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  • Re: Horizon: Zero Dawn (Now Out!)

    Finally beat the lvl 32 corrupted zone. (Aka the two rockbreakers). I'm at level 50 but it's not the level that matters. It's the ammo and skills.

    Theres a place where they are where you can run up a rock and jump to a rock that looks like a tiny bridge-like circle. Jump in the middle of there because running around on land will get you killed and it wont matter how much dodging you do.

    When you're at that spot, the rockbreakers can't jump up from the ground and get you. But they're gonna appear from a distance and throw rocks. Shoot them in the hands with the shockwave arrows and then jump down as you dodge the rocks and when they're about to dive underground, switch to your hardpoint arrows so you knock off that back plate. The hands and the back plate make them go underground. With those gone, they're more predictable. After you fire the hardpoint arrows, IMMEDIATELY run, roll, and jump back to that place because that other rockbreaker is coming.

    When you're at that spot and you've disabled enough of their parts, they'll move slower and come closer to that spot. Hit those bastards with blast bombs and fire arrows. Especially fire arrows because corrupted machines are weak to that and burning them drains their life constantly. i killed both of mine without a kill shot. Use your potions accordingly.

    This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

    Triple shot EVERY ARROW. You're gonna need it.

    Damn dude sounds like they was really giving u trouble if they had u hiding on top of a rock. I just used freeze blast bombs on them and then shot there underbelly, after that i used a few fire blast bombs and that was that.
  • Re: Horizon: Zero Dawn (Now Out!)

    Finally got around to finishing the game. Fucking amazing the best PS4 game I have played so far. Let's see of Persona 5 can top it
  • Re: Horizon: Zero Dawn (Now Out!)

    The world is huge and the game overall is beautiful and the story at the moment has me invested. Having tons of fun so far. In this age of remasters, reboots and sequels it's nice to see a new IP that's a blast to play. I just hope it sells well so it gets the recognition it deserves
  • Re: Cammy Beginners Thread

    p1nkt1t5 wrote: »
    Beginner Cammy EZ Offense Flowchart:

    BnB: 5mp, 5hp xx hkdrill
    Corner Dizzy Punish: 8hp/8hk, tc xx lkdrill, exdp
    AA: 4mp, lkdp, mkdp
    Neutral: your neutral will center around 5mk and your AAs. How this will work for you, is something you are going to have to figure out on your own based on your style. The faster you figure out your neutral strategy the ezier this flowchart works.

    Strategy: Land hkdrill. Period. End of story. This should be your singular focus on offense. - The following assumes QR , I will talk about the other rises ltr - so you land your first hkdrill, what now? Dash, 2lp, 6~throw. This is very important that you get this down, and this is your first course of action after your first hkdrill. If they tech, play neutral. Throw hits, play neutral.

    You land your 2nd, 3rd ... hkdrill dash, now you have more options:

    1) 2lp, 6~throw -- same as before
    2) 2lp, 5mp, 5hp hitconfirm hkdrill -- block: walk back or jump back or dash back and play meutral. Hit: dash, repeat.
    3) 2lp, delay tech -- play neutral/defense

    Mix up your options. 3rd option is if you are expecting a reversal. Pay attention to their stun gauge, usually they stop pressing buttons when pressured and close to stun. 2lp, 6~throw works really well here for getting the stun.

    Other Rises:

    Recognize that the player did a non QR wakeup and manually time the 2lp to hit them as they wakeup. Make sure to 2lp, 6~throw if its your first hkdrill.

    Other Things:

    Super/ex drill through fireballs.
    Setup works after exdp as well in the corner.
    After 4mp AA, walk up and time 2lp, 6~throw as they land.

    I don't like this for a number of reasons. First of all teaching new players an easy flowchart is a great way 2 get blown up. Flowchart is very predictable yeah it mighy work on bad players but then once u get 2 play gd players ur flowchart is useless and at that point ur used to playing that way so u will have 2 change ur whole playstyle. It also gives new players a bad message of I don't need 2 really learn the game just follow this to get easy wins.

    As far as the actually flowchart itself always using lp meatys is a terrible idea firstly to even get the throw after it u have 2 walk up a bit which will become predictable like Greenwood mentioned stlk is a much better option.

    It's cool that ur trying 2 help new players but I just feel like the message ur trying 2 put out is a bad way 2 start playing this game

  • Re: Cammy Beginners Thread

    Greenwood wrote: »
    @Sanada-kun "Cammy bmp and u get a mix up after it as well" (from another thread)

    What mix up do you get?

    U can dash to the other side quickly after u hit the bmp AA. It also puts them in a great place for a meaty so if u don't wanna dash to the other side u at least get pressure