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  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: Textures are now $4.99. All dialogue is locked behind a $10 lootbox.

    S00perCam wrote: »
    Are y'all really gonna pass on what seems to be the dopest fighting game of this generation for being a game of this generation. Like really think about what your saying, would you really go into a restaurant and not buy your favorite thing on the menu because it doesn't include the whole menu? Its fucking lunacy.

    Everybody was sold on this shit when it had like 6 characters now it has like 20 some and you mad because it costs extra to aupersize it to 30 or whatever I don't get it.

    Dumbest non-Affinity post to be made in weeks.
    Possibly even Affinity dumb.

    Bruh you play nrs games nrs games are the epitome of the 100 dollar fighting game dlc trap.
  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: Textures are now $4.99. All dialogue is locked behind a $10 lootbox.

    35 for 8 is better than mvcs 40 for 6 why the hate?
  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: Textures are now $4.99. All dialogue is locked behind a $10 lootbox.

    @Appomo don't be a po and completely miss the point let me break it down as I had to in one of my xbl parties last week.

    Activision (for example) wants 150 dollars for their game.
    Why, well really why doesn't matter, but mostly they just employed some 2000 people for the last 3 years, yknow fed their families, put clothes on their backs etc to build that project and they need to recoup plus make something for themselves. Not to mention inflation etc.

    So we have 3 options
    one is wait until all of the content is completely finished; adding an extra year of wait time on our game releases. and pay the 150 up front when its done.

    Option 2. Have a 60 dollar base game that we can pay for more niche content ala carte or get the niche content bundled up at discount

    Or 3 be entitled man children and hope and beg and pray that for no reason other than our own satisfaction the cost of the product gets cut over in half.

    Like literally every other industry costs go up the price goes up the fact that they've managed to have a 60 dollar option with skyrocketing costs and inflation is a blessing and a favor yet here we are in all corners of the net every damn day whining and crying about it.

  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: Textures are now $4.99. All dialogue is locked behind a $10 lootbox.

    Without the software to push it to the limit, there is no benefit to the extra power. Why would anybody get Xbox One X over Xbox One, when the price difference buys nothing of value.

    Why would you buy an iPhone 7 when the 6 does everything you need it to? It's the new hot thing, a small amount of software will start to utilize the hardware. A killer app or 2 drops that tempt a heavy amount of the existing base over to the new hardware. Soon it becomes almost necessary to have the new hardware, then boom newer hardware will drop. Its like people havent bought technology before.
    Does anybody actually know why Scalebound was cancelled? Microsoft exclusives are not exactly setting the world on fire...

    Scalebound was cancelled likely because it was ass. I would have bought it... discount.... someday... maybe. Devil may cry with damage numbers everywhere, gear drops and whatever mechanics p* thought made the west like wrpgs so much doest really have an appeal to me. Oh and that multiplayer they showed with 4 of the same characters getting their monster Hunter on.... no thank you. People see dragons OG Dante ripoffs, p* and cream themselves but I'm guessing it played like gahbahge.

    Like I'm trying to figure out what the xbox needs. Now I get what alot of you are saying as ps4 owners . Your actually asking "is something going to come out that makes me want to buy this console, as someone who owns a ps4" well you have a ps4 so probably not. As much as you don't see value in gears of war, halo, fable, or Forza, I dont see value in monster Hunter, horizon zero dawn, nier, or whatever other niche japanese titles There are. Like no one I know turn on the witcher and says I bet ps4 owners have more fun playing this same game.
  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: Textures are now $4.99. All dialogue is locked behind a $10 lootbox.

    angelpalm wrote: »
    Hype and presentation are all nrs games have going for them because it sure is shit isn't the dated ass gameplay and character animation. But hey at least the women don't look like square jawed trannies anymore amirite??


    Dated animation?
    boy bye 7182a0e5e7f9b5c0a64775de5577eaa3.gif