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  • Re: Comics you're reading.

    In the comics Superman vibrates the molecules in his face differently when he is Clark Kent. So he actually looks different. It's just one of those things that is impossible to pull off in live action.

    I would say Morrison and Quitely's All-Star Superman comic did the best at making Superman and Clark look and seem like different people. In live action Christopher Reeve is the best they've ever gotten with this IMHO.

    Second issue of Eddie Brock Venom was alright. So long as he stops calling the Symbiote "My love" it's cool. Hopefully the writer figured out himself that it was just weird and cut that out.
  • Re: Comics you're reading.

    Looking forward to the Gundam Wing manga the Glory of Losers. It retells the story from the TV anime but replaces the mecha with the mecha from Endless Waltz. Since Endless Waltz says the mecha always looked that way (the designs in the show were not popular). So it should be more official than the TV anime, at least visually. It should drop in the Summer.

    Some artwork from The Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows issue 6 featuring 90s X-Men. Hype!

  • Re: Comics you're reading.

    I think the top 5 is accurate. Bottom 5 is when things get murky. There's no way that Tim is bottom.

    Agree. Tim's been getting the shaft since New 52 de-aged him.

  • Re: Warriors Fate: Street Fighter story thread, revived

    Originally posted by sano
    Sieg - Yeah, that's kind of what I meant when I said it's hard to find an Original of Capcom Illustrations.

    Upon closer inspection of the Three Art Books, I found out Bengus actually did a Character Drawing of older Gouki for SF 3 Second Impact. Also, Kinu Nishimura's actually been around since SF2 and her body of work is as impressive as the other three so I'd say she's the other major Capcom Fighting Game Artist. The thing with her is her style has changed so drastically over the years as her old artwork looks a lot like Akiman. Shoei and Sensei have also been around since SF2. I will briefly talk about Shoei and Sensei and then discuss Kinu Nishimura's works.

    Shoei - I'm actually really confused about something. There's an SFZ3 Group Drawing Capcom Design Works attributes to Shoei. SF Eternal attributes the same drawing to Harumaru, and in SF Eternal other artworks are attributed to Shoei. Capcom Design Works attributes Strider 2's Character Art to Shoei but it's well known that was done by Harumaru. Since Capcom Design Works attributes one name of the Artist for all works, (Anything Bengus did past and present is credited to CRMK) I think Harumaru and Shoei are the same exact person, and that SF Eternal attributes the Art to the name the Artist gave at the time. Either that or the two artists have worked very close with each other. I'm leaning towards them being the same artist, however. Darn Capcom Artists changing names, changing Art Styles and not giving us their real names... Anywho, over the major stuff he's done, he did all the Artwork for Cadilac And Dinosaurs, majority of art for Strider 1, (also did work on Strider 2, if he is in fact Harumaru he did almost all the art ) one group drawing of CVS1, lots of SF2 Art, Knights of the Round Art, one SF3 Chun-Li Drawing and one drawing of Varth Operation Thunder Storm.

    Sensei - Sensei is Capcom's Main Mecha Artist. If the game has Mecha, Sensei was involved. He's done all artwork for The Punisher, lots of SF2 Artwork, along with Tsuyou Mecha Designs of Cyberbots, by himself Mecha Designs for Powered Gear and he's the main artist behind Tech Romancer.


    SF2 (Lots of Artwork, all drawings of the characters for SF2 Championship Edition and SF2 New Challengers Turbo)
    SF3 (Alongside Akiman another Main Character Designer)
    POWERED GEAR (All Character Artwork. Sensei provided the Mecha Art.)
    CYBERBOTS (All Character Artwork. Tsuyou and Sensei provided the Mecha Art)
    CANNON SPIKE (All Artwork Minus one Bengus Drawing)
    CVS1 an CVS2 (Capcom Style Version of all Characters, Kyo and Sakura in a Neo Geo Pocket Battle Pic)
    RS2 (My mistake earlier. All Artwork except for one Group Pic drawn by Kinu Nishimura was done by Edayan)

    Oh and TAS, in case you misunderstood what I said (sorry for not being more clear) Edayan has only one Drawing for SF2 New Challengers. Ryu and Chun-Li with the new Challengers is one drawing. It's on the cover of the USA PS1 Version of SF2 New Challengers and New Challengers Turbo.

    Found my old Post! I believe now that Shoei and Harumaru are indeed the same exact person by the way, since Capcom Early Days only credits Shoei.
  • Re: Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition will determine if DMC5 is made, and with worthy Capcom devs

    DMC5 is going to happen regardless. It's a huge franchise for Capcom. Which was never the case for Darkstalkers.

    Last year they named it as one of the big franchises they were going to focus on in a financial report. The others IIRC were Resident Evil, Monster Hunter, Street Fighter Dead Rising and Lost Planet. Granted, Lost Planet is kind of iffy but the rest are incredibly safe.

    Just me I worry about Mega Man (I think something will happen eventually), Sengoku Basara Sumeragi 4 (going to import but I always hope someone has a change of heart at some point) and the fate of Darkstalkers. DMC, not really. LIFE TIP: Capcom likes money and knows they can make it off of Dante. Lol!

    DmC 2 honestly I just don't know. Opinions on the game are really split within Capcom, but I think more people hate it. Japan hates it but that's a given, they hate almost any video game not made in Japan, even the Batman Arkham games. Them mofos ain't buying an Xbox One any time soon. They love Avengers movies and Brittany Spears though, but not when we play with what they consider "Their toys'"

    The thing about DmC is that it's almost universally well reviewed by pretty much every English speaking territoty. For Capcom outside of fighting games, that almost never happens.

    So honestly I don't really know if that series will continue or not. It's a tough call. For the time being, Ninja Theory is busy with the Star Wars Clone Wars Play Set of Disney Infinity 3. I doubt they'd even have time for that for a while.

    I like certain things about DmC like it having a cohesive story for one and not all the omega plot holes the main series has. Hell it's so bare bones you can even use parts of DmC to fill in the blanks even if it's from an alternate reality. The problems for me was it was too slow and Donte wasn't Dante and VerNeverWill wasn't Vergil. I have no interest in playing DmC DE just so I can see Donte grab Kat's ass as the only extra scene. Strange strange ninja theorists.

    With all that said, of course I'm pre-ordering DMC4 SE just because I am a huge fan of the series and want to play it! I'm not really concerned about it's fate.

    I still don't own a PS4 but I do have a PS3 so I have a PSN account. I'll probably get a PS4 around Christmas and just leave the game in my cart. But when the holidays come, "THE TIME HAS COME AND SO HAVE I!" ~_^