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  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!!!

    I’m getting a real good laugh out of watching Tekken players repeatedly failing to perform Geese’s motions.
    Like I get they aren’t used to it, but it’s funny watching people who can perform EWGF’s trying to do Geese’s supers and being like “WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!”
  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!!!

  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!!!

    Yea, AC: Origins is pretty good. I miss the parries, tho. Can't turn off my brain and go HAM on armies anymore lol.
    Holy shit they finally fixed that? That’s been a problem since the very first game, one of the reasons I dropped out of the series (I bailed after Revelations) was that they never really fixed that.

    Also dropped out because the story was getting really dumb and they really simplified/downplayed the stealth aspect in favor of combat and spectacle which killed my interest.
  • Re: Video Game General 5.0: HEROES NEVER DIE!!!

    I can’t believe after Po got banned arguments on this thread somehow spiraled into further chaos.
    Maybe Po was secretly a genius, and crafted a villainous persona for himself so that everyone would become united against a common enemy?

    ...Nah, we all just like arguing over dumb shit.
  • Re: The Wrestling Thread: Join us on Discord!- NXT Takeover Philly 1/27 - Royal Rumble 1/28

    Psychoblue wrote: »
    Meltzer was receiving mixed messages from people outside the company reporting that Neville was gone, and those within the company that he was still around. Now he's reporting that the general belief within WWE is that Neville is gone.
    The biggest WWE news was actually at Raw, regarding Neville (Ben Satterly, 31). The scripted plan for Raw on 10/9 was for the main event to beat Enzo Amore beating Neville in a non-title match. When Neville found out, he walked out. It was a last second decision by Vince McMahon, said to be because nobody could come up with a better idea at the last minute, to put the title on Kalisto, rather than have Amore beat somebody else.

    What that means regarding Neville is still up in the air. Neville wasn’t back for the 10/10 show. At this point the belief within the company is that he’s gone, including one person close to the situation insisting he’s 100 percent gone. The company’s official word is that he is still with the company and never quit. At press time, this was a situation that wasn’t fully sorted out.

    Walking out for refusing to do a job is pretty unprofessional TBH. Does Enzo have THAT much heat backstage that guys aren't willing to do business with him?
    More info came out, via PWInsider. Apparently he didn't walk out on RAW, he requested his release and has been taken off shows while he and WWE are coming to terms.
    There have been reports that Neville walked out of Raw. That is incorrect. He was never on the road this past weekend as he did not work any of the live events and was not backstage, at any point, during Raw this past Monday. Mustafa Ali worked the Raw house shows, wrestling Enzo Amore, replacing Neville, who was originally slated for those shows.

    The original plan for Raw was Neville vs. Enzo Amore, but that was changed over the course of the day when someone voiced that Neville couldn't get a title shot due to the current storyline. There was talk of the match being made non-title, but then, when it became known Neville would not be at the taping, the decision was made to go with Kalisto and put the belt on him as a way to tie him to the legacy of Eddie Guerrero, as it was Guerrero's birthday and he legitimately helped inspire Kalisto to get into professional wrestling.

    Geese already posted the part about him not recieving DVD royalties for Wrestlemania being a souring factor.