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  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: This thread is the MOST ULTIMATE THREAD!!! Other threads are sexist!!

    DrellyFish wrote: »
    S00perCam wrote: »
    If you like 3d platformers/advrnture games a super slept on game to try out is recore

    I can second that, my only issue with the game was the end game grind, but tbh i only had to grind because i missed a lot of cores by not using the dog bot to sniff some out during my playthrough.

    Should def be worth it now since they actually finished the damn game. The vanilla version clearly feels like something is missing, none the less the dungeons in it and etc are very fun

    I feel the overall game suffered because they thought from a marketing standpoint they would have to compete with horizon zero dawn. Redhead female protagonist in a apocalyptic setting befriending robo animals. Really it was a rock and a hard place situation. It was either rush it out and hope it catches or polish it wait till one x drops and be called a copycat.
  • Re: The death of fighting games… A personal journey that hopefully can help MvC:I ???

    This conversation is so difficult to have here because the community just plain refuses to see it through any other lens.

    Let me fix this for you
    Melee CAN BE one of the most execution heavy games out there.

    We aren't talking about the skill ceiling here no one wants a lower skill ceiling we are talking about the barrier of entry and intuitiveness.

    You want to throw a fireball in Street Fighter with Ryu press 236+P in that order within an 8frame window 2 frame leniency on how far apart each button press is (I might not be exact but its something like this) its a very specific timing and rhythm for something that is a marquee technique.

    You want to throw a fireball with Mario in Smash you press B
  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: This thread is the MOST ULTIMATE THREAD!!! Other threads are sexist!!

    Jack_Frost wrote: »
    That reminds me. What is the one game you would pay $200 for if announced?

    Mine is another Shadow Hearts.

    Dont care what its about, how long it is, how ugly it may look, I will pay hundreds for it.

    Id pay 200 to have dbfz right now and have all future content.
  • Re: Destiny - Videogame Thread + SRK Clan SignUp

    GreyFoxx wrote: »
    I'm setting on about 273 PL and all my engrams gave been slowly decrypting to 266. Any suggestions on hitting higher lvls? My exotics quest rewards are pretty much what boost me and lacking in certain parts. Slowly lvling up my hunter and probably do my titan as well. Thanks bros!

    Roll another character of the same class once you hit 20 throw all your best gear on the new character. You get about 8 free powered gear quests once you hit 20 and beat the campaign do these quests with the high level gear on. I would also recommend doing your exotic quests on your secondary as well as it seems quest exotics are guaranteed to drop at higher light level as well. If you want you can do this as much as you like. Also don't forget to grab class exotics from xur for the classes you haven't rolled yet. Between your high level guns and whatever you get for the other classes they should start at a pretty high light when they turn 20. The most I've heard of someone raising level like this is 3 times to get in the 290 range which is near the current 305 cap
  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: This thread is the MOST ULTIMATE THREAD!!! Other threads are sexist!!

    DrellyFish wrote: »
    so something happened with 2K servers and i guess shit got wiped meaning all the MyCareer player shit is gone, so people not only lost their character but they also lost any VC that they may have purchased. crazy

    My boy 3 years in a row has been screaming this is my last 2k, behind these wack ass servers maybe this is his karma for being a weak little drone