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  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    Infernoman wrote: »
    I actually miss when we talked about it eating bloty like groceries. Lounge is now every day something political...I don't recall it being this much in the lounge

    VKFCSR5.jpg Dinner is served. :tup:

  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    I'm gonna start tossing doll heads at crabs left and right now. NIGHTMARE FUEL FOR EVERYBODY!!!

  • Re: Dragon's Crown (Chun-li has been dethroned as Queen of Thighs)


    Best waifu. She saves far more money than she spends. She actually conjures up her own help for house cleaning, doesn't mind cooking, and You'll never have to buy pillows again. :tup:

  • Re: MGTOW Chronicles:Men Going Their Own Way

    In a rare reversal of court room fate, the man won. Her? She got Hillary ClintOWNED.



    NOTE: I busted the link on purpose because some nude chick shows up in a news article next to it. Just copy, paste, and add a "h" to the front of the link, or read the spoilered text-only part below:
    A DEVASTATED mum collapsed in court after she lost a legal battle over her playboy ex's multi-million pound business empire.

    Gillian Turner needed first-aid treatment from staff after being told she would not be given a penny of Michael Durant's fortune.
    Gillian Turner collapsed in court after losing a legal battle for half her ex's business empire

    Michael Durant will not have to pay his ex a penny

    The former receptionist sued her 61-year-old ex claiming he went back on a promise to marry her and include her in his property empire.

    She claimed his business Lodge House Ltd was worth a fortune when he vowed to give her half of it in the kitchen of their £1.1million Hertfordshire home.

    But the Judge Alan Johns QC said Miss Turner "clearly did not trust" her ex and it was "hard to believe" that she wouldn't have got his promise in writing.

    There was a "complete absence" of a single document to back her up and it was "inherently improbable" that he made the promise, the High Court was told.

    The couple were in a "stormy relationship" from the 1980s until 2014 and had a son together.

    When they moved from Enfield to Cuffley, Herts, Turner said her ex's fortune was probably worth millions.

    She said she put her £200,000 life savings into buying their new home and asked him to match that.

    But he said he needed cash to grow the business and instead promised her a 50 per cent stake in his company, Turner claimed.

    She said: "He was saying how this was a new start for us and how much he loved me. He also said we are going to get married.

    "'I always lived in hope that we would stay together. I thought it was forever.

    "I'm not sure as to the company's value, but he said things were doing very well, he had lots of rental property, he was buying lots of land, and building seven bungalows, and they were going to sell for £250,000 each."

    But Durant denied there had been "any such conversation" and said he would never have given away half his company.

    Ruling against Turner, the judge said: "That there is no trace of the agreement in particularly striking in circumstances where Miss Turner clearly did not trust Mr Durant.

    "It is hard to believe, with that lack of trust, that she would have simply rested on his word to transfer the business without getting anything in writing."

    He said it seemed "most likely" that "driven and ambitious" Durant would have agreed to part with half his business.

    Describing his account as "reliable", the judge added: "I reject Miss Turner's evidence that Mr Durant promised marriage."

    Turner was ordered to pay the legal costs of the case, which could run into tens of thousands of pounds.

    That face you make when the judge denies your pussy pass.


    EDIT: I should've put this in here the first time.

    The timeless sound of failure. I wish this had went off behind her head when she got the bad news. :rofl:

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  • Re: SRK Lounge: Say No To Fake Booties

    You know, all this garbage about women getting groped on trains is........................



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