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  • Re: N Ken juice kick

    Video was lots of help, thank you very much. Yeah I read it doesn't come out 100% of the time unless you really have it practiced, but I'll keep practicing it.
  • Re: Where to begin with the Darkstalkers genre?

    Night Warriors/Vampire Hunter is the best game of the series in my opinion, but Vampire Savior is the most popular. VS was the beginning of the hyper-fast 'mashfest' style of fighting game that Capcom was known for in the late '90s. VH is slower in pace and has more of an emphasis on footsies and fundamentals. It's the middle ground between SF2 and Alpha. For my money, it was Capcom's finest hour.
  • Re: SF Alpha 2 Console Port Comparison

    Lantis wrote:
    New things added in SFA 2 Gold:

    - Guy's "Raging Demon-esque" super (his X-ISM super from SFA 3).
    - Dhalsim's old school "Yoga Inferno" super.
    - Sagat's Super Taunt.
    - CE versions of Ryu, Chun Li, Ken, Zangief, Dhalsim, Sagat, and M.Bison.
    - Evil Ryu and Classic Chun Li are available by pressing Select (or Start in the arcades) once on Ryu and Chun Li, respectively.
    - Shin Akuma and Sakura's special colors are available by pressing Select (or Start) 5 times on their character box.
    - All 6 colors assigned to each button.
    - Custom Combos done ala VC from SFA 3 (press buttons of same strength, instead of pressing 2 + 1).
    - AC spend 1 1/2 meter.
    - Dramatic Battle, Survival Mode, and a special "Fight Shin Akuma" mode added.
    - Energy bars display blue instead of red for lost energy.

    Don't ask gameplay features because I'm not aware of them.... :bluu:

    i think that they toned down the CC damage from A2 to A2G but i'm not too sure about this...
    anyway as far as closest to arcade console port it goes like this:
    Saturn -> the closest you can get...
    PSX -> it isn't as good as saturn but it isn't bad like the snes port
    SNES -> pretty much sucks... can't figure out why they ported A2 to snes...

    regarding the PC version i found out a site that had the game up for download 4 or 5 years ago but i never got the chance to download it and i forgot the site :xeye:
  • Re: KOF character tiers...storyline wise?

    Wellman wrote:
    I have never understood why people put Goenitz right under Orochi. Seriously what evidence is there other than destroying a stadium in a cut scene?

    If anything I would place him at about the same place as other bosses like the Nest group and other Orochi's. Although with the way 2003 depicted it Mukai should already be stronger than Goenitz was, what with after taking a savage beating still being able to walk away in dramatic fashion.

    Goenitz is much stronger than Kyo (he defeated Kyo very easily between KOF95 and 96, forcing him to change his fighting style). Kyo being the strongest non-boss in KOF. Goenitz smacked Kagura around. He killed Maki (Kaguras twin sister, which was stronger than Kagura... you can fight her spirit in 2003). He also defeated (again very easily) Rugal and took his eye. Kyo, Iori and Kagura had to fight together to defeat Goenitz. Considering that they are the strongest characters, it should be a pretty big deal.

    Also, Goenitz is the strongest of all the Eight Heads of Orochi. Hes "second in command", and answers only to Orochi himself.

    Mukai and the new guys may be stronger than Goenitz, but we dont really know for sure.
  • Re: The Hunter X Hunter Thread (New anime series has begun!)

    Yeye catchup time