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  • Re: Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not...

    Gohan and Gokus fighting style are very different though their teqniques are similar.
    Gokus go to is the dodge and wait for the opening, Gohan on the other hand is more of a block counter and try to turn defense into offense while (as an adult at least) using less strikes but more powerful strikes to be able to go on the defensive on the fly when the situation calls. Gohan more or less sits in the pocket and plays jab range footsies fishing for counterhits. Goku being a dodge counter guy,
    finds an opening goes on offensive till he gets blown up he's always trying to put someone in the vortex or tod combo them. All in all its a stupid over simplification but.

    Goku is like Ken, Gohan is like Ryu. Similar but not reallt if you know about nuances in fighting.
  • Re: Is there a Dragon Ball Z thread? If not...

    I loved seeing some of that old ruthless Gohan in this last episode too when he just stomped the namekians arms off reminded me of when he handled the cell jrs back in the cell arc

    Personally I liked the SF4 model of releasing expansions instead of individual characters. I feel like it was the perfect amount of content at once to keep me interested and make the wait worth it.

    Now that companies do a character at a time I'm like ok hype for this character, ehhhh I don't really like the character back to the same old same old. Wash rinse repeat until a character drops I actually like.

    When its expansion based I'm like whaoh I like this old characters changes, I want to try them out , I like these new characters I want to try them out, this new stage is cool, I like this feature. It gives me different avenues to explore new and old parts of the game and THEN get set on what I like. Its a far less disposable experience.
  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: Textures are now $4.99. All dialogue is locked behind a $10 lootbox.

    DrellyFish wrote: »
    S00perCam wrote: »
    If you like 3d platformers/advrnture games a super slept on game to try out is recore

    I can second that, my only issue with the game was the end game grind, but tbh i only had to grind because i missed a lot of cores by not using the dog bot to sniff some out during my playthrough.

    Should def be worth it now since they actually finished the damn game. The vanilla version clearly feels like something is missing, none the less the dungeons in it and etc are very fun

    I feel the overall game suffered because they thought from a marketing standpoint they would have to compete with horizon zero dawn. Redhead female protagonist in a apocalyptic setting befriending robo animals. Really it was a rock and a hard place situation. It was either rush it out and hope it catches or polish it wait till one x drops and be called a copycat.
  • Re: The death of fighting games… A personal journey that hopefully can help MvC:I ???

    This conversation is so difficult to have here because the community just plain refuses to see it through any other lens.

    Let me fix this for you
    Melee CAN BE one of the most execution heavy games out there.

    We aren't talking about the skill ceiling here no one wants a lower skill ceiling we are talking about the barrier of entry and intuitiveness.

    You want to throw a fireball in Street Fighter with Ryu press 236+P in that order within an 8frame window 2 frame leniency on how far apart each button press is (I might not be exact but its something like this) its a very specific timing and rhythm for something that is a marquee technique.

    You want to throw a fireball with Mario in Smash you press B