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  • Re: When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?

    The Street Fighter Unlimited Vol. 3 Balance hardcover hits comic book stores next Wednesday!
  • Re: When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?

    Slightly OT, but only slightly since the creator of Dragon's Crown George Kamitani used to work for Capcom long ago. He worked on Capcom's arcade Dungeons & Dragons games and even Street Fighter 1. Anyway, Udon is translating the Dragon's Crown manga! I didn't even know it had a manga. That's dope!
  • Re: Comics you're reading.

    Last of the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite variants. This pic is super late because a nasty Summer cold was beating me up for the last two weeks. All better now. Read comics. They're good for your health! Lol!

    Best read of the three was the Thanos book because it was pretty much him kicking everyone's ass for the entire story. He was on some mental discovery journey and beat up a lot of Marvel heroes in his mind too. Fun!

    Shout out to the Black Panther book because Storm was in it. I don't read any X-Men comics these days so haven't seen her in a long time.

    It was fun buying all these variants since I like to collect Capcom stuff. It reminded me of back in the day when I used to buy 7 books a week. Those days are long gone because comics cost too much money and everything else in life costs too much money. I'm not happy with a lot of current comics but I might just be getting into the old guy who hates everything. "WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE WE ONLY HAD ONE SPIDER-MAN..." Well anyway, I enjoyed most of the books I read but I liked the action packed ones more than the ones filled with tons of dialog that were trying to be like Bendis but lacked his flair for dialog. I hate on current overworked Bendis a lot, but I always enjoyed the way his characters spoke. Well, except for when he tried to make Rocket Raccoon's catch phrase "Blam! Murdered you!" Yeah, that was just bad. At least he let Guardians of the Galaxy go and the book is in much better hands now.

    I've been hearing a lot of good things about Seeley's Nightwing run and I'm going to pick up the first TPB when I get around to it. I didn't even know Nightwing had a kid. Definitely want to see what that's about.
  • Re: Comics you're reading.

    The only issue I had with Remender's X-Force run is he doesn't understand how time travel works in the Marvel universe, and he had two X-Men characters who should be well versed in it not understand it either. It's basic alternate reality theory. See the new Star Trek movies. Or the Dragon Ball Z Future Trunks saga. Well, Bendis didn't understand it either with Age of Ultron. Hickman got it though.

    This is a really minor flaw though and it won't come up until the very end of the run. Deadpool, Psylocke, Wolverine and Archangel were all amazing. Definitely worth reading.

  • Re: Comics you're reading.

    So ASM RYV will jump 8 years later under a new creative team. It will basically be MC2 Spider-Girl, but with the parents getting in on the battles. Huh. Not sure if they are trying to fix what isn't broken or break what isn't broken. Well they didn't hire Chuck Austen to write it and Leifeld to draw it at least.