humane working conditions (being on your feet on concrete for 10, 12, or more hours a day is insane) is derided as being a 'wuss who is afraid of real work.' We're proud of being opposed to the solution you propose. I hate it, but that's the work culture where I am (rural south, if you're wondering).

    Also, the job market here is... bad. All the skilled labor jobs are already filled. All that's left is service industry crap that pays terribly. Most of us don't have the money to afford walking off the job, so we're frightened and stay where we are. I'd love to lead some grand push against this crap, but I sure can't afford it either. I'll admit it; in my current situation, I am too afraid to make the moves you suggest because I will immediately be hit by financial ruin if I do. Feel free to look down on me for that; on some level, I do too because it's incredibly unidealistic. Still, between medical bills, regular cost of living, auto repairs, and college... I don't see any other solution until I get my degree, get a better job, and can safely afford to push this kind of campaign.

    You're at least half right (I do think legislation is a better approach, but think your method has some merit too). You might even be fully right. There are just some real obstacles to making it happen and I do not have an answer for them right now.

    Maybe it's not like this in other parts of America? No sarcasm here, I would truly love to hear some contrast on it if other places are better situated for the kind of push you're speaking of.
  • Re: The American Government Thread: We have many subs, hidden subs, the Best subs

    Preferably by any logic other than, "Trump was in the same room as a Russian REEE".

    (Emphasis in quote added by me)

    I'm sorry, but when I read this all I saw in my head was not 'REEE', but 'WRYYY':


    Anyway, to be a bit more on topic... while this is definitely a regional anecdote, I've seen a lot of this 'anti-leftism' or 'anti-anti-trump' at work. Management, and especially floor employees, will boast about how "There's a new sheriff in town", referring to trump and being excited about how he's going to do things democrats or Progressives (I make the distinction between the groups) will hate. That's literally their entire reason for being excited.