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  • Re: The Ameяican Government Thread

    I hope they do. Considering the amount of damage they have done to themselves with the Russia investigation, I can only imagine what hells may fall from a sexual misconduct investigation into Trump.

    "Yeah, Is this DNC? I'd like two big nothingburgers with extra large failure fries, and a king sized glass of tears to go."

  • Re: The Ameяican Government Thread

    DoctaMario wrote: »
    Who doesn't have some form of ID though these days? I agree that you could make the case in the early to mid 20th century that voter ID laws were racist or that they specifically targeted certain people, but I don't think those fears are really legit anymore.

    You know who doesn't have ID?

    People who are here illegally.

    An ID is a footprint. If Starhammer voted in one place, fine. If my name turns up in six or more places, somebody is gonna catch on. Me? I've got like three or four pieces of ID with my face on it. Nobody has ever told me I can't get an ID based on skin color, age, sex, etc. I know what I think it is, but that's just me.

    Today has been rather quiet on the news side, so have some thick chick in a short skirt.
    Bf53SlFIMAAjtNk.jpg I wanted to type more, but there isn't much room.

    EDIT: this one is more in the theme and spirit of the thread, but it's HUGE.
    DOtJ9c1VoAAQOkz.jpg :rofl:

  • Re: The Ameяican Government Thread

    Apparently, Mr. Assange has come forth to speak about the recent allegations against him and Trump Jr.

    ...................Once again, Fake news gonna fake.

  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    Starhammer wrote: »
    You have posted a lot of fake news that's for sure.

    You post a lot of tears.
    I'm just tryin out your tactics bro.

    With some practice I might be able to match your level of tears over people saying mean things about Trump.

    Right now you've got that Wimp Lo training going on. Me crying about trump? Ain't nobody who's been in the thread longer than three pages is going to believe your fake news.

    "Hello darkness, my old friend." :rofl:

    For no reason at all, why don't you all go on this Journey with me?

  • Re: The Ameяican Government Thread

    MCP wrote: »
    And to follow up, Doug Jones, Moore's opponent, has persecuted and put in jail members of the KKK and pedophiles.
    Jones is a former U.S. attorney who spearheaded the prosecution of domestic terrorist Eric Rudolph, and secured the long-overdue conviction of KKK members who murdered four African-American girls in the 1963 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

    And Roy Moore is strongly supported by the KKK, openly and loudly.

    EDIT: Looks like there's another wrinkle in this pie.

    Damn @Wapo. This shit better not be true.

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