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  • Re: Let's talk about money - The Finance Thread

    Ephidel wrote: »
    I got friend that has set aside like $15K for the next great crash. 2012 prices on average down? Sweet!

    yep. Got 10k waiting and most likely will have even more when the hammer finally falls. I really wish These damn coins were easier to get at though. Bitcoin, litecoin? Yeah you can snatch them up easy enough. Outside of Coinbase, I can't seem to reach any place where I can get the good gold mines. Still, the search continues.

  • Re: American Government Thread 2: No Doo Doo Holes Allowed

    After the amount of trouble that is causing for them already? I hope they have the good sense to vote no.

  • Re: Post the name of someone you WANT to comeback and SEE if they comeback

    most of my picks have been listed or have already returned, so..................

    YahnV, Aneke Masaumune, JaHa, Jive Turkey Jones, and pretty much everybody who hasn't made it back before the doors close, but people like these were among my favorites.

  • Re: IMPORTANT: What would you want from a new SRK?

    In addition to what's been said:

    Stick the rules to the front page and/or forums and make sure that your mod(s) and/or Admin(s) follow them. Two-way communication should be standard and enforced. It doesn't matter how much ass I kiss. If I stick some naked booty in here (or there), deal with me according to the rules so that I and everyone else will know what's up and why.

    On that note, a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, some sort of scheduled sitdown would be nice. I mean, look at the reaction to SRK closing. I'm betting This wouldn't even be an issue if the cannons had kept us in the loop. You're really going to open yourself up to a madhouse, so listening to the wailings of the psychopaths within it just might help if even a little bit.

    For the purely superficial, animated avs or some other shiny things to wave in our faces.

  • Re: SR-2K$ Lounge: Smash Killed Evo and SRK

    It's Wednesday, and here is a wacky waifu 4 U.