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  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    Only players that think Bryan is a hard character to use are Bryan players.
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    Froztey wrote: »
    Fuck me why is movement so hard in this game, Marvel is easier to move around in than this. My inputs are a perfect B > B > DB > N > B, I'm looking at my damn input history but get no follow-up backdash.

    Lol comparing Marvel to Tekken is like comparing the 100m Sprint to a triathlon
  • Re: Tekken 7 Discussion

    Personally I think JDCR is stil
    Xvideos wrote: »
    Akuma so stronk

    I saw this the other day. Why do we have a SF character that is still playing SF in a tekken game smh.
  • Re: Motion mapping with macros software

    'Grabs popcorn'
  • Re: Cammy General Discussion: To Bee or not to Bee

    Im switching from Karin to probably cammy since I like her frame traps an her combos are alot easier anyways i have an issue getting in on most characters seems like im just walking forward an pressing

    Nothing wrong with walking forward and honestly its the most effective way to get in considering Cammys really good walk speed this maybe obvious but also walk back as u walk forward to establish ur spacing. Try to utilize her other normals crhp, crmk (best normal IMO) and stHP, and look out for opportunities to whiff punish and counter poke. You can try to dive kick but since the patch it has become less effective.

    Always remember that there is no hurry to get in on opponents and in some cases just playing footsies is a great way 2 get ur opponent to do something stupid
    p1nkt1t5 wrote: »
    Is Cammy's 2hp xx super, easier to hitconfirm in S2?

    I dont kno wat 2hp means, what ever happened to just writing stHP or crHP