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  • Re: When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?

    Today's haul. Since only 2 Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite variant covers came out I tossed in two of the Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers covers and Monster Hunter Flash Hunter vol. 9 in the picture since it's all Capcom related anyway lol!

    Next week's Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite variants will be Doctor Strange #24, Generations Unworthy Thor & Mighty Thor #1 and I Am Groot #4!

  • Re: Comics you're reading.


    I had no idea Pete used webbing to experiment with BDSM

    Yeah McFarlane drawing. Check Felix The Cat as the flower pot. Always hiding Felix The Cat in his Spidey book. Also little spiders in his ASM and Spider-Man covers. Grew up as a kid reading those runs so can't be really objective about it. Those were fun times.

    Last week's MvC I variant haul!

    Favorite read of the bunch, which was a surprise to me since I hate the writing on the book most of the time was Amazing Spider-Man. Mainly because -
    Parker Industries is done and Spider-Man's stupid glowy spider costume has been destroyed so he's back to his classic outfit. Just in time for Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite lol!

    Picked up a True Believer book. These reprint Kirby stories for only a dollar! This one featured the very first appearance of Groot in Astonishing Tales. Dude did say "I Am Groot" but also other words since he was fluent. He tried to wipe out humanity damn! Funny that the main character who tried to put a stop to Groot was named Evan. Read him using Chris Evan's voice in my head of course. Groot's come a long way. The book also featured Kirby's Xenmu who was called "The Living Hulk" before Hulk was a thing. Knew of him, just never read his origin story. Orange dude, makes me wonder if that's what Capcom's Orange Hulk thing in Marvel vs. Capcom 1 was about lol!

    Big up to Rocket's comic having Technet in it. Completely forgot about them since their Excalibur days.

    Read the Generations Jean Grey book. I guess it was okay, but young Jean Grey doesn't actually meet the original Jean Grey, unless something changed in this after Secret Wars world or something. She met the Jean Grey that was swapped out with the Phoenix way back when. Other than that, guess it was alright. Galactus was in the story so it's not a bad if you like Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 I suppose. You get to see Phoenix and Galactus fight it out for a bit.

    The last book I read was the new Robotech. Hmm I don't know. Mixed feelings. The artwork is atrocious. It's not just because the characters no longer look like Mikimoto's designs or anime-ish at all, well maybe it's that. Still, the colors and inking make everything hard to look at it and enjoy. The characters are supposed to look more realistic, I guess like that whole weirdo bent Archie comics are on now.

    The story... Well... I like Brian Wood, but I'm not sure I'm feeling it. When the SDF-1 lands on Earth the military shows up with Roy Fokker, one guy says "Oh yeah we have big plans for this alien tech. Big plans yup yup!" Um, WHAT? Shouldn't you be freaking the hell out? A BIG ROBOT SHIP FELL OUT OF THE SKY!! You don't know what it is! It could be Noah's Arc! A gift from the heavens! A terrorist conspiracy! A slip in the time stream! YEASH! The Macross anime tells this part of the story by presenting it as news real footage. Naturally people combed over it for several years to figure out what this thing was. Sometimes less is more.

    It's also a modern update. Everyone has cell phones, Rick Hunter no longer has long hair, Instagram is a thing and so on. It's as if the story is happening today. Sometimes I think updates like that are cool and sometimes they make me sad. Because Robotech has an entire timeline of events, and even minus Robotech - Macross itself has a timeline of when things happen and it's sad to toss that stuff away instead of just touching up the things you need to touch up. I guess some people are okay with a world that took an alternate path in 1999 or whatever and some would rather it take place in this world that eventually / inevitably takes an alternate path. I think if the story actually had calendar dates and time stamped things, even if the date was 2018 I'd be okay with it.

    The other thing was Roy felt really out of character here. He was coming down really hard on Rick, and I guess he had to but we didn't get that with a mix of his loose and carefree attitude the way we usually do. He seemed to just turn into male Lisa Hayes. Since Dante in Devil May Cry 4 was based on Roy Fokker (yeah I went a good while without mentioning a Capcom game - PROGRESS) I wanted to see something like his relationship with Nero. He came down hard on Nero too at times, um, seemed like he was going to kill him lol but we still got his devil may care attitude in there.

    Not even sure if I will be back for issue 2 next month. I have no hope for the artwork getting better but I want the story to improve. Guess it depends on how I feel and how my wallet feels in 30.

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  • Re: When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?

    Only two Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite variants next week. Invincible Iron Man and Mighty Thor!

    Street Fighter vs. Darkstalkers comes out next week! Also the Monster Hunter Flash Hunter manga #9!


    Here's my haul for today!

  • Re: Comics you're reading.

    Finished reading all of the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite variant covers this week! My haul -

    My favorite read of the bunch was Generations Totally Awesome Hulk / Banner Hulk. It was mostly both Hulks punching each other in the face a lot. I know these alternate covers are tacked on after the fact but this issue fit more of the theme of Marvel vs. Capcom than the rest of them lol!

    The Spider-Man / Deadpool 2 part story just wrapped and I was about to draw it since Joe Kelly isn't writing the book anymore. But since Todd Nuack is drawing the next story I'll hang out. He's also drawing the Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite variant cover for Rocket Raccoon's book. Mega Man X vs. Rocket Raccoon! Man he definitely needs more Marvel work IMHO.
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  • Re: When is the next STREET FIGHTER or CAPCOM related comic coming out?