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  • Re: The Thank You For The Memories Thread - Saying Goodbye to the Forums

    Yuna wrote: »
    I'm probably going to get pilloried for this, but since the forums are going the way of the dodo, fuck it. I don't want to regret having not said it.

    I joined SRK just shy of eleven years ago under my various 'Lobelia' usernames because I wanted people to play 3rd Strike with. Nobody (but nobody) in my local or state scene liked me because I was an obnoxious little shit and had no idea how to act or conduct myself socially. I was also really, really vocal about being transgender without actually taking any action toward a transition or even knowing how. I didn't exactly do the demographic as a whole any favors in the FGC, even though I thought I was some kind of fucking activist at the time. I still wasn't well-liked when I stopped posting regularly around 2011/2012 or so. My reputation seems to mostly be neutral now.

    What I wasn't as vocal about then is that as annoying, abrasive, and even outright toxic as I was, it got me noticed by someone who ended up letting me live with her for bit (I'll avoid naming her specifically just for her privacy's sake). She and I lived together from 2008 to 2013, and she helped me very, very slowly become something vaguely resembling an adult. We bonded over fighting games, and upon moving in with her I made a number of friends under similar circumstances. My confidence grew, and by 2015 I'd actually started hormone therapy, surgical consultation, and psychological therapy, all of which I desperately needed.

    I'm turning thirty this year. My name and gender are where I want them to be on a legal basis. I have a stable life, a lovely girlfriend, and the sweetest tits I've ever seen in my life. All of that success-- all of it-- can be traced back to all the stupid shit I said and all the mistakes that I made on this website. I made friends, enemies, and stories here that made me the woman I am today, maybe more so than any community of which I've ever been a part. If you read this and recognize the username, you might not have much positive to say about me, but I love myself right now, and I don't know that I still would if I hadn't come into my own right here.

    Thank you, SRK.


  • Re: American Government Thread 2: No Doo Doo Holes Allowed

    po pimpus wrote: »
    SRK lived through 8 years of Bush, 9-11, the fucking financial crisis, the Capcom drought/return/and subsequent dive off a cliff with SFxT, SFV, and Infinite DLC, but couldn't make it one fucking year under Trump...

    People in here kept hating on Trump and now the Curse has come to claim them.

    Technically though, it will make it a full year into his presidency as of Jan 20th. Apparently, it won't be going much further than that.

  • Re: BREAKING: Donald J Trump to step down as POTUS....

    mnLZobr.gif Good one. Shoot 'em in the fee fees.

  • Re: SR-2K$ Lounge: Smash Killed Evo and SRK

    Matriarch wrote: »
    Raz0r wrote: »

    Matriarch, I honestly never minded your posts. Your shit was more pleasant to read than a lot of the other shit heels.

    That said, I still believe you're a dude until you hold a sign with the words "Matriarch SRK' written on them right next to your bare snatch.

    No, hiring a prostitute to do this doesn't count.

    Despite my best efforts, @Raz0r truly is the biggest bitch on this site.

    This will be my new signature on the next board I go to. I don't care where it is, this is going in that special place they provide for our words of wisdom.

  • Re: SR-2K$ Lounge: Smash Killed Evo and SRK

    Reticently wrote: »

    That's a shitty way to get a man's attention. On the bright side, I'll bet constipation wasn't a problem.