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  • Re: When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?

    Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers hits comic book stores next week!

    In other news, Studio Udon will release the Infini-T Force manga in the US! The manga features modern redesigns of a bunch of characters who got their asses kicked SINGLE HANDEDLY by Roll in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom yup yup! :P

  • Re: Comics you're reading.

    Speedy 4 minute interview with John Romita Sr. about replacing Steve Ditko on The Amazing Spider-Man.
  • Re: Comics you're reading.

    Mackie's more "famous" for the Mackie Reboot in Spider-Man. It was Spider-Man after Mary Jane was supposedly killed in an airplane explosion making Spider-Man single again. It was dreadful. Worse than Brand New Day. At least early Brand New Day had some charm to it in the beginning, but the multiple writers and repeating of the same beats killed it quick. The Mackie Reboot however was DOA.

    The New Clone Saga Mackie did with DeFalco a few years ago wasn't bad. No one for a second believes it was the original intent for the 90s Clone Saga as advertised. Everyone knows it was really a stunt to make Spider-Man single again. But the new mini was fun.

    And Todd Nuack pencils! He really needs more Marvel work. He mostly does PR and ads for Marvel these days. Follow him on Facebook if you can. He tosses up great artwork daily.
  • Re: Comics you're reading.

    tataa8P wrote: »

    unfortunately, i know very little about ditko.

    I listen to the podcasts on all the time. They used to do a lot of interviews with Spider-Man artists and writers. That rarely happens these days but they do review current Spider-Man comics and tell you everything, and I mean everything that happens in them. So since I am a fan of Spider-Man but don't like Amazing Spider-Man at the moment, I listen in, listen to how bad it is and it keeps me on top of things. FOR FREE!

    The guys there are pretty cool. They had a live feed on one of their podcasts. I talked to them live on YouTube. They even called me by my name, Anthony! I mean, there were only 13 of us watching it live but it was fun! Spidey Friends, GO FOR IT! Lol!

    The reason I bring this up is because every now and then they do a bit called "Ditko News." They tell you what's going on with Steve Ditko. There's almost nothing to talk about. It's basically him turning down and rejecting interviews or slamming doors in reporter's faces. We do know that he is getting paid by Disney for the use of his stuff, and it's for a lot of money. Because a neighbor accidentally got one of his checks one the time. This allows him to lead his quiet life.

    Though yeah he's a total recluse. No wife, no children, that we know of anyway. He doesn't do interviews at all. Every now and then he surfaces with a strange and confusing online rant about how bad comic books are today. He still creates comics but no one knows how to get them. It's not like he's going to go to Diamond and have them distribute his work. You have to be part of some bizarre inner circle of friends to even get his comics.

    Well hey I'm sure those Hollywood checks and other royalties means he can do whatever he wants these days.

    It's funny that in Moore's Watchmen comic, Rorschach is based on Steve Ditko's The Question character. Only Moore had Rorschach speak exactly how Ditko speaks in his confusing conspiracy laced dialog. It's like he channeled Ditko through Rorschach instead of The Question.

    Compared to Ditko, Alan Moore is Kim Kardashian.
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  • Re: Street Fighter Unlimited - discussion of the ongoing series

    Guys, in the Free Comic Book Day issue is a panel with male fighters beeing massaged, one is in a hot tub and one is behind a chaving dish. Are these guys from Final Fight 2? They look somehow familiar...

    I haven't gotten the Street Fighter Free Comic Book Day issue for 3 years now. My LCS in New York City just doesn't get them on Free Comic Book Day for whatever reason.