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  • Re: The Ameяican Government Thread

    PVL_93_RU wrote: »

    They keep trying this shit. I know they want that China/North Korea style Internet, but the people ain't having it. Even if they kill net neutrality, I don't think that will mean much after blockchain tech becomes bigger. Their dreams of being able to sensor the internet will most likely remain that. Dreams.

  • Re: The Ameяican Government Thread

    Pertho wrote: »
    Where are you getting any of that info? I literally googled what you described and all i got were conspiracy theory articles and bullshit that make it believable that hillary won fair and square?

    Holy hell that theory

    Republicans have been running purposefully losing campaigns in lots of places for similar reasons.

    He ran after it was mathematically impossible for him to win and then slinked off quietly when his supporters wanted him to fight the nonsense. You have Donna Brassile talking about how the DNC coffers were busted after Obama but you can't put two and two together?

    BernieBros got GOT. The same way that a lot of people used the tea party to run losing campaigns to make money. His old ass can go eat a dick after getting gangbanged by Super Delegates. So not only did he agree to all the backdoor nonsense, they had him go on stage during the DNC to end the ceremony early of delegates voting (you know, to avoid any fuckery from people who didn't want to vote hillary) and then he couldn't even energize his base properly to get his candidate elected against a man who had a scandal a day for a 3 month period.


    Well, it was mathematically impossible for Trump to win to if you went by everything the major news outlets were saying. Everybody knows how that ended.................and it's not done yet. I don't know if Bernie was in on it from the start, but his action after losing (Joining with the hillary party) and then his recent actions...........or lack thereof after Donna Brassile's revelations show that he simply wasn't the right guy for the job. He didn't show the strength or passion needed to win. If this is true, then They really pulled every trick in the book on Trump, but it wasn't enough to get the job done.

  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    BullDancer wrote: »
    @crotchpuncha Why you mad that dudes are trying to give the soon to be kid some NUT-trition? Somebody has to do it.... for the healthy pregnancy. I think. Just as long as it isn't yours.
    Starhammer wrote: »
    Starhammer wrote: »
    Starhammer wrote: »
    You have posted a lot of fake news that's for sure.

    You post a lot of tears.
    I'm just tryin out your tactics bro.

    With some practice I might be able to match your level of tears over people saying mean things about Trump.

    Right now you've got that Wimp Lo training going on. Me crying about trump? Ain't nobody who's been in the thread longer than three pages is going to believe your fake news.

    "Hello darkness, my old friend." :rofl:

    For no reason at all, why don't you all go on this Journey with me?

    Hmm ok.
    Everywhere you look, Trump is being hailed as some sort of Armageddon machine who's going to ruin everything.
    Everytime I see the news, it's "Trump is this, trump did that, Trump bad" rinse, lather, repeat. Everything that happens, they try to make it a negative impact on him. The man can't even take a fucking shit without them talking about how wasteful he is for wiping twice instead of once. That's just the Media.
    Throughout the political system, they are waging war on his presidency the likes of which I've never even heard of.
    Trying to block any people he nominates to his cabinet, trying to block anything he signs, trying to thwart any and all efforts he makes as president. they're not doing it because it's right..................Only because it's HIM. I've never seen such disgusting behavior from elected officials.

    Didn't even take 5 minutes.

    Yes I stole them all from a PReppy post of your quotes lol. *shrug*

    1: I fail to see how this is me crying about Trump. Pointing out some facts does not equal crying.
    2: Since you went through the trouble of finding those posts, why not go a little further and prove me wrong?

    Cuz I really dont give that much fo a shit if you want to blind yourself to the conversations that go on in that thread. Those are your blinds to put up, not mine to tear down.

    and yet, here you are making another post to a person you don't care about on a topic you don't care about. If you don't want to talk about it, then simply don't.

  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    Starhammer why you quote the same post twice for two different responses?

    meh. I erased the second one. For some reason whenever I reset Firefox, it will repost the last thing I posted on here. Of course, I didn't see the second one for a while until just a little while ago. I've changed it to something more.................sensible. :wink:

  • Re: SRK Lounge: Behead Those Who Insult Coffee

    thurst wrote: »
    Starhammer wrote: »
    thurst wrote: »
    DukeC wrote: »
    To add as an aside, I've never met any male teachers younger than 30 at the LEAST. All the ones under 30 were substitute teachers, aides, or were coaching a sport (and even then did nothing but coach that sport).

    Meanwhile you have this female teacher who's 24 coming straight out of college teaching 15- and 16 year olds. You know she's going to find one student to perv on (as we've seen from the Twilight and Justin Beiber phenomenon) and with how the male libido is at that age what teenager is about to say no (if the teacher is even somewhat attractive)? At that age I doubt most of us would have any willpower whatsoever to say no to a teenage fantasy playing itself out in real life. I doubt most of us would say no now, even as adults :rofl:

    I had 2 males teachers that were fresh out of college when I was in HS, but in general women outnumber men 3 to 1 when it comes to the field which is why you don't see many young male teachers. Realistically though, a lot of the problems that people have with society would be solved by more men going into teachers. Kids are starved for positive male role models and an influx of male teachers (especially at the elementary level) would help somewhat solve that problem.

    male teachers are accused of sexual assault so often that men are just saying,"Fuck it. Ain't worth it." and ditching the trade. The major reason you're seeing more female teachers get outed when they do it now is because there simply are not many, if any male teachers around.

    There are more male teachers now than ever before, so yeah..not really. Historically the vast majority of school teachers has been female mainly because it was one of the few professional jobs that women were considered suited for. Even at the middle school I work at in Korea, there are only about a dozen or so male teachers on the staff of about 60.

    this article from 2008 begs to differ.

    another one from 2014:

    here's one with a chart for 2012.

    If you don't want to click, they all pretty much say the same. Men aren't in the teaching fields as much. I don't know what it's like In Korea, but here in America it don't look that way.

    Sorry I couldn't find more concrete facts, but I apparently suck at Google.