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  • Re: SR-2K$ Lounge: Smash Killed Evo and SRK

    It's Wednesday, and here is a wacky waifu 4 U.

  • Re: IMPORTANT: What would you want from a new SRK?

    In addition to what's been said:

    Stick the rules to the front page and/or forums and make sure that your mod(s) and/or Admin(s) follow them. Two-way communication should be standard and enforced. It doesn't matter how much ass I kiss. If I stick some naked booty in here (or there), deal with me according to the rules so that I and everyone else will know what's up and why.

    On that note, a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, some sort of scheduled sitdown would be nice. I mean, look at the reaction to SRK closing. I'm betting This wouldn't even be an issue if the cannons had kept us in the loop. You're really going to open yourself up to a madhouse, so listening to the wailings of the psychopaths within it just might help if even a little bit.

    For the purely superficial, animated avs or some other shiny things to wave in our faces.

  • Re: SR-2K$ Lounge: Smash Killed Evo and SRK

    Weeks wrote: »

    Good to hear. :tup: Life is going on here. Finally got stuff straight over here to a point where I've been able to go forward the way I want for a change. More music, Less stress and I finally kicked the booze to the curb. Where I go from here is anyone's guess.


    Sincere congrats on kicking booze. I had an addiction problem myself and getting clean was the most powerful cathartic experience of my life.
    I like that you got open pages in front of you to fill with fat asses

    Yep, the ol' liquid demon tried to get me and it got closer than anything else, but it didn't win. Now I have time and hopefully the right opportunity comes forward for me to capitalize on. Until then, it's VG, YouTube, and books for me.

  • Re: SR-2K$ Lounge: Smash Killed Evo and SRK

    Reticently wrote: »

    That's a shitty way to get a man's attention. On the bright side, I'll bet constipation wasn't a problem.

  • Re: SR-2K$ Lounge: Smash Killed Evo and SRK

    Azure wrote: »

    Come back for one last rant.

    Just make it about booty, not Trump (unwashed booty).

    *appears from within the all-concealing shadows*

    Okay, okay. I'm here.

    What's this now? SRK has less than a month to live? I basically got out of the shadowzone in just enough time to watch SRK get pulled into it.

    Not even sure what I feel. It's like a place you've known in your hometown for most of your life that suddenly closes. Just like some old landmark area that we've visited thousands of times. We'll tell a few stories and share a few last rounds of whatever it is we have.............usually shitposts.............Before the doors are locked for the final time.

    But, you asked for booty, and I would not disappoint here in this final hour.


    I don't know if it's unwashed, but it's here.